Steam Summer Sale 2019 is Now Live

Wallets be aware.

If you noticed Steam is loading slowly today, or even not at all, there is a good reason for it. The Steam Summer Sale 2019 kicked off just about an hour ago today. It seems as though this year's official name for the sale is the "Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale" and it runs from now (June 25) through until July 9, 2019.

During this time, you'll be able to save a lot of money on a lot of games. I'm talking about thousands of games being on sale here. You want Assassin's Creed Odyssey for 50% off? You got it.

How's about Devil May...

Steam Will Not Support Ubuntu 19.10 and Later

But will still support Linux.

Valve is one of the big reasons why gaming on Linux has seen such a massive surge in recent years. One of the biggest pushes came not from specially created Linux builds of games, but from Proton, a fork of Wine that Valve released to allow for games to become playable on Linux that may not have native Linux support. At present, there are over 5,400 games that work through Steam on Linux thanks to Proton.

Over the years, Valve has recommended that those looking to get into using Linux try out Ubuntu Linux. Last Friday, that all changed....

Fortnite '14 Days of Summer' Event Begins Today

A fortnight of Fortnite.

Today marks the start of Fortnite's "14 Days of Summer" event. Epic Games says that for each day, players can drop into Fortnite for something new. This event applies to both the still fairly popular Battle Royale mode and the less popular, but still enjoyable, Save the World mode.

In Battle Royale a new item will be unvaulted every day for 24 hours. There is going to be a new "LTM" featured each day. This is in addition to new daily challenges and free wards. There are also going to be new outfits "and more" featured...

Review: Judgment (PS4)

The same, but different.

Sega, specifically the Yakuza team at Sega, are really damn good at what they do. The primarily Japanese developer has been on a roll with their stellar Yakuza-focused releases this generation that include Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami and Kiwami 2, and Yakuza 6. All of these titles have received high praise both from myself and from other media outlets these past few years.

It should then come as no surprise that the level of quality found in those titles does not take any sort of hit with the team's latest release, Judgment. Make no mistake about...

EA Attempts to Distance Themselves from 'Loot Boxes' by Calling them 'Surprise Mechanics'

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be a surprise mechanic.

EA and loot boxes, loot boxes and EA. In some people's minds, there is no better pairing save for "gamers" and "rising up." For the past several years now, the studio has been repeatedly under fire for how they included loot boxes in many of their titles. They have included loot box mechanics in games like Madden with their Madden Ultimate Team card packs, FIFA with the similar Ultimate Team mode, Battlefield 1, and perhaps most notably, Star Wars Battlefront 2.

In fact,...
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  • First Reworked Rainbow Six: Siege Map Revealed for Season 3

    First Reworked Rainbow Six: Siege Map Revealed for Season 3

    Ubisoft has revealed the first map that will get the rework treatment for the third season of Rainbow Six: Siege. The third year and third season of the game, dubbed Operation Grim Sky, will see Hereford Base get a facelift. The map has been in the game since the beta a few years back. Not much is really known about what exactly the Rainbow Six: Siege team at Ubisoft is doing, but we do know that it will feature a new look and a new layout. However, it will still feel "familiar" to returning players. In addition to this rework of Hereford Base, players can look forward to two new Operators. The first is a Defender from Great Britain, while th...
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  • Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World Collaboration Begins Today

    Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World Collaboration Begins Today

    If you own either Final Fantasy XIV you can now partake in some new content courtesy of Monster Hunter: World. How does this work? It's simple! It's called magic!

    Seriously though, it's just a special collaboration that's going on right now between the two games. Today's 4.36 patch for Final Fantasy XIV adds in Rathalos from Monster Hunter: World.
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  • Former Epic Devs Announce Music Filled Dungeon Crawler: Soundfall

    Former Epic Devs Announce Music Filled Dungeon Crawler: Soundfall

    Combining music, rhythm-based gameplay, and dungeon crawling isn't exactly a new idea, but it is one that hasn't been explored all that much. Which is why some folks may want to start taking a look at the newly announced Soundfall from some former Epic developers that make up Drastic Games.

