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The Sinking City Devs Claim Publisher Hacked Their Game and Uploaded it to Steam

A tale of developer vs. publisher.

This past Friday, The Sinking City was released on Steam seemingly without the consent of Frogwares, the game's developer. This was, at the time, the latest in the ongoing legal battle between Frogwares and publisher Nacon. Frogwares has been actively telling fans not to purchase the current Steam release of The Sinking City because Nacon put it up without permission.

They said that they would have more to say on the subject "soon."...

Diablo II Resurrected Announced for PC and Consoles

Remastered and still just as evil.

Blizzard, as part of their opening ceremony for BlizzCon 2021, finally revealed the Diablo II remaster that we have all been waiting for. Diablo II Resurrected brings the classic feel of Diablo II and Lords of Destruction to a modern age with revamped graphics.

From the looks of it, all monsters, heroes, items, spells, and environments have been given a fresh makeover. Everything from the original release is here, just looking more pretty...

Review: The Medium (PC)

Trauma begets trauma.

Bloober Team was one of my favorite developers for a while there. They came out with Layers of Fear, which I largely adored. They also released Observer, which was a solid psychological horror set in a cyberpunk style universe. They had a couple of minor missteps with Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch, but I still held them in high regard. Now, they just released The Medium and man does it ever feel like a major step backwards for the company. If The Medium is...

BioWare is Cutting Back on Mass Effect Butt Shots

Cutting back the "ass" in Mass Effect.

There will be a lot less emphasis on butts in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters. In speaking with Metro, character environment director Kevin Meek said that BioWare is taking steps to deemphasize the T&A in some scenes. If you were someone that played the original releases, you may recall some specific scenes that had camera angles focused on mostly ass. Expect that to change in Legendary Edition, at least to some degree....

Cancelled Xbox 360 Remake of GoldenEye is Now Playable on PC

13 years later a scrapped remake resurfaces.

In 2008, there existed some plans to remake GoldenEye for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. These plans were ultimately scrapped after getting entangled in disputes over the rights to the game and the IP. Now, in the glorious year that is 2021, a build of the game is now playable all thanks to the wonders of emulation on the PC.

Two hours of the game were uploaded to YouTube just this past week. The uploader and others said that a near-final...
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  • The Wonderful 101: Remastered Gameplay Trailer

    The Wonderful 101: Remastered Gameplay Trailer

    A fresh look at an old classic.

    A new gameplay trailer is out for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. The trailer comes to us all today courtesy of PlatinumGames. Pre-orders, by way of a Kickstarter, began back in early February. As it stands, The Wonderful 101: Remastered is on track for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

    PlatinumGames confirmed on Wednesday that this remaster of the much loved Wii U classic will arrive on May 19. Those in Europe will get...
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  • Fast-Paced FPS 'Bright Memory' Leaves Early Access Today

    Fast-Paced FPS 'Bright Memory' Leaves Early Access Today

    For those looking for a FPS and melee combo action game.

    The 1.0 release of Bright Memory is now available on Steam and, having just left Early Access. This is a "high-octane, visually stunning FPS made by a solo developer at FYQD Studio." This is a bit of an odd release, so try to stick with me on this.

    Bright Memory's 1.0 release includes some fixes and new content for this "full" release of the game. However, this still isn't the "complete"...
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  • DOOM Eternal Has the Best Opening Weekend Ever

    DOOM Eternal Has the Best Opening Weekend Ever

    When compared to other DOOM games, at least.

    Bethesda and id Software just announced that DOOM Eternal has broken franchise sales records. According to the teams, DOOM Eternal has broken franchise records for opening weekend sales. DOOM Eternal has apparently doubled the launch revenue of 2016's DOOM. They also note that DOOM Eternal was the best selling game on Steam for most of the week and has managed to pull in over 100,000 concurrent players at its peak.

    At present,...
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  • Valve Fully Expects Someone Will Mod VR Out of Half-Life: Alyx

    Valve Fully Expects Someone Will Mod VR Out of Half-Life: Alyx

    The question is: What will be lost in translation?

