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The Sinking City Devs Claim Publisher Hacked Their Game and Uploaded it to Steam

A tale of developer vs. publisher.

This past Friday, The Sinking City was released on Steam seemingly without the consent of Frogwares, the game's developer. This was, at the time, the latest in the ongoing legal battle between Frogwares and publisher Nacon. Frogwares has been actively telling fans not to purchase the current Steam release of The Sinking City because Nacon put it up without permission.

They said that they would have more to say on the subject "soon."...

Diablo II Resurrected Announced for PC and Consoles

Remastered and still just as evil.

Blizzard, as part of their opening ceremony for BlizzCon 2021, finally revealed the Diablo II remaster that we have all been waiting for. Diablo II Resurrected brings the classic feel of Diablo II and Lords of Destruction to a modern age with revamped graphics.

From the looks of it, all monsters, heroes, items, spells, and environments have been given a fresh makeover. Everything from the original release is here, just looking more pretty...

Review: The Medium (PC)

Trauma begets trauma.

Bloober Team was one of my favorite developers for a while there. They came out with Layers of Fear, which I largely adored. They also released Observer, which was a solid psychological horror set in a cyberpunk style universe. They had a couple of minor missteps with Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch, but I still held them in high regard. Now, they just released The Medium and man does it ever feel like a major step backwards for the company. If The Medium is...

BioWare is Cutting Back on Mass Effect Butt Shots

Cutting back the "ass" in Mass Effect.

There will be a lot less emphasis on butts in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters. In speaking with Metro, character environment director Kevin Meek said that BioWare is taking steps to deemphasize the T&A in some scenes. If you were someone that played the original releases, you may recall some specific scenes that had camera angles focused on mostly ass. Expect that to change in Legendary Edition, at least to some degree....

Cancelled Xbox 360 Remake of GoldenEye is Now Playable on PC

13 years later a scrapped remake resurfaces.

In 2008, there existed some plans to remake GoldenEye for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. These plans were ultimately scrapped after getting entangled in disputes over the rights to the game and the IP. Now, in the glorious year that is 2021, a build of the game is now playable all thanks to the wonders of emulation on the PC.

Two hours of the game were uploaded to YouTube just this past week. The uploader and others said that a near-final...
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  • Judge Rules Valve Must Hand Over Subpoenaed Data in Apple vs Epic Case

    Judge Rules Valve Must Hand Over Subpoenaed Data in Apple vs Epic Case

    Valve is pulled into this legal battle whether it wanted to be or not.

    California judge Thomas Hixon says that Valve must comply with a subpoena from Apple in their legal fight with Epic Games. Apple subpoenaed Valve because they feel certain Steam information will be important in their case that they are building against Epic. Valve claims that Apple's case is all about mobile and their data has no bearing on this case. They also say that Apple is using this only to obtain a bunch...
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  • Dota Becomes Anime with New Netflix Series

    Dota Becomes Anime with New Netflix Series

    Oh no.

    Valve and Netflix just announced a new anime based off of the Dota franchise. This claims to be a look at "the Dota universe like you've never seen it before." This new anime series, called DOTA: Dragon's Blood, will debut on Netflix on March 25.

    The announcement video for the series can be found below. You can also find additional information about the series by checking out the Dragon's Blood section of the Dota 2 client. There will also be additional...
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  • PSA: The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is Live

    PSA: The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is Live

    Save money, or don't.

    It is that time again. That time where Steam puts up a sale and you either spend money on games you won't play for weeks or months later, or you don't. You know how these sales go by now and this one is no different. This sale is the Steam Lunar New Year Sale and it's offering big savings on tens of thousands of titles.

    This Lunar New Year Sale will run from today through to February 15 at 10AM (PT). Who knows, you may even find some special Valentine's...
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  • The Steam Game Festival is Now Live

    The Steam Game Festival is Now Live

    Play hundreds of demos right now.

    Just a friendly reminder, in case you forgot, that the Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition is live right now! This event will run from now through Tuesday, February 9 at 10AM (PT).

    There will be hundreds of demos for players to try out across a huge variety of genres. As an added bonus, there will be developer-hosted livestreams and chats with the community. There will also be a livestream today on the main Steam Game Festival ...
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  • The Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition Begins in One Week

    The Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition Begins in One Week

    Over 500 demos are planned for release.

    Valve just let us know that The Steam Game Festival: February 2021 Edition will kick off on February 3 at 10AM (PT). This event will feature hundreds of brand-new demos for fans to play for free through February 9 at 10AM.

    This event will be like its predecessors in that it will contain tons of demos, developer hosted livestreams, and special chats for a ton of games. Valve is promising to deliver over 500 demos across multiple genres....
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  • Valve Boss Says Company Still Has Games in Development

    Valve Boss Says Company Still Has Games in Development

    These are games that the company are "going to be announcing."

    In an interview with New Zealand's 1 News, Valve head honcho Gabe Newell said that his company is still very much in the business of developing games. Though he refused to talk specifically about Citadel or Half-Life 3, Newell did give some good news to fans that are interested in Valve's game offerings.

    He says that Valve "definitely have games in development that we're going to be announcing."...
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  • Valve and Other PC Publishers Fined by EU Commission

    Valve and Other PC Publishers Fined by EU Commission

    The issue revolves around the companies "geo-blocking" various games.

    The European Commission has fined Valve and five publishers a combined total of €7.8 million for a breaching of antitrust rules. The other publishers in question include Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media, and ZeniMax. Valve's portion of the fine is merely €1.6 million while the rest of the €7.8 million is split up unevenly between the five publishers. The degree to which the...
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  • Source 2 Engine Might Get RTX Support Soon

    Source 2 Engine Might Get RTX Support Soon

    Ray tracing support mentioned in Artifact's game files.

    Valve recently made an update to their digital card game Artifact. That isn't the big news here, what is the big news is that hidden within the files were a couple of references to RTX and real-time ray tracing. This marks the first time that any sort of ray tracing support was noticed in any of Valve's Source 2 files.

    The mentions were first discovered by SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik. Djundik noticed that the latest...
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  • Steam Had 120 Million Monthly Active Players and Other Fun 2020 Stats

    Steam Had 120 Million Monthly Active Players and Other Fun 2020 Stats

    Valve dishes the details in their 2020 year in review.

    Valve just put out their third ever "Year in Review" for Steam, the Community, Labs, and the Steam Store. First up are some interesting facts about player counts for the year that was 2020, a year like none other before it.

    Valve divulged that in 2020, they had 120 million monthly active players. This is in combination with the 62.6 million daily active players. That means that in any given day, roughly half...
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  • Steam's Best Selling Games of 2020

    Steam's Best Selling Games of 2020

    Checking out the year's top 100 games on Steam.

    2020 has sucked all kinds of ass. You know it, I know it, people who haven't even been born yet will eventually know it. If there's one thing that made the year a little more bearable it's the fact that we probably gamed a lot more than usual thanks to, you know, everything.

    Some of that is reflected in Valve's end of the year "Best Of" list for Steam. With gaming still being big in 2020, here are just a few of...
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  • PSA: Hey, The Steam Winter Sale is Now Live

    PSA: Hey, The Steam Winter Sale is Now Live

    In case you still feel the need to spend money.

    It's that time again! It's the time in which your wallet begs for mercy and you just keep ignoring it. It's time for the 15th annual Steam Winter Sale that is live right now through January 5, 2021. This sale once again offers big savings on tons of titles across Steam.

    Not only that, but it's time to get your votes in for the final nominees in the 5th Annual Steam Awards! Cast your vote for categories that range from "Game...
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