Paint it black.
Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Bungie just released the launch trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light today. The trailer "highlights the stakes at play" in the upcoming chapter of Destiny 2.

In addition to this new launch trailer, the studio put together a lengthy ViDoc, entitled Forged in the Storm, that you can optionally check out. I'll include that below the launch trailer at the bottom of this post. Please note that the ViDoc includes MASSIVE spoilers for current and upcoming content. I would strongly advise that those that want to go in completely blind avoid watching the ViDoc because they held very little back.

The launch trailer is largely spoiler free and features a pretty great version of Paint it Black. Look for Destiny 2: Beyond Light to release on November 10 for current consoles and PC. A next-gen releases will happen once those new consoles are available.

As power of the darkness rises, everything players thought they knew will be questioned. Guardians will wield Stasis as they explore Europa and discover the mysteries hidden under this mysterious undiscovered destination. The Destiny 2 universe will never be the same again.