You want to be secure, right?
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A new update for Windows 11 is in the works from Microsoft that aims to "help protect hybrid work." This new security feature is called Smart App Control and it hopes to prevent you from running malicious software. "Hybrid work" in this case is a combination of work that is done both at home and in-office, something that isn't too uncommon these days.

The new Smart App Control will be built into Windows 11. It will monitor operations at a process level using a blend of code-signing by the app creator and an "AI model for application trust" to say whether or not something you downloaded is safe. If the OS determines that the software isn't safe, it will not be allowed to run or be opened.

As this new security feature will be built into the operating system, it will necessitate a fresh install of Windows 11 if you already have it installed in the first place. New computers with Windows 11 installed already or those who have not yet installed Windows 11 won't have this issue.

It was not made very clear from any of the writing from either Microsoft or tech sites reporting on this if this feature will be optional. If it isn't optional, there will undoubtedly be a fair number of headaches coming from those that aren't too keen on resetting their PC.

This security feature, and more, will be coming in the upcoming "22H2" update.

This update will also add in other security features when 22H2 drops. This includes the addition of making Microsoft Defender SmartScreen an operating system level protection. This should help prevent some phishing attacks. There will also be added encryption on Windows 11 devices. Personal Data Encryption will also be added for applications and enterprise users, which will leave a user's data encrypted when the user isn't signed in.

Microsoft is also working on adding Pluton to help tackle additional security loopholes. It's a security processor that Microsoft created alongside AMD. Most vendors seem to be ignoring this new security feature though, with several instead opting for Intel's vPro security technology.

Windows 11 will also soon add in something that Microsoft has promised for ages: Tabbed File Explorer. They also promise that a more "personalized" Start menu will be added into Windows 11, part of which includes the ability to add folders for grouping items together as you want.