Review: GreedFall (PC)

A long and thrilling journey.

GreedFall is a game that filled a gaping void I did not know I had for a new action-RPG experience. Though it lacks some of the polish you would expect from a major game release these days, the game still rewards the player with fun and varied combat, complex story beats, and an overall experience that should make even the veterans at BioWare sit up and take notice. For those of you that have been on the fence about picking up GreedFall, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not go pick it up right now.

Layoffs Hit PlayStation Europe

SIEE had no prior knowledge of PS5 reveal.

A new report from VGC says that Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) is undergoing a "restructuring" of several areas at the company, including marketing and PR. VGC says that they were informed of this unfortunate news from "people with knowledge of the situation."

As if that wasn't bad enough, VGC's report says that SIEE employees were informed about when American PlayStation directors visited SIEE in their London location. Those employees who were impacted by these layoffs...

Blizzard Employees Walkout in Protest of Unjust Ban on Pro-Hong Kong Hearthstone Player

A small group of Blizzard employees are protesting against the actions of their employer.

A small group of Activision-Blizzard employees staged a walkout on Tuesday afternoon of this week to protest against their employer. Earlier this week, Blizzard had banned a professional Hearthstone player, Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai, after he voiced his support for the pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters. Blitzchung voiced his support during a post-game interview during an official livestream.

Not only did Blizzard quickly cut away from the interview...

PlayStation 5 Confirmed for Holiday 2020 Release

Sony dishes more details about their next-gen console and controller.

The announcement of the next-gen consoles has been really, really weird. Sony first announced the PlayStation 5 via a Wired interview with Mark Cerny. Since then, there really hasn't been much revealed about the new console. In fact, it wasn't even known until today that the next console was actually going to be called the "PlayStation 5."

Today, a new PlayStation Blog entry was released alongside yet another exclusive Wired article that provides some additional details...

Blizzard Bends the Knee to China, Bans Hearthstone Pro Blitzchung

Pro player that voiced his support for the Hong Kong protests banned by Blizzard.

Yesterday, we brought you the story about Chung "Blitzchung" Ng Wai, a professional Hearthstone player that called for the liberation of Hong Kong during a post-game interview on the official Taiwanese Hearthstone stream. During the interview, Blitzchung wore a gasmask not completely dissimilar to the ones worn by protesters in Hong Kong. Blitzchung voice his support for those who have been protesting China's growing authoritarian control over Hong Kong.
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  • A Look at the New Mercury Map Coming Thursday to Battlefield V

    A Look at the New Mercury Map Coming Thursday to Battlefield V

    The battle for Crete is about to begin.

    A reveal trailer for the upcoming Mercury map was released a little bit ago today. This map is coming on May 30 for everybody that owns Battlefield V and will cost you nothing. It is, hopefully, the start of some fresh maps for the game which is in desperate need of new content.

    This map will be the start of a few Mediterranean themed maps. This one in particular takes place during the real-life Operation Mercury along the Cretan coast. The next chapter starting in June, Chapter 4, will then add in the...
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  • Quake II RTX Dated for June 6

    Quake II RTX Dated for June 6

    What's old is new again.

    Nvidia just released the "official announce trailer" today for Quake II RTX, or Quake II with real-time ray tracing for those not in the know. There will be a free release to Windows and Linux users on June 6. Please note that this is not the same as the user created mod called "Q2VKPT."

    But what exactly is Quake II RTX? It's the beloved classic FPS, Quake II, with modern, real-time ray tracing technology added to it. This delivers vastly improved lighting and effects work and, in many cases, completely...
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  • New Death Stranding Info Coming May 29

    New Death Stranding Info Coming May 29

    Chances are high at it being another super weird trailer.

    Kojima Productions revealed that there will be some new information coming May 29 for Death Stranding. Today's announcement urges you to "create the rope."

    This goes together with other recent teasers put up by Hideo Kojima these past few days. One was made yesterday while another was made just a few hours ago. Both of these can be found below along with the tweet sent out by Kojima Productions.

