Review: Journey for Elysium (PC VR)

A short trip to the afterlife.

For the past several months now, we have offered up glimpses of the story-driven VR adventure title Journey for Elysium. We saw a game that had a unique visual style, the promise of a story that would take us all to an afterlife, a world filled with architecture inspired by Greek mythology, and mind-bending puzzles to solve. The unique visual style was certainly eye catching, but I often wondered if the rest of the game would be able to hold up to this aesthetically pleasing presentation.

With the release of Journey...

Desert Bus for Hope 2019 Charity Event Underway

Better late than never.

We're just a few days late in sharing this news with you, but when it comes to charity: Better late than never, right?

The latest annual charity drive (get it?) that is Desert Bus for Hope is well underway. A group of people have already spent three days driving across the desert, in real time, in an effort to raise money for charity. In three days and 6 hours, the crew has already raised over $388,400 for the Child's Play charity. The team is still going strong after all this time.

For those that don't know,...

Google Stadia Launch Games are Lacking

Stadia comes out of the gate already limping.

With the soft launch of Google Stadia rapidly approaching, it seems like we're beyond due for a look at the platform's launch lineup. Hell, we're probably beyond due for a look at the Stadia UI and full featureset, but that is another matter entirely.

Today, Google revealed a list of 12 games that will serve as the launch titles for when Stadia has a soft launch on November 19. For $130, you were able to get in on the ground floor of the launch of Stadia with the Founder's Edition. These kits have...

EA Working on Cross-Save and Progression Sharing Between Steam and Origin

Seems EA is serious about this return to Steam.

With the recent announcement that EA was making a return to Steam, a number of questions remained unanswered. A couple of those questions focused on whether or not there would be support for things like cross-save or even cross-progression between EA's own Origin platform and Steam.

Fortunately, we have a few promising answers today. Most developers don't like to split their communities and EA is no exception. It seems they are working to get Origin to work similar to how Ubisoft's Uplay works with...

Diablo 4 is Always Online and Includes Microtransactions

This is the Diablo you pictured, right?

Yesterday, Blizzard took time away from appeasing China to kick off their two day BlizzCon event for 2019. One of yesterday's big reveals was the announcement that Diablo 4 is coming. What they didn't share in their reveal announcement to the public is the fact that Diablo 4 will require an online connection.

Not only that, but Diablo 4 will include microtransactions. Of course, all of this has a chance to change over the course of development, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Speaking of development,...
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  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Collaboration with Puzzle & Dragons

    A limited time event has hit Puzzle & Dragons. From now through December 16, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood will have a special collaboration with the popular mobile puzzle title.

    If you don't yet play Puzzle & Dragons, you can download it for free for iOS, Android, or from the Amazon Appstore. While the game is free to play, there are optional in-app purchases.
    All players who participate during the event period will receive a FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD character from the FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Memorial Egg Machine! Players can also trade
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  • Battle Royale and New Archer Class Coming to Black Desert Online

    Battle Royale and New Archer Class Coming to Black Desert Online

    Do you know what an MMO needs? Battle royale. It's a great thing then that Black Desert Online will be adding a Battle Royale mode as part of their Festa Event this weekend! This mode supports up to 50 players trying to survive to be the last person remaining.
    One of the most spectacular announcements made was the Shadow Arena, a new Battle Royale survival mode. In this mode, every player starts as a Black Spirit and needs to find a fallen adventurer and possess it. By destroying nearby supply crates and defeating mobs players can accumulate equipment and
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  • Tekken 7 Introduces Armor King and Craig Marduk

    Tekken 7 Introduces Armor King and Craig Marduk

    Armor King and Craig Marduk were announced as new combatants for Tekken 7. They were announced as part of the stage presentation during the Tekken World Tour Finals in Amsterdam.
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  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Dated for September 10, 2019

    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Dated for September 10, 2019

    Do not adjust your calendars! The headline is correct! This weekend, Piranha Games revealed that MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will be released on September 10, 2019. This very exact and very far-off release date was revealed during Mech_Con 2018 on Saturday, December 2, 2018. How do they have that exact date? No idea. Will they actually release on that date without delay? I have no idea. Will this site stop having database crashes? Probably not. It's a strange time we're living in, folks. A new trailer was released as part of the recent announcement. It's a gameplay trailer...
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  • Bethesda Gave Fallout 76 Canvas Bags to Influencers, But Not to Paying Customers

    Two days ago, we reported on the story that Bethesda pulled a bait-and-switch when it came to delivering a canvas bag to fans that spent $200 for Fallout 76's Power Armor Edition. As you recall, they were instead given a nylon bag and not the canvas bag that is still being advertised at retailers like Amazon and GameStop.

    Yesterday, we reported on how Bethesda's compensation was meager, at best. They offered up $5 of in-game currency that can be used to maybe buy a door and some plants. And now today comes word that Bethesda provided influencers...
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  • Red Dead Online Beta Now Available to Everyone

    Red Dead Online Beta Now Available to Everyone

    The Red Dead Online beta is now available to everyone! Well, it's available so long as you own Red Dead Redemption 2 at least. Rockstar also passed along some tips based off of player feedback.
    Character Creation:
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  • Override: Mech City Brawl Launch Trailer

    Override: Mech City Brawl Launch Trailer

    Giant mechs? Check. Fighting? Check. Multiplayer? Check. Launch trailer? Check.

    Alright, it seems as though everything is in order for this launch trailer for Override: Mech City Brawl. It's a game where you select various giant mechs and you fight. It will be released on December 4 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

    It will go for $29.99 for the Standard Edition or $39.99 for the Super Charged Mega Edition that comes with the Season Pass complete with new mechs and skins after launch.
    From wanton city destruction to a red-hot
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  • Beginner Tips for Playing Counter-Strike Online

    Beginner Tips for Playing Counter-Strike Online

    For many years now, Valve Corporation and Nexon Corporation have been releasing different Counter-Strike games that have gone on to receive rave reviews. The Counter-Strike franchise is arguably one of the best right now owing to some stunning titles that are part of it. As such, many new gamers when they are making their decisions on which game to go for will often times come across one or more Counter-Strike games. It is against this background that we decided to come up with this detailed article which explores the game, Counter-Strike Online. It’s our h...
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  • BioWare Teases New Dragon Age Information

    BioWare Teases New Dragon Age Information

    As part of their November update on the official BioWare Blog, studio general manager Casey Hudson left much to the imagination of Dragon Age fans. As part of the blog, a secretive Hudson said the following.
    Make of that what you will....
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  • Bethesda Pushes The Elder Scrolls: Blades to 2019

    Bethesda Pushes The Elder Scrolls: Blades to 2019

    Bethesda's upcoming free-to-play mobile title, The Elder Scrolls: Blades was set to be released this Fall. Instead, the studio has officially announced today that the game will not be released until some time in 2019. Things don't really seem to be going well for Bethesda this week, eh?

    Given that we are now less than a month away from Winter kicking off, time was getting cut a little close to meet that "Fall" promise. The official word of the delay came via the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account.
    You know what? After...
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  • Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 Release Set for January 2019

    Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 Release Set for January 2019

    The second episode for Life is Strange 2 will arrive January 2019. This is according to the latest blog entry from the dev team at DONTNOD.
    The Life is Strange series is a project close to all of our hearts and one for which we do not want to rush development and thereby fail to meet the benchmark of quality and emotional impact that you, our players, deserve. This is why we so far have not announced an official release date - we want to ensure that we will be in a position to release something that we are proud of and that you will enjoy and remember forever. W
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