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Todd Howard Dishes Details on Starfield, Also Announces Fallout 5

Howard shares a ton of fresh information about Bethesda's upcoming titles.

IGN just shared some of the most important bits from a lengthy interview with Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard in which they talk about everything from Starfield to Fallout 5. I guess that means Fallout 5 is officially announced now? Seems that way.

Howard says that "Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production and, you know, we're going to be doing Fallout 5 after that, so our slate's pretty full...

Everything from Devolver Digital's Wild 2022 Showcase

Another fever dream from Devolver somehow results in four new game reveals and trailers.

If you happened to miss the the Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing livestream, you missed out on something absolutely beautiful. The event felt like a fever dream in all the best ways. Suda51 was brought on to virtually host from a giant robot. Gaming-verses were colliding into one monopolistic hellscape. Sonic and Lady Dimitrescu playing Apex Forza on an Atari Dreamstation 64. Tom...

Battlefield 2042 Update 1.0 Patch Notes

Yes, 1.0. We're up to version 1.0 after the game has been out now for almost 200 days.

Battlefield 2042 is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I mean that in the most condescending way possible here. Since Battlefield 2042 officially launched on November 19, 2021 it has received zero content updates while the team at DICE worked to make the game less of a steaming mess of a pile. The first season for the game is, at last, finally upon us and with it comes a rather anemic amount of...

DICE Talks Specialist Changes, Map Updates, and More in Latest Battlefield 2042 Briefing

The latest developer briefing contains a lot that will be coming in the future.

Members of the Battlefield 2042 development team at DICE sat down to talk about a variety of topics today. Among those topics were some art passes coming to both maps and Specialists, adjustments to Specialist dialogue, changes to animations, and some of what is coming throughout the game's first season of content.

In addition to announcing that they are ditching Hazard Zone support, today's...

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan Tells Staff to be 'Respectful of Differences of Opinion' Over Abortion Rights

BoTh SiDeS

Employees at Sony working in the PlayStation division are said to be "seething" today after reading an email sent on Thursday by head of PlayStation Jim Ryan. That email urged employees to be respectful of "differences of opinion" on abortion rights. Ryan's email then went into five further paragraphs talking about his two cats' first birthday.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Ryan's email opens by addressing various current events....
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  • Sully Lacks Famous Mustache in Latest Uncharted Movie Image

    Sully Lacks Famous Mustache in Latest Uncharted Movie Image

    Seriously, where is his mustache?!

    A new image for the upcoming Uncharted movie surfaced today courtesy of the New York Times. The image shows off both Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor "Goddamn" "Sully" Sullivan. The image shows the two, I don't know... infiltrating a castle? Perhaps an old cathedral? Maybe searching a museum? It's hard to tell. It's a place with a lot of candles.

    Whatever they're doing, there's one thing that...
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  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Director Apologizes for How Bad It Is

    Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Director Apologizes for How Bad It Is

    Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launched in a pretty dire state.

    David Braben isn't just the CEO and founder of Frontier Developments, but he's also the director for the newly released Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. This new release allows players to fly down to the surface of planets, disembark from their shops, explore, and engage in on-foot combat if desired. It released on May 19 through Steam and is currently sitting at a "Mostly Negative" user rating. It apparently has a few issues....
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  • Rumor: Dark Souls Style Final Fantasy Game to be Announced for PS5 at E3

    Rumor: Dark Souls Style Final Fantasy Game to be Announced for PS5 at E3

    Nioh developer Team Ninja is reportedly involved.

    According to a new report from Fanbyte, there is a new Final Fantasy game being worked on by Team Ninja that will be Dark Souls in nature and exclusive to the PlayStation 5. The game will reportedly be revealed as part of Square Enix's E3 presentation this year. Now that right there is a lot to take in.

    This new title will reportedly be set in the same world as the original Final Fantasy game. You know, the one from 1987...
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  • Remasters Were Tops on Steam in April 2021

    Remasters Were Tops on Steam in April 2021

    Remastered releases dominated Steam's top releases for April 2021.

    Valve just released their regular "Top Releases" for Steam today. Today's coverage is for the top releases on Steam for April 2021 and it was a month full of remasters and RPGs apparently.

    According to Valve, roughly one-third of the games released in April were complete remasters or re-imaginings of games that have been popular for years already. Some of the games included under this umbrella...
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  • Paradox Announces Victoria 3

    Paradox Announces Victoria 3

    New grand strategy game announced at PDXCon.

    After over a decade and some change, Paradox finally announced the next entry in the Victoria grand strategy series. Victoria 3 was announced this week at PDXCon. Unfortunately, the wait for release may be a bit longer still as a release date has yet to be announced. There is, however, a Steam page already set up for the game that allows you to add it to your Steam Wishlist right now.

    I don't know much about this franchise,...
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  • Twitch Launches 'Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches' Category

    Twitch Launches 'Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches' Category

    Splish splash.

