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Bungie Employees were Doxxed, Slammed with Racial Slurs, and Received Death Threats

Bungie employees were the victims of harassment after celebrating a collaboration with an African-American streamer.

Some employees at Bungie were the victims of extreme harassment. The harassment, which mainly took place this past June, included those employees being doxxed and hit with numerous racial slurs, phone calls, text messages, and death threats.

This all began after the employees celebrated a collaboration announcement that the studio was working with African-American...

VRChat Fans are Livid Over Anti-cheat Announcement

The recent announcement of adding Easy Anti-Cheat has sent people into a virtual uproar.

VRChat is getting demolished by fans. Where? Everywhere. The game's Steam page has been steadily review bombed over the past couple of days. The official Discord server is full of very angry fans. The game's Reddit page is full of angry people. Even the VRChat official community suggestion and bug reporting site is blowing up with the fervor of thousands of angry fans.

At last check,...

Meta is Increasing the Price of their Quest 2 Headsets by $100

The already lofty barrier to entry just got a lot higher.

Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook and Oculus, just announced a price hike for their VR headsets. Starting in August, the price for the 128GB Meta Quest 2 will increase by $100 (USD) to $399.99 (USD). The price of the 256GB Meta Quest 2 will also increase by $100 to $499.99. As if that weren't bad enough, Meta says that they are increasing the prices for Meta Quest 2 accessories and refurbished units at the same time....

Skate 4 Officially Called skate. and Will be Free-to-Play

The release will also include cross-play and cross-progression functionality.

There was some big Skate 4 news today, starting with the fact that the game is officially being called skate. and not Skate 4. skate. will be a free-to-play title for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms when it's ready to be released. It will also include both cross-play and cross-progression support.

All of this was revealed as part of developer Full Circle's latest Board Room update, which...

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Releasing July 17

The mod has been in development for over seven years by more than 80 people.

The long-awaited Reality Mod for Battlefield 3 will finally be released. On July 17 the v0.1 release of the mod will bring some significant changes to the core Battlefield 3 gameplay.

The mod, which pulls inspiration from the popular Battlefield 2 Project Reality mod will add in new content like a day-night cycle, changes to how health works, a revamped medic system, and will include other changes...
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  • Half-Life 2 VR Mod Public Beta to Release in September

    Half-Life 2 VR Mod Public Beta to Release in September

    A mod that was at one point "all but abandoned" will finally see the light of day.

    It has been in development by fans for about five years now, but at long last a VR mod for Half-Life 2 is about to be released. This September a public beta will begin from a group that calls themselves the Source VR Mod Team. This mod aims to bring the entirety of Half-Life 2 to the world of virtual reality.

    The team released a new trailer for the mod this week. While it doesn't...
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  • Steam Deck Pre-orders Open in Select Asian Regions

    Steam Deck Pre-orders Open in Select Asian Regions

    The first units will soon ship to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

    Valve just partnered with Komodo to make Steam Deck hardware available throughout Asia. The first units are targeting the areas of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Those of you living in any of these areas can get your pre-orders in right now by going to

    Once shipments start to ship out, the first devices will hit Japan. Then, additional units will be sent to Korea,...
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  • Valve Restricts What Can Appear on Steam Store Images

    Valve Restricts What Can Appear on Steam Store Images

    Valve putts their foot down on review scores, discounts, and more from being shown on Steam game banners.

    Valve will soon implement some new restrictions on what can and cannot appear on the graphical assets that developers and publishers use in their Steam store listings. Starting September 1, game banner art (referred by Valve as "Capsules") can no longer include things like review scores, accolades, current sale discounts, and more.

    These banner art pieces...
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  • Valve Shares Good News About Steam Deck Shipments

    Valve Shares Good News About Steam Deck Shipments

    Everyone with a current reservation will get their emails before the end of the year.

    If you have been waiting patiently for the day when your Steam Deck email would show up, Valve has some great news to share with you. The company says that they are going to be able to fulfill demand for the Steam Deck sooner than they had anticipated.

    Valve says that they have just updated reservation windows for the Steam Deck. Specifically, "everyone who's currently in the reservation...
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  • Steam Survival Fest Starts August 1

    Steam Survival Fest Starts August 1

    Here a fest, there a fest, everywhere a fest fest.

    In case you were starting to come down off your high from the most recent Steam Fest, that being the Steam VR Fest that ended just three days ago, Valve has you covered already. On August 1st, the Steam Survival Fest will begin!

    From August 1 - August 8, Steam will run the Steam Survival Fest. It will include demos. It will include discounts on games. The only thing it won't include is mud to build a hut out of and jars...
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  • Steam Client Update for July 27, 2022

    Steam Client Update for July 27, 2022

    Haven't had one of these bad boys in a while.