    As you may have already guessed, Soundfall looks to combine rhythmic style gameplay with the dungeon crawling stable of action and adventure. They also decided to throw in a dash of twin-stick shooting for good measure, because why the hell not.
    Soundfall follows the journey of Melody, a young audiophile who finds herself transported to the world of Symphonia. In search
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  • Combat Tactics for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Shown in Newest Trailer

    Combat Tactics for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Shown in Newest Trailer

    The on-going series of Shadow of the Tomb Raider videos from Square Enix, Eidos-Montreal, and Crystal Dynamics continues today with the fourth video in the series. This time, the new gameplay footage focuses on the game's combat, something that you will probably see quite a bit of during your time in the game.
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  • QuakeCon 2018 Full Event Schedule

    QuakeCon 2018 Full Event Schedule

    The full event schedule for QuakeCon 2018 was just sent our way and it's about to be sent your way in just a few more words. First though, a reminder that QuakeCon is this weekend. The event runs from Thursday, August 9 through Sunday, August 12 at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Grapevine, TX.

    I'll give you a list of the major notes, as provided to me from Bethesda. After that you'll get a look at the full schedule.
    Keynote: The QuakeCon Keynote is back and will feature the highly anticipated gameplay reveal of DOOM Eternal, an expanded look at RAGE 2 gameplay, and breaking news for Quake Champions and other titles. The Keynote will start at 11 am CT on Friday. Tune in to or 76 Panel and Fan Q&A: or Esports Tournaments: Both Quake Champions and The Elder Scrolls: Legends will be hosting major tournaments at QuakeCon. Tune into The Elder Scrolls: Legends Masters Series on Thursday and Friday at Catch the Quake Champions QuakeCon Open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday online at
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  • Bethesda Confirms Fallout 76 Won't Launch on Steam

    Bethesda Confirms Fallout 76 Won't Launch on Steam

    If you were still holding out hope for that "Fallout 76 is coming to Steam" announcement, I suggest you sit down for this news. Bethesda officially confirmed that the multiplayer focused Fallout title will not be released through Steam.

    This confirmation comes from the Fallout 76 beta FAQ page that clearly states that the "B.E.T.A. and the game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on PC (via only)." And if you needed further confirmation, Bethesda issued a statement saying that fans should not expect to see the game on Steam.
    "The PC version of Fallout 76, for both the B.E.T.A. and the launch, will be available
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  • Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Adds G and Sagat Today

    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Adds G and Sagat Today

    New characters to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, G and Sagat, were revealed last night at EVO and subsequently released today. The release of these two mark the final two characters that will be released in Season 3 for the fighter.
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  • Astaroth and Seung Mi-na Announced for Soulcalibur 6

    Astaroth and Seung Mi-na Announced for Soulcalibur 6

    EVO 2018 also saw two new characters announced for Soulcalibur VI last night. These characters are Astaroth and Seung Mi-na.
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  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is About to Get Cooler

    Dragon Ball FighterZ is About to Get Cooler

    The latest character reveal for Dragon Ball FighterZ is Cooler. Cooler than what? No, it's just Cooler. You know, the son of King Cold and the older brother of Frieza. Cooler. C'mon, you know who that is. Cooler apparently comes packing a "calmer and more analytical mind compared to Frieza." Cooler also apparently "approaches opponents with more caution" and he finds "ways to ensure the defeat of his enemies rather than acting on blind rage, power, or ego." Before we get to the reveal trailer, I'll also note here that Goku and Vegeta (with t heir original outfits) will be available to download on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on ...
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  • The Bard's Tale Trilogy Remaster Releases on August 14

    The Bard's Tale Trilogy Remaster Releases on August 14

    On August 14, 2018, players on the PC will get to purchase and play The Bard's Tale Trilogy. This release offers up a "complete remaster" of the classic dungeon crawling RPG that fans have come to know and love over the years.
    Features of include:
    • Remasters of all three original games. The first volume, Tales of the Unknown, is available at launch, with The Destiny Knight (fall 2018) and Thief of Fate (winter 2018) arriving later in the year.
    • A uniform playing experience across all three titles without the need for emulation or compatibility concerns.
    • Create a party in the first volume and
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  • 60 Parsecs Gives You 60 Seconds to to Survive

    60 Parsecs Gives You 60 Seconds to to Survive

    Robot Gentleman, the development studio behind 60 Seconds! have announced a follow-up game called 60 Parsecs! Much like its predecessor, 60 Parsecs! gives you 60 seconds to gather as much as you can to survive before you're jettisoned into space.

    Seems fair.

    Also, it needs to be said that a parsec is a unit of length, not of time. I blame this common misconception on that damned Star Wars all the kids like these days.
    Making the jump from claustrophobic atomic bomb shelter to even more claustrophobic space shuttle, 60 Parsecs! follows a diverse cast of characters who have no business being in space, let alone piloting a shuttle, as they try to find
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