No Normandy. No Eastern Front. It's all done.
RIP Battlefield 5

For the developers at DICE, the war is over. The team has made the decision to ditch their "Chapter" idea, which effectively brings an end to their idea that "every chapter brings a new battlefield." Originally, DICE had a grand idea to take players through a significant chunk of WWII. Their idea was to spread out the war over a series of chapters. Each chapter would take us to a new period of time and location in the war. In theory, this wasn't a bad idea, but in practice it really fell flat.

The chapters for Battlefield V were slow to be released. They often focused more on the lesser known battles fought during WWII. This may not have been a major problem if DICE hadn't also completely bungled other aspects of their updates since the game's release. It doesn't really matter now though, because the war is over. The team at DICE is abandoning these chapters after the current chapter, Into the Jungle, comes to an end on April 29.

This means that while the American and Japanese forces have just begun their fight, it's also where their fight ends. There will be no Normandy. There will be no fights along the Eastern Front.

Senior Producer for Battlefield V Ryan McArthur made the announcement today in a brief update on the Battlefield website. He notes that while there will be no more chapters released, the team does plan on releasing just "on more standalone update" that should hit some time this Summer. This update will reportedly include "new content, weapons, and game tweaks." That's just vague enough to be a bit hopeful but I probably won't be holding my breath for it to include any new maps.

To their credit, McArthur does say that they have been "tackling the challenges from working from home." Even still, they hope to have this last update out in June. A more robust breakdown of what is still to come was included:

  • New Content: A new update will be released this summer.
  • Weekly Rewards: Following the summer update, you’ll receive Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as Weekly Rewards, giving you a chance to unlock gear you may have missed.
  • Events and Activities: We’re also planning various weekly initiatives such as the reintroduction of #FridayNightBattlefield servers, where the community can play Battlefield V in a friendly atmosphere. Throwback Thursdays, where we'll look to bring you together across all of our Battlefield titles are in the works, too.
  • We are continuing our work on Community Games Updates. We are committed to bringing these to the game and we’ll keep you updated on when you can expect them to start coming online.
As you can see, the "new content" description is about as vague as I suggested prior. It has been hinted that this content will include at least one new map set in Libya. They even included a teaser for it in their news post. Yup, more sand and rocks.

Battlefield V Libya

Of course, I would personally anticipate the new content to be nothing more than a cosmetic gas mask, so that way if it's something more substantial I would be pleasantly surprised. I say this even with a screenshot of the new map above. When it comes to this game, you just never know if this map will ever see the light of day at all. Or if it does, it might not be a map that supports your favorite game type, like Conquest. McArthur went on to say that they will continue to work on the Battlefield V anti-cheat measures. So, that's something.

Now here we are at what seems like the end of Battlefield V content. Who could have possibly imagined that Star Wars Battlefront II would have received far more care, attention, and content support when compared to a new Battlefield title. Maybe it's for the best though, right? This game has been a massive rollercoaster ever since it launched.

This is the same game that never implemented autobalance (at least not that I know of, as I stopped playing after their last massive TTK screw up). This is the same game that hyped up a battle royale mode and then ditched out on providing any significant updates or improvements. This is the game that had entire once-permanent game modes removed. This is the same game that promised a competitive 5v5 mode, and then cancelled it. This is the same game that didn't have tank customization added until early March 2020, when it was listed as "coming soon" since launch. I could literally keep going for a long while here with additional ways in which this game over promised and drastically under delivered, but this is already making me massively upset as it is.

How do you even screw up a Battlefield game set during WWII this badly? I just don't get it. This was like a slam dunk idea if ever there was, but instead it's like they somehow forgot how to even dribble the ball.