    Tired of seeing hot tub streams on Twitch? Well, tough! Because while they won't necessarily show up under the Just Chatting category on Twitch, they will now show up under the new "Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches" category instead. Yeah, it seems as though Twitch is embracing the sun, surf, and inflatable Pickle Rick flotation devices instead of banning them outright.

    The announcement comes via a new Twitch blog posting in addition to a new Twitch...
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  • New Xbox Easter Egg Discovered After 20 Years

    New Xbox Easter Egg Discovered After 20 Years

    And yet there's still one mystery still undiscovered.

    The original Xbox came out in November 2001, nearly 20 years ago now. Despite being out for roughly two decades, the original black monolith still has some secrets to uncover. The latest of which was just discovered this week thanks to a developer tip that was shared with Kotaku. The tip talked about how to trigger the secret, which displays a credits scene showing a list of those that worked on the original Xbox Dashboard.
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  • Destiny 2 Crossplay Beta Begins May 25

    Destiny 2 Crossplay Beta Begins May 25

    It will be limited to select Vanguard Strikes.

    From May 25 through May 27, Bungie will begin testing crossplay functionality in Destiny 2. ON those dates, the beta will consist of unique Vanguard Strikes. This will be the first step to enabling crossplay across the entire suite of game modes for Destiny 2 players.

    The announcement of next week's beta test was revealed through Bungie's latest developer blog.

    The beta will be open to all players across the PlayStation,...
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  • Star Citizen Goes Free to Play Until June 3

    Star Citizen Goes Free to Play Until June 3

    Plus celebrate the latest Invictus Launch Week 2951 until June 1.

    Cloud Imperium Games, the devs behind Star Citizen, announced today that they are offering up some special events for existing players and those who never played the game before. Starting right now and running through June 3, players who don't even own the game can participate in the Star Citizen Free Fly Event. You can download and experience the game, as it currently exists, for free.

    This Free Fly Event...
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  • Scarlet Nexus Demo Out Now on Xbox

    Scarlet Nexus Demo Out Now on Xbox

    Get a taste of what's to come.

    A playable demo for Scarlet Nexus is now available for those on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One platforms. Though this demo seems to be Xbox exclusive, the full game is slated to be released for the Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam come June 25.

    A demo for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will actually arrive on May 28 if you really want.

    Can't play the demo? Don't worry because there is...
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  • Team Based Multiplayer Brawler Knockout City Released Today

    Team Based Multiplayer Brawler Knockout City Released Today

    Take me down to a knockout city where the grass is green...

    EA has just released the Velan Studios developed game Knockout City, the team-based multiplayer game that brings dodgeball to the digital world. Sorry, it's actually "dodgebrawl" as this press release is telling me. Players are able to pick up the game for free from now through May 30.

    Players will experience fast-paced gameplay throughout five maps with interactive environments. Ball types? This game...
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  • Summer Game Fest Begins June 10

    Summer Game Fest Begins June 10

    W-w-w-w-world premiere.

    Geoff Keighley announced that the Summer Game Fest 2021 will begin on Thursday, June 10. It will kick off with an event called Kick Off Live!, which will be a livestream showcase taking place on June 10 at 2PM (ET) on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and plenty of other streaming services. This event will be hosted by Keighley and will feature "more than a dozen world premiers and announcements from select publishers."

    Also included in this Kick...
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  • Outriders Surpasses 3.5 Million Players in First Month

    Outriders Surpasses 3.5 Million Players in First Month

    Square Enix sounds proud of the reception to this new looter-shooter.

    Outriders, the newest looter-shooter-RPG developed by People Can Fly, has seen over 3.5 million unique players in its first month of availability. The publisher says that this new IP is "poised to be the company's next big franchise."

    Square Enix also shared that the average play time for those 3.5 million players is over 30 hours. There was also "extremely high engagement for co-operative...
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  • Dark Souls Meets Pinocchio in Lies of P

    Dark Souls Meets Pinocchio in Lies of P

    Steam is literally telling me it's similar to Dark Souls III.

    Lies of P is an upcoming Souls-like game based on the story of Pinocchio. I'm not even joking here. The development team at Round8 Studio and publisher NeoWiz say that this is a game where you will play as Pinocchio, a puppet mechanoid, on a quest to find Mr. Geppetto.

    The story is inspired by Pinocchio and is "an action souls-like game set in a cruel, dark Belle Époque world." According to the story...
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  • The Last of Us Part 2 PlayStation 5 Update is Here

    The Last of Us Part 2 PlayStation 5 Update is Here

    The update offers double the framerate.

    The PlayStation 5 update for The Last of Us Part 2 is finally here. This brings the game up to 60FPS as the standard. As you have come to expect by now, the update is free to everyone that owns the game.

    This update was announced via the PlayStation Blog. It offers options for either 30FPS of 60FPS framerate targets. Things such as improved resolution and load time improvements were apparently already available to players through...
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