    I'm assuming we'll get another super bizarre trailer in line with the...
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  • Sonic Movie Delayed Until Valentine's Day 2020

    Sonic Movie Delayed Until Valentine's Day 2020

    Gotta go... take your time and avoid crunch!

    Many fans were wondering just how the Sonic the Hedgehog movie team was going to drastically redesign the blue blur and still get the movie done in time for the planned November 2019 release. It probably would have involved an absolute ton of crunch for the entire animation department.

    Thankfully, the release date of the film has been pushed back.

    Director Jeff Fowler made the announcement earlier today via Twitter. He notes that the new release date is slated for none other than Valentine's...
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  • Conan Unconquered to Launch Earlier than Expected

    Conan Unconquered to Launch Earlier than Expected

    The rare anti-delay announcement.

    It's not often we get to put up a story about how a game is going to launch earlier than expected, but that is precisely what is happening with Conan Unconquered. Funcom and developer Petroglyph announced today that the upcoming strategy title set in the Conan the Barbarian universe will now launch on May 29.

    The previously planned release day was May 30.

    Alright, so it's not a HUGE bump, but it's still something to celebrate if you've been looking forward to this! As a little reminder, Conan Unconquered...
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  • Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Gameplay Trailer

    Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Gameplay Trailer

    New parts, new creations, new ways to terrify those Kerbals.

    A new gameplay trailer is out today for Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground. As previously mentioned, Breaking Ground adds new robotic parts, deployable scientific tools, new surface features, and more. Breaking Ground will be released on May 30th on the PC for a price of $14.99 (USD).

    As always, you can find out more at the Kerbal Space Program website. ...
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  • Final Fantasy XV Surpasses 16 Million Players

    Final Fantasy XV Surpasses 16 Million Players

    That's a big number.

    Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV Online has surpassed the 16 million registered user mark today. While this is a very impressive number, it does not actually say how many of those registered users are active players.

    Final Fantasy XIV has been going on for about six years now. The studio is still actively updating the game and delivering new content on a regular basis. This also includes their upcoming expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, on July 2, 2019.

    Today's impressive number came during...
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  • Call of Duty 2019 is Soft Reboot, Called 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare'

    Call of Duty 2019 is Soft Reboot, Called 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare'

    Déjà vu.

    According to some rumors with a bit of meat to them, we now know a couple of interesting details concerning the 2019 Call of Duty release.

    First off, this year's game is called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I'm dead serious. It's going to be a new entry in the Modern Warfare series that originally started with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in 2007. I know the difference between the two titles is literally just a single character, but it is a difference. Amusingly, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is actually the fourth Modern Warfare title,...
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  • Valve Kicks Off Spring Cleaning Event

    Valve Kicks Off Spring Cleaning Event

    Play some old games before you buy new ones?

    Given that we already seem to know when the Steam Summer Sale will go live, it just makes sense that you should play and finish some of your back catalog first. That seems to be what Valve was thinking when they kicked off their Spring Cleaning Event today. This event rewards you for playing old games that have been sitting in your library, games you haven't played yet, and even some new, free games they're offering for the duration of this event.

    The following games are freer to play while the event...
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  • Valve Reveals the Top Steam Releases for April 2019

    Valve Reveals the Top Steam Releases for April 2019

    I guess this is a thing now.

    Valve just revealed the top selling games on Steam for April 2019. They compiled a list of the 20 best selling games that were released just in April 2019 alone and only through Steam. Duh.

    Alright, let's check out those games then, yeah?

    20. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
    19. Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission
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  • New Yakuza Kiwami 2 PC Patch Offers Option to Remove Depth of Field

    New Yakuza Kiwami 2 PC Patch Offers Option to Remove Depth of Field

    You can test it right now if you'd like.

    Sega just updated their beta branch for the PC release of Yakuza Kiwami 2. This patch will go live to the public if everything goes well. If you'd like to get a jump start on this update, you can do so right now.

    To test this patch out for yourself, simply right click on Yakuza Kiwami 2 in your library, click on "Properties," go to the "Betas" tab, and select the "communitytestbranch" branch from the dropdown menu. In the password field, type in "KiwamiMeansExtreme"...
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