They seem to be the real deal.

A number of leaked gameplay images from the next Battlefield game, be it simply called Battlefield or Battlefield 6 or something else entirely, have made their way online today. These images originated on Tom Henderson's Discord channel, but not from Henderson himself. They were later confirmed to be the real deal from Henderson.

Some evidence that points to these being real popped up in r/GamingLeaksAndRumours on Reddit. Comments noted that the player names in the shots are real Romanian names. EA has a studio in Romania that does a bulk of QA testing for their games in addition to assisting other studios on projects.

The images do not look like they are from direct capture, but rather from cropped, off screen photographs of the screen. While they may not give you a proper look at the in-game visuals, they should give you a good idea of the UI, the scale, the setting for one of the maps, and other relevant pieces of information.

All of these screenshots are supposedly from the same map, just in different locations, different weather situations, and different times of day.

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