    Remember when Steam was still in its infancy and every update was a relatively major news event? Those have largely gone by the wayside these days as Steam updates are a dime a dozen and outside of a new feature here or there, there really isn't much to write about when a new update lands.

    Today's update is no different. Frankly, I'm just writing about this new update because I happened to see that it was just released, and...
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  • Steam Could Hit Tesla Cars as Early as August

    Steam Could Hit Tesla Cars as Early as August

    Oh yeah, this seems safe.

    Progress is apparently being made on adding Steam integration into Tesla dashboards. This is according to a recent tweet by Elon Musk that states the electric car company is "making progress" on the integration and that they are possibly going to start testing it as early as August.

    Hey, let's just hope that this largely unnecessary feature isn't coming at the sacrifice of oh, I don't know, making sure that the cars stop crashing into...
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  • Steam VR Fest Begins July 18

    Steam VR Fest Begins July 18

    The worlds are virtual but the savings are real.

    Valve announces that from July 18th through to July 25th they will be "celebrating the most overachieving category of 'interactive gaming' there is: Virtual Reality!" As someone that owns an older VR headset, I would be inclined to agree with that assessment.

    Next week, the Steam VR Fest will be held that allows fans and interested parties to explore a wide range of VR titles. VR owners will get to try out demos...
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  • Black Mesa is Getting a Demake on the Half-Life Engine

    Black Mesa is Getting a Demake on the Half-Life Engine

    So, a fan remake on a new engine for a game released on an old engine is getting demade back on the old engine?

    You ever see a news story that just makes you scratch your head? This is one of them.

    It took almost 15 years from a mod team to create and fully release Black Mesa, a Source engine remake of Valve's original Half-Life. A bit more than a simple remake, Black Mesa took a few liberties with some aspects of their creation, opting to expand the game a bit beyond...
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  • Steam Next Fest Returns in October

    Steam Next Fest Returns in October

    It feels like we just had a Steam Next Fest only yesterday.

    Hot on the heels of the recent June Steam Next Fest comes word that another Steam Next Fest is coming in October. From October 3 - October 10, Valve will host the Steam Next Fest: October 2022 Edition.

    It will once again offer studios the chance to share demos and early looks at their upcoming games that will be hitting Steam in the near future. For players, this means that there will be a ton of new and possibly...
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  • Parts of Half-Life 2 Are Playable in Portal on Switch

    Parts of Half-Life 2 Are Playable in Portal on Switch

    There's always more than meets the eye when it comes to Portal.

    It was only a day ago when Valve released Portal: The Companion Collection on the Nintendo Switch. This compilation of both Portal and Portal 2 offered Switch owners a chance to play these classics for the first time on a Nintendo product.

    It took less than a day of availability before people found out that significant chunks of Half-Life 2 were tucked neatly away in the files for Portal. The discovery was...
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  • Portal: The Companion Collection is Now Out on Switch

    Portal: The Companion Collection is Now Out on Switch

    As part of a previously mentioned required test protocol, we can no longer lie to you. When the testing is over, you will be missed.

    Earlier today during that Nintendo Direct Mini, Valve announced that Portal: The Companion Collection is now officially available on the Nintendo Switch. The going price is just $19.99 (USD) and can be purchased right now from My Nintendo Store.

    Valve worked with NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios on Portal: The Companion Collection. Today's release...
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  • Valve to Double Weekly Steam Deck Shipments

    Valve to Double Weekly Steam Deck Shipments

    Some good news for those still waiting for their Deck.

    For those who have put in their reservation for Valve's Steam Deck, the wait has probably been terrible. Despite the Steam Deck starting to ship back in February, the backlog of people who made reservations is still massive. Thankfully, there is some good news.

    Valve shared today that production of the Steam Deck has increased quite a bit. Starting next week, Valve will be "shipping more than double the number...
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  • The Steam Summer Sale Begins

    The Steam Summer Sale Begins

    It's that time again.

    The Steam Summer Sale for 2022 is now live. From now through July 7 at 10AM (PT), you will be able to save a bunch of money on what can easily be described as a "ton" of games.

    I mean, it's a sale from a digital storefront. What more is there to really say about it? You know what sales are. You know what Steam is. You put two and two together and you get the Steam Summer Sale.

    Valve is once again doing the whole trading cards...
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  • Team Fortress 2 Receives Substantial Exploit Fix Update

    Team Fortress 2 Receives Substantial Exploit Fix Update

    No, this update doesn't directly tackle the bot problem.

    An update for Team Fortress 2 was released last night for the 15-year-old game. While this update does not tackle the game's horrific bot problem directly, it does fix a number of bugs and exploits. It's one of the larger patches released for the game in quite some time now.

    The update fixes some exploits related to being able to use sv_cheats on secure servers. That seems like a pretty important thing to fix. It...
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