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Valve Celebrates Half-Life's 25th Anniversary with Giveaway and a Massive New Update

Happy birthday, Half-Life!

On Sunday, November 19, 2023, Half-Life officially turns 25 years old. To commemorate this crazy milestone for this awesome game and franchise, Valve is giving away the original game along with releasing a major update.

First up, Valve has made the original Half-Life free to keep to anybody that adds it to their Steam library this weekend. If you somehow do not own the original Half-Life, take this opportunity to add it to your account now and...

Alan Wake 2 Review: A Must-Play Psychological Horror Experience

Easily, the best horror game in years.

In 2010 Remedy Entertainment released Alan Wake, a game where a writer is pulled into a horrifying world seemingly of his own creation. Alan Wake was a game that I bounced off at least two times. Despite the game being well received by critics and fans, I felt like its gameplay was just a repetitive slog that even its unique story could not overcome. When a sequel was announced by Remedy, I found myself extremely indifferent to the news. Still...

It's Finally Over - Activision Blizzard Joins Xbox

As it turns out, this corporate version of Mr. Bones' Wild Ride does actually end.

Activision Blizzard King are now officially a part of Team Xbox. As of today, all Activision Blizzard studios and their teams are a part of the Xbox division at Microsoft. This also means that Activision Blizzard IPs such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Candy Crush Saga, and hundreds more are now owned by Microsoft.

This entire saga of a tale began back on January 18, 2022...

Review: RIG 900 MAX HX Wireless Headset

My new daily driver.

We are once again delving into the world of gaming headsets, this time with a spotlight shining brightly on Nacon's RIG 900 MAX HX. Priced at $249.99 (USD), the 900 MAX HX aims to be a more premium and feature-filled offering than the RIG 600 PRO HS we recently reviewed. Featuring the same dual-wireless connectivity as the 600 PROs, the 900 MAX HX sets itself apart thanks to Dolby Personalized audio support with Dolby Atmos 3D, plus a charging base station, a more...

Review: Starfield

A safe, if not soulless, journey through the cosmos.

Bethesda Game Studios releases are safe. They are familiar. You know almost exactly what to expect when a major new release from them rolls around. They instill a feeling of "I know this game won't be groundbreaking, but I know I'll have fun." Yes, there are some obvious differences, but the heart of each Bethesda game is almost universally the same. The recent release of Starfield is no different. To put it bluntly: Starfield is Fall...
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  • Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Get Monthly Halo: Infinite Bonuses

    Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Get Monthly Halo: Infinite Bonuses

    Get some bonus cosmetics for being an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate sub.

    If you are both an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber and a fan of Halo Infinite's multiplayer, you might be excited to hear you're about to get some exclusive content. Starting on December 8, Microsoft and 343 Industries will be Game Pass Ultimate subscribers some exclusive content for Halo Infinite.

    The first drop on December 8 includes the "Pass Tense" MA40 AR Bundle. This includes a special...
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  • Big Changes are Coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

    Big Changes are Coming to Call of Duty: Warzone

    With a new map comes some big changes to loadouts.

    On December 8, Caldera will be the new map, Caldera, taking over Call of Duty: Warzone. This new map is quite tropical in nature as it's set in the Pacific after-all, and will release alongside the first season for Call of Duty: Vanguard. Activision says that the new map was "built on learnings from the community."

    Alongside the start of the season and the new Warzone map will be the introduction of the Ricochet...
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  • PlayStation Plus Games Announced for December 2021

    PlayStation Plus Games Announced for December 2021

    These titles will be available starting December 7.

    Sony has announced their lineup of "free" PlayStation Plus titles for December 2021. Remember that these titles are free to add to your PlayStation accounts and keep so long as you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

    December looks to offer up a bunch of action focused experiences for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation VR owners. All of these titles will be available starting December 7. You'll be...
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  • Titanfall Pulled from Digital Storefronts

    Titanfall Pulled from Digital Storefronts

    You will no longer be able to purchase the original Titanfall.

    Respawn Entertainment announced that they are pulling the original Titanfall from being sold in stores starting today. Titanfall will also be pulled from any subscription services on March 1, 2022.

    Titanfall was first released on March 11, 2014 for the Xbox One and PC. The game was a multiplayer only FPS title that combined futuristic ground warfare with Pilots that could call in pilotable mechs called Titans....
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  • Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changelog

    Battlefield 2042 Update 3 Changelog

    A changelog that rivals the length of a CVS Pharmacy receipt.

    Battlefield 2042 is in a sad state, even following the release of Update #2 just last week. We all knew that Update #3 was coming and that it would be far more substantial than Update #2 was. Today, DICE released the changelog for Battlefield 2042 Update #3 and it is a long one.

    The length of this changelog almost makes you think that maybe this game shouldn't have been released when it was. And you know what?...
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  • New DLC Announced for Ghostrunner

    New DLC Announced for Ghostrunner

    Cyberpunk fans are finally getting some new content.

