Tetris Effect Coming to PC Next Week as Epic Store Exclusive

No word on if it's a timed exclusive.

The game that many called 2018's game of the year is coming very soon to the PC. That's right, Tetris Effect brings its psychedelic strategy-puzzle gameplay to a PC somewhat near you on July 23. Ah, but there is a catch, because of course there is.

In case you missed it, Tetris Effect is exclusive to the Epic Games Store. There is no saying whether or not this is a timed exclusive release, or if this third-party PC release will remain an exclusive to that launcher. This release will mark the first time that the game was available...

Horror Game Devotion May Not be Re-released

Developer says this may change, but not any time soon.

This past February, Taiwan-based Red Candle Games pulled their then newly released horror title, Devotion, from the Steam store. This came after it was discovered that the game had shipped with an Easter egg that references how China's president, Xi Jinping, looks like Winnie the Pooh. What followed was a wave of review bombing on Steam from upset Chinese citizens that continued to toe the line that the government has repeatedly pushed upon them.

The original plan from Red Candle Games was to remove the game from...

Introducing Steam Labs - A Place to Test New Steam Features

Launching today with three experiments.

Valve has just launched a new area on Steam where users can test out new, experimental features for Steam. They're calling this area the Steam Labs and it is here where users will be able to test out potential new Steam features. These tests may one day become commonplace on Steam, but for now they are mere experiments ripe for testing and potential changes based on user feedback.

If you ever used Gmail, you may already know what to expect from these Labs experiments. That is to say, there is no guarantee that they will be fully...

Nintendo Lite Announced - $200 Handheld Device Coming in September

Cheaper, smaller, colorful.

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite today. Priced at $199 (USD), this new iteration of the Switch hardware will be released on September 20, 2019. It will come in three different colors (Grey, Yellow, and Turquoise) at launch. A carrying case and a screen protector is also going to be available at launch for the Switch Lite.

Compared to its older brother, the Switch Lite will be a portable only device. You will not be able to dock the Switch Lite to a TV as you can with the regular Switch. In addition, the Switch Lite does not have...

Facebook Reportedly Bringing Splinter Cell Back... as a VR Game

Who wished on a monkey's paw?!

There is a story circulating today saying that Facebook may have already signed deals with Ubisoft to bring back Splinter Cell and a new Assassin's Creed title. That's not the weird part. The weird part here is that the deal is to create VR games in these two popular franchises. And since it's Facebook that pushed the deal, that would mean that the games would be Oculus "exclusive" and sold through their Oculus Store.

This is, at least right now, merely a rumor. It came to light today via The Information (full article is locked...
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  • Xbox All Access is a New Way to Purchase an Xbox One

    Xbox All Access is a New Way to Purchase an Xbox One

    Microsoft announced Xbox All Access today and with it came a whole new way for potential owners to pay for and purchase an Xbox One console.

    This is a U.S. focused subscription model that will allow you to pay a monthly fee in order to purchase an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, plus two years of Xbox Live Gold, plus two years of Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox One S payment plan starts at $22 (USD) a month for 24-months or $35 for 24-months for the Xbox One X bundle deal.

    There is no interest on these bundles. Not only that, but if you do the quick math on this, the Xbox One S bundle will actually run you about $130 less than if you bought the system, Live, and Game Pass separately.
    For no upfront cost
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  • 48 Minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

    48 Minutes of Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

    Back at E3, members of the press were shown off a bunch of gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red. That footage was not revealed to the public until today.

    The footage is taken from an early build of the game. Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't even have a release date yet, so you're getting a look at something that is probably a year or more away from release still.
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  • Streets of Rage 4 Announced

    Streets of Rage 4 Announced

    In a bit of a surprise announcement, Streets of Rage 4 was unveiled today by publisher Dotemu and developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games. Yes, the brawler is back and more rage-y-er than ever. Right now the release platforms have not yet been revealed.
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  • Coffence is a Fighting Game About Coffee

    Coffence is a Fighting Game About Coffee

    As someone who is in dire need of a cup of coffee right now, I can largely related to this story about a fighting game that focuses on that delicious nectar of life.

