We're still in the Pacific.
Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Into the Jungle

EA and DICE announced today that they will reveal the sixth chapter in their ever ongoing Tides of War content for Battlefield V. This new chapter is appropriately called Into the Jungle and it takes us, you guessed it, into some dense jungle environments. Well, there's at least one dense jungle environment.

There's no saying how many new maps this next chapter will actually bring, though certain wording in official statements seem to indicate that it will just be one new map. Bummer.

The official Battlefield Twitter account tossed up a link to the trailer, which will go live at 9AM (ET). I'll include the embed below just in case you feel like staring at a static image for the next 13+ hours, or in case you see this after it's live and I didn't get a new news post up yet.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 took us to the Pacific Theater. It introduced both Japan and the United States as two playable factions. It also introduced a few new maps, all of which had a larger than normal focus on amphibious assaults, beach landings, and a more "tropical" feel.

Chapter 5 is also when the studios decided to include some unwelcome and unnecessary changes to weapons and balance that upset many (now former) fans. The TTK changes in 5.2 have been largely regarded to be a horrible decision. So far, DICE has yet to revert these changes. They have also yet to address a still growing list of bugs and issues that have plagued the game for months now.

A quick look at r/BattlefieldV should tell you all you need to know about how the community feels about this game right now.

EA has gone on record as saying that the next Battlefield title will not be out until mid-2021 at the earliest. It seems as though they are waiting for the next generation of consoles to get a foothold before the next game sees the light of day.

As a special bonus, here is just one page of the current "top comments" on the Into the Jungle trailer.


The only hope that the community has to getting some actual changes made won't be around until Update 6.2. This is from a recent Community Broadcast letter from Community Manager PartWelsh via Reddit.

In Update 6.2, we’ll be publishing a series of further changes designed to address the learning's based on your feedback and game data. Full details will be shared after we’ve launched Update 6.0, but in short, you’re going to find that in close quarters much of the same Recoil, and Rate of Fire that you’re previously accustomed to will return.

We will continue to operate a damage model that ensures that weapons that are designed to be lethal in close quarters will still do less damage beyond 30M than experienced in 5.0, however we’re making adjustments to the damage curves to ensure that the damage drop off doesn’t feel as instant or severe. Weapons that should be more effective at range such as the Semi Auto Rifles and Pistol Carbines will have their damage drop offs extended, ensuring that they regain a purpose closer to their design and perform significantly better at range. Similar changes are also being made across MG’s and AR’s, and I will keep you updated as we finalize the design, and move them into a shippable state.
That is to say, weapon TTK still won't be reverted to pre-5.2 status, but maybe it will make the game suck far, far less than it does at present. Keep those fingers crossed I guess? Though I have to wonder just how <30M is considered to be "long range."There's no saying when exactly the 6.2 update is planned to drop.