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Ubisoft Confirms Return to Steam with Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft to return to Steam's "unrealistic" distribution model.

Ubisoft is returning to Steam after they took their ball and went home about two years ago. In 2019, Ubisoft decided to stop releasing their games through Steam, instead opting to sell their PC releases exclusively through Ubisoft Connect (formerly Uplay) and the Epic Games Store. In the same year, Ubisoft vice president for partnerships and revenues, Chris Early, said that Steam's distribution model was "unrealistic."...

Microsoft Pauses Windows 11 22H2 Rollout Due to Game Stutters

The 22H2 update may result in "lower than expected performance" or stuttering in games.

In early October, Microsoft publicly released the 22H2 update for Windows 11. This update brought several new features to the operating system, the return of several features common to Windows that were common in older versions, and several bug fixes. Unfortunately for those that play video games, which is probably you if you're reading this, it also introduced several performance issues....

Meta Lays Off Over 11,000 Employees

This is a reduction of roughly 13% of its total workforce.
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, just announced that they have let go more than 11,000 employees across many divisions. This reduction is equal to about 13% of Meta's total workforce.

The message shared with Meta employees was also shared publicly by Zuckerberg. In the remarks issued, he says that some discretionary spending will be cut and there will be a hiring freeze at Meta through Q1 2023. This is being done, according...

AMD Announces Radeon RX 7000 Desktop GPUs

The new cards are built on AMD's new RDNA 3 architecture.

As part of their "together we advance_gaming" event, AMD announced their new RDNA 3 desktop GPUs. After only a handful of rumors and even fewer leaks, AMD announced the first two GPUs in the Radeon RX 7000 series: Radeon RX 7900 XTX and Radeon RX 7900 XT.

Here is a quick rundown of the major specs and pricing for these cards. The current release date for both of these cards is December 13, 2022.

PlayStation VR2 Priced at $550 and Launching in February

Pre-orders will open later in November.

Sony says that PlayStation VR2 will be released on February 22, 2023 for a price of $549.99 (USD). There will also be a bundle that includes Horizon Call of the Mountain for $599.99. Also on this date, Sony will release the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller charging station for $49.99.

Sony says that pre-orders for both hardware and software will begin later in November on the 15th. Pre-orders will initially be only through PlayStation's...
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  • Valve is Giving Away a Steam Deck Every Minute of The Game Awards

    Valve is Giving Away a Steam Deck Every Minute of The Game Awards

    For the first time ever, you'll be cheering for those long musical performances.

    Valve just sent out a press release announcing that they are giving away one 512GB Steam Deck every minute during the live airing of The Game Awards.

    Entry is relatively simple. Head on over to the Steam Deck giveaway page, click on the giant blue button to register, and maybe set yourself a reminder to watch the show. That's pretty much it for now.

    During the live airing of The...
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  • Portal with RTX Releases December 8, System Requirements Revealed

    Portal with RTX Releases December 8, System Requirements Revealed

    Nvidia offers up another look at Portal with ray tracing ahead of its release.

    December 8 is the release date set for Portal with RTX, a free DLC update to those that own the original Portal that will add full ray tracing capabilities and enhanced visuals. This release will also add DLSS 3 support to the game, though it is unclear if DLSS will be usable in the non-ray traced version of the game.

    Though free to everyone that owns Portal, Portal with RTX will only be realistically...
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  • Steam's Big Autumn Sale is Now Live

    Steam's Big Autumn Sale is Now Live

    I'm seeing games at 50%, 75%, and even 90% off during this sale.

    How would you like to pick up the classic version of XIII for about the cost of a big fountain drink? You can do that right now, because XIII is only $1.49 (USD) during the Steam Autumn Sale.

    From right now (November 22nd) through to November 29 at 10AM (PT), you can enjoy the fact that while your stomach may get bigger from eating big Thanksgiving meals, your wallets will get far slimmer. The Steam Autumn...
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  • Steam Autumn Sale Begins November 22

    Steam Autumn Sale Begins November 22

    A sale to prepare you for the upcoming Holiday sale.

    Valve just announced that their Steam Autumn Sale for the year that is two thousand and twenty-two will kick off on Tuesday, November 22. The sale begins at 10AM (PT) on the dot come the 22nd, so you may want to get your wallets, purses, and piggy banks ready now.

    Not only will the Steam Autumn Sale kick off next week, but it also marks the start of the nominations for the Steam Awards. Like previous years, you will...
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  • Is Ubisoft Planning a Return to Steam?

    Is Ubisoft Planning a Return to Steam?

    Recent behind the scenes changes suggest this may be a possibility.

    In 2019, the final Ubisoft game on Steam was released. That game was Trials Rising. Since then, if you were a PC owner and a fan of Ubisoft's output, you were only able to purchase their titles from their first-party Ubisoft Connect or through everyone's favorite storefront, the Epic Games Store. As the months turned to years, it seemed like Ubisoft's return to Steam just wasn't going to happen.

    This week,...
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  • New Steam Big Picture Mode Available for Testing

    New Steam Big Picture Mode Available for Testing

    Big changes are coming to Big Picture mode.

