The latest rumors come directly from known leaker Tom Henderson.
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A leaker known for getting the facts correct more often than not, Tom Henderson, just shared some tasty new information about the next Battlefield game. The game, known by fans right now as Battlefield 6 will actually just be called Battlefield for its title. You didn't really expect DICE and EA to have a sane naming convention for this franchise, now did you?

Battlefield will be set in a near-future setting, presumably in the year 2025. As such, there will be some near-future tech used in the game like military robots, drones, jets, helicopters, tanks, and the usual Battlefield arsenal.

The campaign is set to focus on you (the player) and your specialist unit. You will be able to choose which superpower you fight for. There won't be things like the "Axis" or "Allies" in this game. However, you can choose to fight for the United States or Russia depending on who is trying to "recruit" your team. Henderson also suggests that campaign will be playable with a co-op partner.

The upcoming reveal trailer for Battlefield will not feature any gameplay, nor any look at multiplayer. He says that it will more closely resemble the beginning of the Battlefield V trailer.

The multiplayer component for Battlefield will "feature bigger and better battles." Henderson says that he has heard the multiplayer to be described as "Battlefield 3/4 on steroids." There will also be a Battle Royale mode on the way at some point. The Battle Royale mode will be completely disconnected from the Firestorm name and will use a new name. Players will be able to play as four different types of soldiers. However, instead of just having different gadgets, player classes will have unique abilities (said to be similar to perks in Call of Duty). An example given says that a Scout soldier might have silent footsteps while an Assault soldier might be able to sprint for longer.

Henderson also tweeted out some additional information over the weekend about the next Battlefield game. These reportedly came from a recent player survey put out by EA that are specifically tied to the Battlefield franchise. The survey mentioned such things as a Battle Pass, a platoon/clan system, a F2P element (battle royale?), evolving maps, and weapon blueprints.