    Half-Life: Alyx was just released and with it has come a heap of praise from those with VR headsets along with a heap of complaints from those who are against the mere idea of virtual reality. If you are expecting Valve to release a official version of the game that strips out the VR aspect, you are most certainly barking up the wrong tree. Half-Life: Alyx was built around VR, not the other way around. To release a version of the game...
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  • Killing Floor 2 'Neon Nightmares' Content Update Released

    Killing Floor 2 'Neon Nightmares' Content Update Released

    New weapons and a new map added.

    Tripwire Interactive just released a new themed update for Killing Floor 2. The update is called Neon Nightmares and with it comes new weapons and a new map for the game across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

    The new map is called Biolapse and is a multi-layered laboratory. Players will have a little extra advantage when going against the undead by way of two new weapons: The HRG Incendiary Rifle for the Firebug role and...
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  • Call of Duty: Warzone Update Includes New Operator and Weapons

    Call of Duty: Warzone Update Includes New Operator and Weapons

    Modern Warfare gets a new map.

    Update (March 24, 2020 at 7:18PM ET): The official Infinity Ward Twitter says that this update has been delayed a bit. It will now arrive "in the coming days" and not tonight as originally stated.

    Original: The latest Call of Duty focused entry from the Activision Blog details some new content that just dropped for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone. First off, we see that Modern Warfare gets the new Khandor...
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  • Sam Fisher Guest Stars in Ghost Recon Breakpoint; Massive Overhaul Update Released

    A free weekend is also coming.

    Ubisoft announced the launch of Deep State for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This second episode of content for the game will add in new missions and see the return of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher to the franchise. You may recall Sam was briefly added for a mission in the original Ghost Recon: Wildlands in 2018.

    The return of old man Sam coincides with a fairly substantial update to the core game. The update is available for everyone but the new...
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  • GWENT Finally Released on Android

    GWENT Finally Released on Android

    Allows for cross-play with iOS and PC.

    CD Projekt Red just released GWENT: The Witcher Card Game on Android today. Today's release allows all Android players to begin building up their card-based army straight away. They can then take those cards and challenge other Android players, iOS users, and PC players thanks to the wonder that is cross-play. If you played this game on a different platform and tied your progress to a account, your progress and purchases will carry over...
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  • Half-Life: Alyx is Now Available

    Half-Life: Alyx is Now Available

    A new Half-Life game is actually here!

    Wow, who could have seen this coming? We finally have a new Half-Life game being released! Valve has just flipped the switch for every VR owner on Steam and Half-Life: Alyx is now released. It's the first Half-Life game released in 13 years. Let that sink in for a little while as Alyx decrypts in the background.

    Half-Life: Alyx is available now on Steam for $59.99 (USD). I'm going to do something I don't normally do during the day:...
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  • Review: Persona 5 Royal

    Review: Persona 5 Royal

    A master class in improving upon what is already great.

    In September 2016, the original release of Persona 5 made its debut in Japan for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It eventually had its Western market debut in April 2017. The game was developed by P-Studio and published in North America by Atlus. Despite a few minor issues, it was largely regarded as a fantastic JRPG with excellent art, an intriguing cast of characters, enjoyable gameplay, and even a rad soundtrack. Persona...
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  • Gabe Newell Talks Epic Games Store, Dislikes the 'Apple Model' of Business

    Gabe Newell Talks Epic Games Store, Dislikes the 'Apple Model' of Business


    Valve's Gabe Newell hasn't said too much about the new digital retailer on the market, otherwise known as the Epic Games Store. In an upcoming interview with Edge magazine's Alex Spencer (issue 334), Newell opened up about a number of hot button subjects such as Half-Life: Alyx, the future of VR, and how he views "competition" from the Epic Games Store.

    Spencer asked Newell whether or not the competition from the Epic Games Store has affected Valve's own approach...
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