Netflix will work with The Coalition on these projects.
Gears of War Netflix movie

Netflix announces that they are partnering with The Coalition to create a Gears of War movie. This film will also be worked on first followed up by a new "adult" animated series.

The official announcement came earlier today through Twitter and the official Netflix account. The announcement was short and did not provide much in the way of details about either of these two major projects.

Series creator Cliff Bleszinski's initial response to today's announcement was a succinct "Oh sh*t!" Bleszinski hasn't really had much at all to do with the Gears of War franchise for several years now, but it's interesting to get his thoughts on a movie adaptation for a franchise that played such a huge part of his time as a game developer.

Bleszinski did go on to offer a few suggestions as to which actors he would personally like to see in some of the roles. For example, he would like to see either Dave Bautista or Karl Urban play Marcus Fenix. He doesn't have anybody specific in mind for the role of Dominic Santiago, but he does say the actor should at the very least be Latino. Also, he really doesn't want Chris Pratt to be allowed anywhere near the Gears franchise. I'd say that's a pretty reasonable want.

When he wasn't thinking up actors he would like to appear in the Gears film, Bleszinski wrote some words wishing a "happy sweet 16" to the Gears franchise.