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  • SiN Reloaded Put on Hold

    Nightdive says they'll get back to it at a later date.
    Screenshot from a FPS with your character aiming a gun at enemy soldiers.

    Nightdive Studios took to the Steam listing for SiN Reloaded to announce that the project has been put on hold at their studio. SiN Reloaded being a remastered take on the original 1998 FPS from Ritual Entertainment.

    The update to the Steam listing for SiN Reloaded says that the project is currently on hold and will be tackled "at a later date." It seems as though the studio just has a bit too much going on outside of SiN Reloaded that they need to take care of first. The studio did just release Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition on PC. We also know that Nightdive is working on System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition.

    Nightdive does note that the SiN Reloaded project "will also go through some changes" that they "are not ready to analyze yet." It's not clear what exactly that means but maybe we'll find out soon.

    AUGUST 1ST UPDATE: Hey everyone! You may have noticed that there have not been any updates on SiN: Reloaded in quite some time and there’s a good reason for that. As we've been focusing on other projects that exceeded the expected period of development due to reasons that have been stated several times until now, this unfortunately had an impact on some of our other tiles, including SiN.

    That being said the project isn’t dead and we will continue to tackle SiN: Reloaded, but at a later date. The project will also go through some changes which we are not ready to analyze yet, but we would like to thank you for your continued support and patience while we find the best way to bring SiN: Reloaded to a new generation of gamers!​
    With this release postponement, the bad luck streak for this franchise continues. An attempt at an episodic sequel, SiN Episodes, had its first episode, Emergence, released in 2006. A total of nine episodes were planned but after developer Ritual Entertainment was bought by casual game developer MumboJumbo, those plans were completely scrapped. SiN Episodes: Emergence was a banger of a game that received mostly positive reviews, and it's still sad that no other episodes were ever released.

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      Interesting... Nightdive Studios made several changes on the Steam profile. I was wondering if I was being gaslit because I remembered who was involved in this game.

      So Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms are getting the boot from producing this game...

      I can't tell if that's because of Embracer vs. Atari, or if it's because they're far more interested in working on Phantom Fury and Ion Fury: Aftershock, or both.

      I'm even doubting Nightdive will work on this. They may hand it off to another small-time developer, and Nightdive will be on a consulting role to advise on how the KEX Engine works. I actually hope they don't use Slipgate Ironworks models/textures, because they look like @$$.

      The delay was completely expected. Fans (like me) just wanted a confirmation of either delay to continue, or cancel to put our fears to rest.

      At least Nightdive Studios was willing to make a minor update, unlike Forever Entertainment and the lack of communication on the state of The House of the Dead: Remake (inconsistent frame rates, and no native support for 2 light guns), and the lack of The House of the Dead 2: Remake... Existing in any form.
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