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Xbox Confirms PlayStation 5 Releases, Diablo 4 on Game Pass, and Future Hardware Plans

No, Starfield and Indiana Jones are not going multi-platform any time soon.

The heads of Xbox stayed true to their word and were indeed a part of a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast. During today's pre-recorded podcast and subsequent blog post, head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that four Xbox exclusives are going to be multi-platform releases. Is it Starfield? Indiana Jones? Gears of War? Halo?! No, no, no, and no. Though Spencer did not specify what those four titles ...

Embracer Lays Off 97 Employees from Eidos; Cancels New Deus Ex

Embracer's rampage continues.

Eidos-Montreal, a development studio currently under the Embracer umbrella, made the sad announcement that employees at the studio were being laid off. Eidos took to social media to confirm that 97 people have been let go "from development teams, administration, and support services".

The studio says that "global economic context, the challenges of our industry, and the comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer have...

Microsoft Lays Off 1,900 People from Gaming Divisions

Impacted teams include Activision Blizzard, Xbox, and ZeniMax.

Layoffs are happening again within Microsoft as roughly 1,900 employees are being let go. The initial report comes from an IGN report that says the layoffs hit Microsoft owned Activision Blizzard, Xbox, and ZeniMax.

Xbox lead Phil Spencer sent out a memo to staff which announced these layoffs. In the memo, Spencer says that as Microsoft is "committed to aligning on a strategy and an execution plan with...

Layoffs Hit Black Forest Games and People Can Fly


Two more studios announced layoffs today. Those studios are Black Forest Games and People Can Fly.

Black Forest Games is the studio behind the remakes for Destroy All Humans! and Destroy All Humans! 2. The studio reportedly laid off roughly 50% of its entire workforce. In 2023, Black Forest Games reportedly had 110 employees, meaning that about 55 people are now out of a job today. These layoffs were announced on January 24th.

According to sources speaking...

Riot Games Lays Off 530 Employees, Shutters Riot Forge


Today's games industry layoff news comes to us courtesy of Riot Games, the development studio behind League of Legends and Valorant. In an effort to move towards "a more sustainable future", Riot Games announced plans to eliminate 11% of their entire workforce, or roughly 530 employees.

In today's announcement, Riot Games says that "teams outside of the core development" will be impacted by these layoffs the hardest.

Riot CEO...
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  • Useless Online Petition for Battlefield 2042 Refunds Hits 162,000 Signatures

    I wasn't going to write about this, but here we are.

    As you may have already heard, there is an online petition making the rounds that Battlefield 2042 fans are signing in earnest. The petition, found at, claims that those that purchased Battlefield 2042 should be issued refunds due to "false advertising" along with "millions of dollars in damages" and hurt feelings.

    No, seriously, they actually included the reason of "upset thousands...
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  • Atomic Heart Coming in Late 2022

    Atomic Heart Coming in Late 2022

    Fight dangerous robots in an alternate history 1950s USSR.

    Developer Mundfish just released a new trailer this week for their upcoming post-apocalyptic FPS title, Atomic Heart. The game is set in an alternate history 1950s USSR where a bunch of angry machines and robots have turned on humans. You play as Major P-3 and your mission is to "eliminate the consequences of a large-scale accident and prevent the leakage of classified information threatening to destroy the whole world."...
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  • Valorant Devs Continue to Battle In-game Toxicity

    Valorant Devs Continue to Battle In-game Toxicity

    The never-ending battle against toxic gamers continues in Valorant.

    Competitive multiplayer games and a toxic community, name a more iconic duo. As Valorant is one such multiplayer game, there is plenty of toxicity and hostility to be found. Well, the developers of the game at Riot Games are getting fed up with it all and are looking into ways of combating toxicity.

    A new update from the Valorant team talks about what they are doing to make the game more welcoming to all...
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  • Chrono Cross Remaster Announced

    Chrono Cross Remaster Announced

    This release is coming to both PC and consoles.

    Last night during the latest Nintendo Direct, Square Enix announced Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. This is a remastered release of the original Chrono Cross that will be coming not only to the Nintendo Switch but also to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This remaster will be out on April 7, 2022.

    The original game was released back in 1999, which is probably long before some readers were probably born. That's...
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  • Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition Begins on February 21

    Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition Begins on February 21

    The next Next Fest is about a week away from starting.

    Valve sent out an email today to let everyone know that the next Steam Next Fest is almost here. Specifically, they're calling it the Steam Next Fest: February 2022 Edition and it all kicks off on February 21.

    From the 21st through the 28th you will be able to play hundreds of demos from games that will be released in the near future on Steam. Beyond the demos, there will also be plenty of developer livestreams and...
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  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is Coming to Switch

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is Coming to Switch

    The game releases April 20. What? You couldn't wait literally two more weeks for May the 4th?

