This is officially FromSoftware's most successful game to date.
Elden Ring screenshot

The final tally is in, and it seems like Elden Ring sold over 13.4 million copies in a bit over its first month of availability. This makes Elden Ring the best selling FromSoftware title of all time.

Of course, we kind of already knew this. We previously heard that Elden Ring sold over 12 million copies in its first three weeks of availability. That means that an additional 1.4 million copies were sold over the next couple of weeks since that initial report. This still means that sales figures from April through now (May) have not been revealed, so that 13.4 million figure is probably much higher by now.

This updated sales figure was provided as part of Bandai Namco's latest earnings call. Elden Ring's 13.4 million copies sold in a roughly five week span of time has far outpaced FromSoftware's previous best seller, Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 3 shipped 10 million over four years. The entire Dark Souls franchise is sitting at around 27 million copies sold.

Is this the last that we'll hear about something Elden Ring related? That seems highly doubtful. After all, we'll have to let you know when new content or expansions are undoubtedly released for Elden Ring. Perhaps we should put up a dozen stories about Let Me Solo Her. I hear they just achieved their 1,000th kill on Malenia, a difficult but optional boss. Oh, maybe we'll toss up an article every time a new speedrun record is set. Yeah, that sounds awesome.

All jokes aside, this is a huge milestone for From and it's quite deserved. Now, if only they could finally tackle those still ever-present performance woes, especially when it comes to the PC version of the game.