It sure seems like the official Twitter account is hinting at something.
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There has been wild speculation now for weeks about when the new Battlefield game would be revealed. We've had tons of leaks pouring out since at least late March here, but so far there hasn't been anything concrete just yet. There was even speculation that we would see the initial reveal trailer this past week, but that has obviously come and gone without anything happening.

Now, the official Battlefield Twitter perked up and may have given us our first official news on just when we will get our first official look at the new Battlefield title that is coming later this year.

It seems like we will get our first official Battlefield reveal at some point in June. Though we had hoped to see the reveal trailer coming last week, what's another month of waiting, right? The new Battlefield game, be it called Battlefield 6 or simply Battlefield, will be released later this year for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms.