Epic Games Launcher Allegedly Scrapes Local Steam Data Prior to Granting Consent, Epic Responds

Earlier today, Reddit user PhoenixPoint and ResetEra member Madjoki found out that the Epic Games Launcher may be collecting your Steam history at startup. As part of their investigation, they found that at startup, the Epic Games Launcher searches your local computer for a Steam install. If it finds that Steam is installed, it then apparently proceeds to pull a list of files typically stored in your Steam Cloud. This data includes game saves for all users that have logged in to Steam on your computer.

Madjoki also found that it pulls a list of your Steam friends and their name history....

Battlefield 5 'Firestorm' Battle Royale Reveal Trailer and First Details

The upcoming battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 was finally revealed today thanks to an all-new trailer. The trailer doesn't show actual gameplay, but it does offer an "in-engine" look at some of the antics you and your crew will get up to.

I suppose I should preface this by saying Firestorm is the name of this new mode. It's slated to be added to Battlefield 5, free of charge to everyone that owns the game, on March 25.

Firestorm finds 64 players battling it out to be the last one standing in a match. The map size is said to be "ten times larger...

Google Teases Their New Gaming Console in GDC 2019 Promo Video

It's no secret that Google has been working on a gaming console. They've had a patent filed since late 2018 showing off the potential design for the new console's controller. It's kind of the typical console controller design that most of us have already come to know and probably love.

It's currently unclear as to what Google has planned for this device. Multiple sources have said that it will be a console that focuses on streaming. However, some rumors have suggested that the hardware included will make it more powerful than an Xbox One X. And while a lot of great hardware...

Stela is a New 'Cinematic Platformer' from SkyBox Labs

SkyBox Labs, a development studio that is helping to co-develop Halo Infinite with 343 Industries, just announced a new title today. Their new game is called Stela and it's being billed as a "cinematic platformer." It's looking for a 2019 release on the Xbox One and PC and will make its debut at GDC 2019 as part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox Developer Showcase.

Players will have to overcome challenges and alter the terrain in order to solve puzzles and make their way past various enemies. The first trailer for the game was shown off today. More information will eventually...

Judgment to Ship with Two Sets of English Subtitles

Building off of yesterday's news of a June 25th release date for Judgment in the West, comes word today that the game will ship with two different English subtitles to choose from. This was revealed as part of today's new media release for Judgment on the PlayStation Blog.

The Yakuza localization team already does an absolutely tremendous job, but it looks like they're trying to up the ante with Judgment. The idea to have two separate English subtitles ties in to the fact that Judgment will have English audio in addition to the original Japanese audio. Those who played the...
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  • System Shock 3 GDC Teaser

    System Shock 3 GDC Teaser

    As part of the Unity keynote at GDC 2019, a new teaser trailer for System Shock 3 was shown off. I suppose that also confirms that System Shock 3 is being built on Unity. I think that was already known prior to this? Perhaps not.

    The game is currently in development from OtherSide Entertainment. A release date for the horror title is not yet known. ...
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  • Call of Duty: Mobile Announced

    Call of Duty: Mobile Announced

    Call of Duty: Mobile was announced today. Take your favorite maps, modes, and characters with you in the palm of your hand from across the various Call of Duty stories. The game is being developed by Tencent's studio, Timi. It's coming for both Android and iOS and will also include multiple game modes when released.

    It will be published by Activision, obviously. It will be a free-to-play title at release. I'm assuming that the game will contain in-app purchases. I would be absolutely shocked if it didn't.

    If you already know you're on board with this, you can...
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  • Nvidia Announces Real-time Ray Tracing for Older GTX Cards

    Nvidia Announces Real-time Ray Tracing for Older GTX Cards

    Nvidia just announced today that they are bringing real-time ray tracing to their GTX lineup of cards. This support will begin with a driver update currently slated for some time in April.

    Get ready to have your framerates destroyed. Think about it this way: Nvidia's RTX cards have special hardware that is dedicated to handling the load of real-time ray tracing. Even with this special hardware, enabling real-time ray tracing still destroys framerates on these new cards.

    Now they're going to add support for it on to their older cards? It will certainly make your...
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  • Half-Life 3 Again Teased by Potentially Fake Email from Valve's Gabe Newell

    It is *checks non-existent watch* now three months into 2019, which means it's about that time again for another Half-Life 3 rumor. This one comes directly from Valve's Gabe Newell himself!

