I see stars above...
Constellation Orion

Destiny 2 is really no stranger to its fair share of bugs and issues over the years. This was never more evident than in the fact one of the game's weapons, named Telesto, was almost always unintentionally breaking or breaking something else within the game. It has been disabled and reenabled countless times. There is even a Telesto Report website that lists off every time the weapon has had a bug.

A new update for Destiny 2 was released today. It wasn't anything major, at least as far as the changelog would indicate, but it introduced another new Telesto bug. Or, did it?

Let's take a quick look at the "bug" in question from today's update.

As you can see, the "bug" introduces some sparks and smoke shooting out from the side of Telesto. Firing the weapon causes the projectiles to defy the laws of gravity and float up into the air. You can "fix" Telesto to behave normally by holding down your reload button. This will cause your player to smack the gun and allow it to fire regularly again.

It didn't take fans long to realize that this "bug" wasn't a mistake at all. It was actually intentionally done by Bungie. But, why would they do that?

You may have noticed some patterns in the shots produced by the "bugged" Telesto. They are constellations, or at least close approximations of constellations. Orion, Aquilla, and possibly the Southern Cross have been possibly identified thus far. Of course, there are a lot of constellations, so finding out the correct patterns may take a little while.

Beyond the weapon shooting out these constellations, it's not yet clear where this is leading. Some ideas are floating around because references to an upcoming community event were discovered in the Destiny 2 API several months ago. If this is the case, this community event will see players collecting currency to help rebuild the Eliksni quarter. This event will probably kick off a couple of weeks before the end of the season rolls around in early December.

The question here though is how those constellations fit in with that potential end of season event. If it's not leading to that end of season event, it is also theorized that this could lead to the release and acquisition of a special player emblem that was also data mined a while back yet still not attainable in the game.

Right now, the fan theories are running rampant with no solid leads to follow. It has been a while since Bungie put a cool Easter egg style mystery into the game like this. These rare events are mostly for a bit of fun for a lot of fans with some players scrambling for answers while others kick back, relax, and just enjoy the wild ride.

If you want to follow along on any new discoveries, you can check out places like r/RaidSecrets or r/DestinyTheGame on Reddit. Twitter would also be a good place to keep track of new progress.