Known leaker Tom Henderson is at it again with the Battlefield 6 leaks.
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Tom Henderson is at it again with some possible new leaks for the upcoming Battlefield game for 2021. We don't yet know if it will be called Battlefield 6 or just Battlefield as one rumor suggested or even if it will be something else entirely. What we do "know" is what Henderson shared with the world just about a day ago during his latest YouTube livestream.

The latest from Henderson comes just a couple of days after his first batch of believable leaks for the upcoming Battlefield title. His latest livestream, seen as an embedded video below and summarized by Reddit, suggests that there will be a number of dynamic events going with the new Battlefield maps. His information comes from an apparent early viewing of the upcoming Battlefield trailer that will debut at some point soon.

Henderson says that maps will have a day/night cycle along with a dynamic weather cycle. He thinks, but isn't sure, that you will be able to customize "every single aspect" of a weapon. When it comes to "Levolution" in the game, it will not be as gimmicky as it was in Battlefield 4. It will instead "be more like a part of the core game." Take that how you will.

There will be a number of customization options in the new Battlefield game. Henderson says that these won't include outlandish or super colorful skins. Instead, fans should expect things like a "ronin helmet, juggernaut suit, cool body armors, armor on the shoulders, etc." Custom helmets and armor will be a big part of Battlefield 6, most of which will have a futuristic design.

He continues on to say that there will not be any jetpacks in Battlefield 6. However, the battle royale component may include wingsuits for fast traversal.

Movement will be a lot more fluid. It will be more akin to the movement found in the Call of Duty franchise and not as "clunky" as previous Battlefield titles.

There won't be skill-based matchmaking per se, but rather team skill-based matchmaking like in Battlefield V and Battlefield 1. He says that when you join a server "the game will decide which team you'll end up on based on the teams and enemy's K/D." Four man squads are back in the new Battlefield.

The time to kill (TTK) will be similar to Battlefield V.

Ospreys will be user controlled in maps. You will be able to pilot them, crash land them, and use them as transport. He says that there will be 7-8 of them "on the map," at least the one seen in the trailer. The trailer also includes a look at a robotic dog gadget that had a weapon attached to it.

Henderson also mentions that this new Battlefield game will be "supported for the next 3-5 years." He also says that the game is set in the near future, think more 2030's and even 2040's.

Of course, as with all rumors, it's suggested that you take these leaks with a grain of salt. We will hopefully see this new trailer for the new Battlefield game soon. Until then, all we have to go on are these leaks from a fairly trustworthy source.