    Well, maybe.

    Honestly, it's probably fake but I know what pulls people in to the site and this is certainly going to do it for a little bit.

    All of this begins with the latest video from "Valve News Network (VNN)," a YouTube channel that never, ever, ever (heavily implied sarcasm here) exaggerates or simply pulls things out of their ass. Get them clicks!...
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  • Former Valve and Riot Devs Form New Studio - Stray Bombay

    Former Valve and Riot Devs Form New Studio - Stray Bombay

    Chet Faliszek, formerly of Valve, and Dr. Kimberly Voll, formerly of Riot Games, have teamed up to create a new development studio.

    The studio, called Stray Bombay, aims to create games that focus on social experiences between players. In his time at Valve, Faliszek is credited for having worked on the writing for the Portal franchise along with bringing Left 4 Dead to the world. Voll is leaving her position as the principal technical game designer at Riot.

    Faliszek shared a story that helped lead the two to form Stray Bombay. This is a story that he received...
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  • Bethesda Confirms They Will be Have an E3 2019 Conference

    Bethesda Confirms They Will be Have an E3 2019 Conference

    In a year in which both Sony and EA have bowed out of their annual E3 conferences, it's perhaps reassuring to know that some traditions are still going strong. Bethesda confirmed today that they will be at E3 2019 and will indeed hold their annual E3 Showcase conference.

    The studio announced that the 5th Annual Bethesda E3 Showcase will begin on Sunday, June 9 at 5:30PM (PT). They claim it's going to be "a hell of a night" and then goes on to talk about how they'll have an in-depth look at DOOM Eternal. Because "hell of a night" and Doom. Get it? GET IT?!
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  • The Culling Servers Shutting Down in May

    The Culling Servers Shutting Down in May

    If you are one of the 32 players currently still playing The Culling on PC, you may be sad to hear that the game's servers will be shutting down on May 15. Of course, this also means that the servers for the Xbox One version are going away and I'm guessing that there are maybe a few more players on that platform? Who knows anymore. The game is pretty dead either way.

    In case you forgot, Xaviant had gone back to The Culling after developing, releasing, and then pulling The Culling 2 after being on sale for just 8 days from July 10-18, 2018. Xaviant had returned back to the...
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  • Logo for Google's Gaming Thing Revealed at GDC

    Logo for Google's Gaming Thing Revealed at GDC

    We still don't fully know yet what gaming related thing Google is going to reveal this week at GDC 2019. However, we do know a couple of things.

    First, we know that Google is going to reveal whatever this thing is at 10AM (PT) on Wednesday. We also know that they have display cases ready to go that will house some sort of hardware. Or maybe they're being cheeky and they're already showing off something in those cases. Maybe it's a cloud. Really makes you think...

    Finally, we also got a look at the logo for this Google gaming thing. Special thanks to John Voor...
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  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay Overview Trailer

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay Overview Trailer

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by FromSoftware is slated to be released this Friday, March 22 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. If you are still curious about what this game even is, perhaps today's newest trailer will help answer those questions.

    From Software and Activision released a new gameplay overview trailer alongside the usual press release that talks about key game features and some story related stuff. If you already know about the game and what to expect, this probably isn't for you. Be sure to at least check out the trailer if you haven't already....
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  • New Gwent 'Crimson Curse' Trailer Released

    New Gwent 'Crimson Curse' Trailer Released

    CD Projekt Red released a new trailer today for their upcoming first expansion for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. We already talked a bit about the new expansion, called Crimson Curse, but today brings about some additional details on the new content that you can expect.

    First off, the trailer at the bottom is new. The trailer from the initial announcement was only a teaser trailer. This is the full trailer, clocking in at a whopping one minute and 13 seconds. It talks about some of the "dark lore" of the Crimson Curse. It also offers up a look at some of the new...
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  • Free Version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Releases March 20

    Free Version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Releases March 20

    Bandai Namco is about to release a "lite" version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 today that offers up a sample of the full gameplay experience. This release is free and, just like the free release of Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters, includes the ability to take part in online fights, play through some of the game's story, and a bit more.

    This release is slated for Wednesday, March 20 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Why this game? Why now? No idea! The original release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 happened back in 2016 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A Switch...
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