Support for Battlefront II and Battlefield V ending.
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DICE recently announced that they are bringing an end to new content updates for both Star Wars Battlefront II and Battlefield V. Just this past week, we brought you word about how DICE was ditching all future Battlefield V chapters and would have a final content drop arrive this Summer.

In addition, this week's release of the Battle on Scarif update for Battlefront II marks that particular game's final content update. Battlefront II's creative director Dennis Brännvall provided a nice letter to the Star Wars community that goes over the journey he and the team have been on for the past two years. This journey has included 25 free content updates and wraps up with this week's Battle on Scarif. Speaking of The Battle on Scarif, you can check out the trailer for that below if you haven't yet played it for yourself.

As with the other content updates, The Battle on Scarif is free and is live right now in the game.

As DICE sunsets new content releases for the only two live titles they have out there, it begged the question: What will they be working on instead?

It turns out we now know for sure what is coming next from DICE. In a statement made to IGN, an EA spokesperson says that a new Battlefield game is coming in 2021. This is a bit more of a definitive time frame than what we were previously told about the next game. Previously, EA had only said that a new Battlefield game would arrive between fiscal year 2021 and 2022. To note, EA's FY 2022 begins April 2021 and ends March 2022. A new Battlefield game coming in late 2021 fits this previous release window perfectly.

Prior statements from EA management on the next Battlefield game, seem to indicate that they are targeting the next-generation of consoles. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have a much larger install base come 2021, assuming their launches in 2020 are still happening as planned.

"Bringing out Battlefield (in 2020), where the new console base is fairly small, doesn't really give justice to the potential of the title, and so that's part of our driver in moving the title into fiscal 22."
EA and DICE say that they will continue to support both Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II for a little while longer still. Just because there won't be new content doesn't mean the games won't still receive bug fixes or other non-content support updates. The games will also continue to have in-game challenges, official servers, and recurring events such as double XP weekends and the like.

There is no word as to whether or not EA will release either Battlefield V or Star Wars Battlefront II on Steam as they have with other titles.

In the here and now, the public knows absolutely nothing about the next Battlefield game. We don't know the time period or the name. So why did I choose to use the Battlefield: Bad Company logo? Because I could. 🙂