    Valve is offering Steam desktop users a chance to check out the work-in-progress redesign of their Big Picture mode for Steam. This new look will be closer in design to what is currently available on the Steam Deck.

    As this is something that isn't quite "finished" yet, Valve will be taking feedback on issues you may encounter when trying it out.

    New features included in the redesign include a new Home screen,...
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  • Steam Scream Fest 2022 is Here

    Steam Scream Fest 2022 is Here

    The greatest scare of all is having an empty wallet! AHHHHH!

    Steam Scream Fest for the year that is 2022 is now underway. Valve says that this "celebration of the scary, the spooky, and the Halloweeny" runs from right now (October 25) through to November 1 at 10AM (PT).

    We kind of know the drill by now on these, but in case you don't: This week long event will offer up discounts on current and upcoming games that are of the "scary" variety. There will...
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  • Big Changes Just Hit the Steam Mobile App

    Big Changes Just Hit the Steam Mobile App

    The changes are more than just a new coat of paint.

    Valve just passed along word that they have completely revamped the Steam Mobile App. Though it sports a new design and some new features, Valve also says that it's built using a new framework. The framework stuff is more of the "behind the scenes" aspect to all of this, but a new and updated framework should mean the app is more responsive for users.

    Of the new features added is the ability to scan a QR code...
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  • Valve Shares the Top 20 Steam Next Fest Demos so Far

    Valve Shares the Top 20 Steam Next Fest Demos so Far

    Valve says these demos have been played over 2 million times.

    As we are well aware, the Steam Next Fest: October Edition is well underway. It only started earlier this week, but the demos have been flowing like Niagra Falls. Valve just shared a list of the top 20 demos that people have downloaded and played up to now.

    The list can be found below. Valve says that these games have been downloaded and played a combined total of over 2 million times.

    Have you...
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  • Updates Released for Steam Client and Team Fortress 2

    Updates Released for Steam Client and Team Fortress 2

    Valve pushed out updates today for Steam and Team Fortress 2.

    We have two whole updates to share with you today courtesy of Valve. The first is word of a new Steam client update. The second is an update that was released today for Team Fortress 2. It's like a NewsBits, but smaller and potentially way less interesting.

    In addition to today's Team Fortress 2 update, there was an update released just yesterday that kicked off the Scream Fortress XIV event, bringing some Halloween scares and items to the game. ...
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  • Steam Deck Docking Station is Now Available for Purchase

    Steam Deck Docking Station is Now Available for Purchase

    Dock your Deck and connect all sorts of peripherals.

    Though the Steam Deck itself has been up for order for quite some time now, the Docking Station was nowhere to be seen. Valve pushed back the release of the Dock for quite a while, but that wait is finally over. If you have a Steam Deck already, or are planning to get one in the near future, you can now also purchase the Steam Deck Docking Station for $89.00 (USD).

    The Docking Station includes a number of different ports...
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  • New Rumor Suggests Half-Life: Alyx is Coming to PlayStation VR2

    New Rumor Suggests Half-Life: Alyx is Coming to PlayStation VR2

    This is just a rumor from one source, so make of it what you will.

    According to a report from The Leak, Half-Life: Alyx will be coming to PlayStation VR2. The Leak, citing an anonymous source, claims that Sony was busy negotiating with Valve about bringing Half-Life: Alyx over to PSVR 2 for quite some time before an agreement was reached.

    They go on to say that Sony bought the publishing rights to Half-Life: Alyx for PlayStation VR2. While it seems odd that Valve wouldn't...
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  • Steam Next Fest: October Edition is Now Underway

    Steam Next Fest: October Edition is Now Underway

    Another week of a ton of demos is upon us.

    A short time ago today, Valve kicked off Steam Next Fest: October Edition. As per usual, this Steam Next Fest includes a ton of new game demos for games that are coming out at some point in the near future. It is a great way to try out some games that may interest you and then add them to your Steam Wishlist.

    Valve also added in some new badges that can be earned by exploring your Discovery Queue. There are also a bunch of developer...
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  • Valve Launches New Steam Charts Page

    Valve Launches New Steam Charts Page

    Want to know what the most-played and top-selling games are on Steam?

    Valve just launched a new feature for Steam that they're calling Steam Charts. This is not to be confused with the already existing third-party site, Steam Charts.

    In a new Steam blog post, Valve details what Steam Charts is all about. In short, it's an updated version of the old "Stats" section on Steam. Now, the new Charts page will give you a better look at what the hottest games are on...
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  • Portal with RTX Announced

    Portal with RTX Announced

    It's Portal but now with ray-traced cake.

    Nvidia's GTC keynote earlier today contained news about the new (and very expensive) 40-series of RTX cards. In addition, the company also announced Portal with RTX. As you can probably assume from its name, this is an RTX-enhanced version of the classic puzzle game from Valve.

    Portal with RTX includes updated visuals along with real-time ray tracing. It seems as though a bulk of the grunt work on Portal with RTX is being handled...
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