    Those who have already blasted their way through the first-person cyberpunk action game Ghostrunner will be thrilled to hear about a new expansion coming out. Slated for release on January 27, 2022 is the freshly revealed Project_Hel expansion for Ghostrunner.

    Before we get into what this expansion will include, you may want to go sign up for a chance to enter into an early private beta sneak peak of the expansion. Those...
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  • What Are the Best CS:GO Teams in the World?

    What Are the Best CS:GO Teams in the World?

    What is the mark of a truly successful computer game? Most units sold? Biggest grossing franchise? Most dedicated fan following? As a title which has sold over 25 million copies to date, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO, for short) certainly ticks all of those boxes and more, since it’s one of the best-selling games of the Steam era.

    However, the advent of eSports has taken gaming to a whole new level. With tournaments devoted exclusively to revealing the best CS:GO...
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  • Rockstar Delays GTA Trilogy Physical Release

    Rockstar Delays GTA Trilogy Physical Release

    Sad news for those that still buy physical media.

    Rockstar Games announced that the physical release of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition has been delayed. As of right now, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 versions will be out on December 17. The Nintendo Switch release will now happen in early 2022.

    The delay for all but the Switch release isn't all that long, only about a week from its initially planned release date. The Switch release...
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  • Valve Confirms There Won't be Steam Deck Exclusive Games

    Valve Confirms There Won't be Steam Deck Exclusive Games

    Well, duh.

    In the newly updated FAQ page for their upcoming Steam Deck, Valve says that they are not interested in developers making Steam Deck exclusive titles. This startling revelation should really come as no surprise to anybody who has been paying attention to what the Steam Deck is for any length of time. It is, after all, merely a handheld PC.

    Valve's remarks about this came about during a recently Steamworks Steam Deck event where developers and publishers asked...
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  • Will Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888 Change the Phase of Online Gaming?

    Recently, Qualcomm has hinted about the smartphones getting a speed boost with the Snapdragon 888+ processor. The advanced smart processor launched earlier this year in smartphones such as Galaxy S21 has a supercharging chipset to back up a robust CPU. Qualcomm successfully increased the device's clock speed to 3GHz with the 888 version. It also has increased its module's AI to a remarkable level of 20%. The improvement is likely to benefit online media by better streaming video and games,...
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  • Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer is Free for the Week

    Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer is Free for the Week

    Get a taste of the 2022 RTS right now.

    Even though Company of Heroes 3 won't be released until 2022, Relic and Sega are giving fans an opportunity to try out the multiplayer right now. On Tuesday, November 30, you will be able hop into a new test for the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer.

    To participate, simply sign up for Relic's "CoH-development" program through the Company of Heroes website. Once accepted, you should be able to preload the content straight away...
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  • Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression is Top Priority for Team

    Halo Infinite Battle Pass Progression is Top Priority for Team

    343 Industries will continue to work on the painfully slow Battle Pass progression system.

    Jerry Hook, the head of design at 343 Industries says that the team will continue to work on the rather terrible progression system present in Halo Infinite's multiplayer. With developers returning to work this week after a holiday break, Hook says that working on fixing Battle Pass progression "will be top of my list with the team."

    Hook's remarks come via a new Twitter...
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  • CD Projekt Red Shifts Cyberpunk 2077 Development Focus to Upcoming Expansion

    CD Projekt Red Shifts Cyberpunk 2077 Development Focus to Upcoming Expansion

    Expect to see fewer patches as development shifts to creating new content.

    CD Projekt Red will be allocating more resources towards development of Cyberpunk 2077's first expansion. In the studio's Q3 earnings report, the company still had most of its employees supporting Cyberpunk 2077 up through the end of September 2021. Today's word of a new shift will pull some of those employees away from support and on to creating fresh content for Cyberpunk 2077 as well as some Gwent projects....
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  • The Best Mobile Games 2021

    The Best Mobile Games 2021

    Mobile gaming and touch-screen gaming, especially in 2021, is big business. Whether you are sitting on the bus on your way to or from work, or just taking a "quick" bathroom break, chances are you have a phone or mobile device in hand.

    Mobile gaming, especially in recent years, has really taken off to extreme highs. It is one of the largest gaming platforms in the world, if not the largest. Mobile gaming has had massive growth throughout the world, especially in southern...
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  • Live-Action Halo Infinite Trailer Arrives Ahead of Launch

    Live-Action Halo Infinite Trailer Arrives Ahead of Launch

    Believe. Er, Become.

    343 Industries and Microsoft just released a couple of new live-action trailers for Halo Infinite this weekend. Actually, they released a long version and a short version of the same trailer, perhaps for those with different attention spans.

    The long version of the trailer is entitled "Forever We Fight" and takes viewers through different periods of time. We see people rising up to the challenge in front of them and overcoming obstacles be...
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