    On 4/20 there will be one more thing to light up. That's right, I'm talking about a lightsaber! On April 20, 2022 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Wii edition will be released for the Nintendo Switch. This marks the third time that the game has been released on Nintendo hardware, with the first times being on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii back in 2008.

    Why this game? Why now?...
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  • Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Out February 23

    Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Out February 23

    This release is for the North American audience.

    Square Enix announced that February 23 will be the date in which the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster will be released. This return of the classic JRPG will be out on Steam and mobile platforms on this date.

    Final Fantasy VI was first released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1994. This release features updated 2D pixel graphics, a rearranged soundtrack, a modernized UI, options for an auto-battle system,...
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  • Portal is Coming to the Switch

    Portal is Coming to the Switch

    And so is the sequel.

    Nintendo and Valve just announced that both Portal games are coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. The compilation is called Portal: Companion Collection and it bundles both Portal and Portal 2 together for $19.99 (USD) through the Nintendo eShop.

    In case you have no idea about either of these games, Valve provided a little synopsis for both of them, which you can read below. It should be noted here that The Companion Collection marks the...
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  • Microsoft Says Activision Blizzard Will Continue to Release Games on PlayStation Beyond Existing Agreements

    Nintendo will also get the same treatment.

    Microsoft has kicked off what the New York Times is calling a "charm offensive" to help push through its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. This is being done in an effort to get the United States government to approve its near $70 billion deal. Microsoft says that they will not give preferential treatment to its own games in its app stores.

    Furthermore, Microsoft says that they pledge to continue to allow...
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  • The Wolf Among Us 2 is Coming in 2023

    The Wolf Among Us 2 is Coming in 2023

    Or in 2024 if you want it on Steam.

    The Wolf Among Us 2 had a big reveal stream a short time ago today. As part of the Geoff Keighley hosted presentation was the premiere of a new trailer for the episodic game.

    We know that the first episode will be released in 2023. Though this game will have episodic releases, developer Telltale Games say that they will complete development on every chapter before the first part is released. The entire game will be spread out across...
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  • Dark Souls Online Services Will Remain Disabled Until After Elden Ring's Release

    The services will remain offline for a little while longer.

    Bandai Namco updated Dark Souls fans today on just what is going on with the online and PvP services for the first three Souls titles. In case you are unaware, the online services were disabled for all of these titles after a very dangerous remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability was discovered that could grant an attacker full access to your computer.

    Unfortunately, today's news isn't all that great. While...
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  • New ViDoc for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Released

    New ViDoc for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Released

    Bungie provides a deeper look at what is in store for the next big expansion.

    Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is set to be released on February 22, 2022. This next major expansion for the still popular sci-fi FPS will add in a ton of new and revamped content for players to tackle.

    Today, developer Bungie just shared a 15-minute long ViDoc that details some new content as well as teases the advancing of some story threads that can be traced back to the original Desti...
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  • Apex Legends Season 12 Update Adds New Legend, Olympus Map Changes, and More

    Apex Legends Season 12 Update Adds New Legend, Olympus Map Changes, and More

    A massive update just hit Apex Legends and here is everything you need to know about it.

    Season 12 for the ever-popular battle royale game Apex Legends just dropped and with it comes a wealth of new and updated content. First and foremost, there is a new Legend that you can play as named Mad Maggie. There are some big changes that have hit the Olympus map along with some changes to weapons, Legend abilities, and even a new limited-time mode called Control.

    Before getting...
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  • Propaganda Tool America's Army is Shutting Down After 20 Years

    Propaganda Tool America's Army is Shutting Down After 20 Years

    Who knew that this game even still existed?

    America's Army: Proving Grounds will be shutting down on May 5 after a 20-year run. The free-to-play FPS developed and published by the United States Army will finally come to an end after about two decades of being frequently criticized by most everyone. The Army made the announcement of the closure on Monday.

    This shutdown will end player stat tracking and will remove access to the game's online mode. If you really want to...
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  • Puzzle-Filled Adventure Game Forest Grove Slated for Late 2022 Release

    Puzzle-Filled Adventure Game Forest Grove Slated for Late 2022 Release

    Sci-fi and mystery come together in this puzzle-filled adventure from Miga Games.

    A release window has been provided for Forest Grove, the upcoming sci-fi mystery puzzler from Miga Games. Those of you who like to solve puzzles and mysteries on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam will want to keep an eye on this one as its planned Q3 2022 release nears.

    Players assume the role of the Remote Forensic Bureau (RFB)...
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    For a little while now, rumors suggested that Xbox will begin to offer many of their first-party titles on competing hardware platforms. Just this week, those rumors were given more substance from a number of sources that say games such as Starfield, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Hi-Fi Rush, and even Gears of War could end up on PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch.

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