Julia Chang and The Walking Dead's Negan Join Tekken 7 Roster on February 28

Come February 28 two DLC characters will be released for Tekken 7. They are Negan from The Walking Dead franchise and Julia, a returning favorite from multiple earlier entries in the Tekken franchise.

We have the first screenshots and trailer for these two characters. They are considered "DLC 8" and "DLC 9" and are a part of the Tekken 7 Season Pass 2. They will also naturally be available to purchase individually.

One of these two characters is a bit out of left field, so let's maybe start by talking about Julia.


Review: Ultralite DT Blue Light Filtering Glasses from Eagle Eyes

I spy, with my filtered eye, something that is…

Today, we are going to be reviewing something a little bit outside of the usual. Usually, we typically just review video games or even the occasional piece of hardware for TGN, but a review for glasses? Well, it's certainly a new one for us.

These are not any old pair of glasses though. These are the Ultralite DT from Eagle Eyes. What sets them apart from other glasses is the promise that they will protect your eyes from blue light that blasts your eyes from any number of digital screens. Eagle Eyes has a nice write-up that talks about some of the ways in which blocking out blue light can help ease the strain on your eyes. The Science of Blue Light FiltersNaturally, you don't have to take their word for it. There have been a number of articles that talk about how staring at computer screens or phones can cause added strain. The ...

Crackdown 3 on PC Locked to 30FPS in Co-op

If you plan on playing through Crackdown 3 in co-op, it may be worth knowing that the game will be locked to 30FPS. Yes, even on PC.

To be fair to the Xbox One versions of the game, it's capped at 30FPS as it is, even when playing alone. However, the PC version has the ability to play with much higher framerates, including uncapped if you so desire. That is, unless you're playing co-op on the PC.

A number of Reddit users have found out that the 30FPS cap comes into play whether or not you are playing PC to PC or PC to Xbox.

It should also be noted...

Tetris Battle Royale Game Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Yes, I'll take "headlines I never thought I'd type for $400, Alex?"

There's a new battle royale game available today. Keeping with the recent trend of surprise announcements leading into surprise releases comes Tetris 99. It's... it's a Tetris battle royale game. It's exclusive to those who subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

It's available now.

As the tweet says, "99 players enter, but only ones reigns supreme!" Sure! Why not? What's next? Pong battle royale? Sure, go for it! What about some Cup-and-ball battle royale...

Super Mario Maker 2 Announced for Switch, Releasing June 2019

As part of today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. They also revealed that it will be released this June.

The trailer, which you can see below, includes a look at some of the familiar gameplay. You can see that the trailer showcases some tilesets from games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario 3D Land. Nintendo says that this sequel will include "more tools, items, and features." One of the big additions is the ability to create slopes, a feature that wasn't present in...
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  • Here is the Insane Method to Unlock the DICE LA Camo for Battlefield 4

    Here is the Insane Method to Unlock the DICE LA Camo for Battlefield 4

    There is a new Easter Egg in the Dragon Valley 2015 map that was recently added to Battlefield 4. This Easter Egg is so over the top that it not only includes morse code, but it has you listening to a sped up sound file inside of a rock in the nighttime version of Zavod, Graveyard Shift. On top of all of that, there are buttons in stumps, diagrams, and unique codes and holy crap how the hell do people figure this kind of stuff out?! Fortunately for you, jackfrags goes step by step on how to unlock this mysterious Easter Egg. Keep in mind that the final code is unique to each and every person! That means if you want the final ...
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  • Dragon Valley 2015 Coming in Free Battlefield 4: Legacy Operations DLC

    Dragon Valley 2015 Coming in Free Battlefield 4: Legacy Operations DLC

    EA and DICE announced that Battlefield 4 will soon receive another free DLC pack on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The Battlefield 4: Legacy Operations DLC will include Dragon Valley 2015, and other free content.
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  • Battlefield 4 Community Operations Rolling Out Today

    Battlefield 4 Community Operations Rolling Out Today

    The fruits of the Community Map Project are finally coming to light today for Battlefield 4. Throughout the day, the Community Operations content will be rolled out to the world.
    Battlefield 4 Community Operations is rolling out on October 27, and includes Operation Outbreak, the map you had a hand in creating. The Battlefield 4 Fall Update will be releasing on the same day, but Community Operations will be a separate free* download available from the Origin My Games tab and the PlayStation PS Store and Xbox Marketplace.

    Remember that Community Operations is a separate download! You can get it directly...
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  • Battlefield Hardline: Robbery DLC Adds New Maps, a Mode, a Weapon, and More

    Battlefield Hardline: Robbery DLC Adds New Maps, a Mode, a Weapon, and More

    The second expansion for Battlefield Hardline is called simply, Battlefield Hardline: Robbery. This new DLC includes new maps, a new mode, a new weapon, and more for would-be digital heisters to get their hands on.
    Precinct 7
    Precinct 7 is the first snow map for Battlefield Hardline, and the first snowy map set at night in the history of the Battlefield franchise. It has a little bit of everything, from warehouses perfect for sniping, to blocks of road to burn rubber on in Hotwire mode.

