A teaser for Season 2 or something more?

Easter eggs and wild ARGs are really nothing new to the Battlefield franchise, but so far, we haven't really had any in Battlefield 2042. A few hours ago, Reddit user TheSacredShrimp shared a screenshot of a unique Playercard background that contains a bit of a cryptic message.

TheSacredShrimp shared this image through the LowSodium2042 subreddit.

Battlefield 2042 - They Are Everywhere

The background is entitled "They are Everywhere" and depicts what looks like some sort of a three-pronged trident head with a cross made of pointed daggers (arrows maybe?). For those having difficulty reading the text in the image, here it is:

They are Everywhere


if you're hearing this, you found my transmitter. The one I stuffed in the crate.

I know what he's planning. And I know there's people out there who want to find him.

Oz made a deal with the Dark Market. Black Ridge... it's connected. Listen. The Dark Market cannot be trusted. They have control sell anything to the highest bidder. They are everywhere.

You want to stop him, and them - trace the signal. You need before it's too late.

TheStaticShrimp explained how he earned the background. He says that while playing on the newly revamped Kaleidoscope map, he found a box that was emitting a beeping sound. This box is rectangular, grey, and includes the same trident symbol on it. He fortunately posted a video of where he found the box.

From the video, it seems as though TheStaticShrimp found the box on a pathway between D1 (roughly at the center of the map) and E1 (towards the eastern side of the map). However, while some players have confirmed to locate the box at that location, several others have said they were unable to locate the box at the location depicted in the video.

It is very possible that there are several locations on Kaleidoscope where the box can spawn. So far, other spawn locations, if any, have not yet been shared by others. It is also unclear if the box can show up in all game modes and playlists or if it can show up while playing solo or in the Portal mode (see below for Portal confirmation).

As of right now, we do not know what this mystery is leading to. Is it merely a teaser for the Season 2 map for Battlefield 2042, or is it something more? So far, the prevailing guess is that this is pointing towards a map set at the Panama Canal.

We may get some answers soon because DICE will host a special Battlefield 2042 Development Update stream on Monday, August 22 at 11AM (ET). You will be able to watch that through YouTube.

Just as I hit submit on this news post, there were some more locations discovered.

It looks like the box is not just on Kaleidoscope as some have started to find the box on other maps. Twitter user Carpo_vp says that they found it right near the E2 flag on Hourglass. It was inside the building with the broken lifts.

It has also been confirmed to appear in custom Portal matches, which could make finding the locations a lot easier for players interested in picking up this unique background. Simply fire up the Portal mode and get to hunting on either Kaleidoscope or Hourglass (so far).