    Coffence is an upcoming fighting game blended with a twin-stick shooter where coffee is your health bar. Get hit and watch the drops of coffee go away.
    Coffence features a variety of attacks each with their strengths and weaknesses, making reading your opponents a vital part of the fight. Employ precision-based ranged attacks and use surprising tactics not normally seen in fighting games in your quest to stay caffeinated. Consume enough coffee to unleash a powerful COFFEE BREAK technique and send
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  • Multiple Fatalities Reported in Mass Shooting at Florida Madden Tournament

    Multiple Fatalities Reported in Mass Shooting at Florida Madden Tournament

    The New York Times relayed word from the police in Jacksonville, Florida just a short time ago saying that there are "multiple fatalities" as a result of a mass shooting that took place on Sunday. The gunman was also reported to be dead at the scene.

    This took place during a Madden NFL 19 tournament at the GLHF Game Bar bar in Jacksonville. According to one competitor, Steven "Steveyj" Javaruski, the shooter was someone that was competing in the tournament but ended up losing. Drini Gjoka from team Complexity, was also in attendance. He was one of the lucky ones, having only his thumb hit by a bullet. At this present time, authorities are saying ...
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  • Review: Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4)

    Review: Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4)

    The best Yakuza game to date.
    Since January of 2017, I've had the good fortune to be able to review every Yakuza release that has come out on the PlayStation 4. It started with Yakuza 0, followed by Yakuza Kiwami, and then Yakuza 6 just a few months back. I have seen the beginning and the emotional end to this franchise. I have played it across two different game engines. Every entry has offered up something new and unique to experience while still maintaining a certain alluring appeal that kept me hooked through dozens upon dozens of gameplay hours.

    Fast-forward slightly and we arrive here at the present day with the Western release of Yakuza Kiwami 2, a remake of the 2006 PlayStation 2 game, Yakuza 2. It runs on the all-new Dragon Engine that we first saw with Yakuza 6. It also adds on a heaping helping of additional story content on top of the original title. It also somehow manages...
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  • Life is Strange 2 Official Gameplay Footage

    Life is Strange 2 Official Gameplay Footage

    Just earlier this week, we were given our first official look at Life is Strange 2. Apparently, they also released a near 20 minute long gameplay video around the same time. I didn't see it until now, so hopefully this is still new to some of you out there.

    The video will obviously contain some level of spoilers. Don't watch if you want to go in completely blind to the first episode of Life is Strange 2 when it launches on September 27.
    Two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, 16 and 9, are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident in Seattle. In fear of the police, Sean & Daniel head to Mexico while attempting to conceal
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  • F1 2018 is Out Now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

    F1 2018 is Out Now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox

    F1 2018 from Codemasters is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you've been paying any attention to our previous coverage in the weeks prior, you probably have a good idea if you're interested or not in this game.

    If you haven't yet seen our previous coverage, first off: Wow. I see how it is. Secondly: We have some last minute details to share along with some TV spot for the game's launch.
    Launched to critical acclaim, F1 2018 is the most complete F1 experience ever seen in gaming. Featuring all of the official teams, cars, the drivers and circuits from the thrilling 2018 season, F1 2018 also includes 20 iconic, classic cars
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  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Collaboration Event Announced

    Square Enix sure does love its crossovers and collaborations. The latest is a collaboration between Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius that will see some augmented goodies showing up in the popular mobile app.
    This special event is running from now un...
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  • Destiny 2 'Last Stand of the Gunslinger' Trailer, New 'Last Wish' Raid Unlock Date Announced

    Bungie released a new trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken this afternoon. The trailer gives us another look at some of what to expect in the upcoming Forsaken expansion for the game.

    Destiny 2: Forsaken will be released on September 4. Players that own Destiny 2 will get a taste of the Gambit m...
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  • Battle for Azeroth is the Fastest Selling World of Warcraft Expansion

    Battle for Azeroth is the Fastest Selling World of Warcraft Expansion

    Blizzard announced today that sales of the Battle for Azeroth expansion for World of Warcraft have outpaced any other expansion previously released for the game.

    The development studio says that sales of Battle for Azeroth sold more than 3.4 million units by the end of the first full day following launch. They go on to say that this breaks day-one sales records not only for the franchise but also made it one of the "fastest-selling PC games of all-time."

    If you're already playing, Blizzard provides a little peak at the upcoming content releases for the expansion.
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