    The Docks
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  • Battlefield 4 Summer Patch Notes and Free Night Operations Content Released

    The Summer 2015 patch for Battlefield 4 is here! Included in today's update are fixes, the removal of the need for the Battlelog plugin for Chrome users, weapon tweaks, the Zavod: Graveyard Shift night map, and much more.

    Please note that while there is a separate update for the game, you will need to download the Night Operations content seperately! It's listed under Battlefield 4's "add-ons and bonuses" section within Origin (right click on the game and select "view game details"). From there, you can click on "get it now" to begin that separate download....
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  • Vote on the Name for the Upcoming Battlefield 4 Community Map

    Vote on the Name for the Upcoming Battlefield 4 Community Map

    DICE and EA are looking for your help in naming the new Community Map that the team has been working on for the past few months. This is the map that was born from constant feedback from the Battlefield 4 community. Now they just need a name.

    Head on over to Survey Monkey to pick which map you find to be your favorite. Here is what you have to choose from.
    Top Community Map Name Alternatives
    • Harau Falls
    • Ruins of Harau
    • Harimau Confrontation
    • Harau Temple
    • Quarantine
    • Harau Strain 267
    • Harau Cascade
    • Harau Outbreak
    • Indonesian Incursion
    • Operation: Outbreak
    • Agent Green
    • Return to Monkey
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  • Battlefield 4 Night Ops Cinematic Trailer

    Battlefield 4 Night Ops Cinematic Trailer

    DICE and EA released a new cinematic trailer today for the upcoming Night Operations content coming this September 5 for Battlefield 4. The trailer shows off what it's like to play in Zavod 311 in the dark of night.

    Of course, you'll probably be hard pressed to find anybody playing with this level of coordination and teamwork during a typical match, but it's still neat to see.

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  • Battlefield 4 Night Ops 'Tactical Strategy Guide'

    Battlefield 4 Night Ops 'Tactical Strategy Guide'

    The Battlelog updated today with a special "Tactical Strategy Guide" for the upcoming Battlefield 4 Night Operations. This includes some basic tips on how to handle the upcoming night variations of your favorite non-night Battlefield 4 maps.

    First up are some map specific tips for Zavod: Graveyard Shift.
    The new night map, Zavod: Graveyard Shift (based off of Zavod 311), is dark and has several differences to its daylight counterpart.

    Here are some examples:

    Destructible lights
    At night, the map is littered with destructible lights, which you can use to your advantage. Want to make sure you gain the upper hand using night vision scopes? Take all lights out in an area and prey on your enemies!

    Ground Level fog
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  • New Battlefield Confirmed for 2016

    New Battlefield Confirmed for 2016

    EA's CFO, Blake Jorgensen, confirmed that there will be a new Battlefield game in 2016. This news came during a recent investor call after he was questioned on future titles from the company.
    "What we've said is that our intention over the next couple of years is to have a first-person shooter as one of the core titles. This year it's Star Wars: Battlefront. Next year, it's another Battlefield title."

    There is no saying just what the new Battlefield game will be or when it will take place. The obvious rumor is that it will serve as a sequel to Battlefield 2142. Others have suggested that...
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  • Happy 10th Anniversary Battlefield 2!

    Happy 10th Anniversary Battlefield 2!

    Battlefield 2, the game that not only played an important role in the lives of many of us but also was highly responsible for the soul and essence of the multiplayer shooters that we get today. It was undoubtedly an example of a game that we unfortunately don't get nowadays, a game full of innovation, of new ideas and concepts and with no fear to execute them. It was also thanks to this success that the Battlefield series managed to grow exponentially to what it is today. For the time it achieved a great many technical feats, including having great graphics, physics, destruction and lovely shooting mechanics. However, it was heavily simplified and casuali...
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  • Full List of Changes for Today's Battlefield 4 Spring Update

    Full List of Changes for Today's Battlefield 4 Spring Update

    The Spring Update for Battlefield 4 came out today. Without further ado, here are the list of changes.

    Changelog for Battlefield 4 May 26, 2015

    STABILITY - Fixed multi platform crash related to audio - Fixed several multi platform server crashes - Fixed Server crash that would happen in some cases when players were switching teams - Fixed an issue where users were left in an Infinite loading screen when attempting to connect to a server - Fixed a multi platform single player crash - Fixed a bug which caused 2% of joins into an empty game server to fail - PC: Several client and server crash fixes - PC: Fix for a crash that occurs when exiting the game client (AMD cards) - PS4: Fixed a common crash on PS4 GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS - Fixed a situation where the player has an auto-throw gadget equipped in the LEFT gadget slot and use it while holding the sidearm, the gadget will stay in the players hands. - Fixed an issue where the player would sometimes get stuck in the kill cam if receiving damaged from multiple enemies - Terrain and model destruction now sync better with explosion effects - Added advanced gameplay options to toggle Parachute Auto deploy, Auto Peek Over and Auto Side Lean - Small vehicles now can get unstuck by melee just like the boats and jet skis - Several Netcode impr
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