Both of these classic RPGs will be bundled together.
Suikoden bundle

The much-loved Konami RPGs, Suikoden and Suikoden 2, are getting HD remasters for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The games are aiming to be released in 2023 as a bundle deal.

Konami made the announcement at the Tokyo Game Show. The full name for this collection is quite the mouthful: Suikoden I&II HD Remaster Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars. Just why? Why must we have these terrible and excessively long names?

The Suikoden pack seems like it's a bit more than a simple remaster yet not quite a full remake. There are some drastic improvements and upgrades to the visuals, including entirely new character drawings, upscaled sprites and environments, and new effects. The new character drawings are being done by the original character designer Junko Kawano. Audio is also getting improved thanks to more environmental audio as well as some more realistic battle sounds. There are also some gameplay improvements being added such as auto-battling, conversation logs, and double-speed battles.

Suikoden was first released back in 1995 for the original PlayStation. These games fall very much under the JRPG formula in most aspects. However, there are some additional gameplay mechanics like base management and army battle management.

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A hero's destiny is written in the Stars
The legendary Konami JRPGs Suikoden I and Suikoden II have now been remastered in HD!

The Story of Suikoden I
A once renowned hero turns into a violent tyrant, and an empire falls into decline.
A Liberation Army is rising up in an act of rebellion against an oppressive rule.
One by one the 108 stars of Destiny gather to shape the course of history.

The Story of Suikoden II
Our story's hero and his friend Jowy are members of the Unicorn Youth Brigade, which participated in a drawn-out border dispute between the Highland Kingdom and the City-States of Jowstown .

A few months earlier, a truth agreement was signed between the two forces, both of which were happy to see an end to the fighting.
However, hidden under the momentary peace the fires of a new war continued to smolder…

Features of Suikoden I & Suikoden II HD
  • All background illustrations have been upgraded to HD
  • Updated effects breathe new life into the pixel art animation
  • New environmental sounds effects to immerse yourself in this fantasy world
  • Battle SFX are also now HD and add a new level of realism
  • Newly added auto-save
  • Battle Fast Forward
  • Conversation Log​