It's happening. It's finally happening.
Image showing details of a spring 2024 release for Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox Series X|S.

You Xbox owners who have held out for so very, very long will finally get your big day to shine. Final Fantasy 14 has finally been announced and confirmed to be coming to the Xbox platform.

During today's Final Fantasy Fan Fest 2023, Phil Spencer strutted out during the keynote to announce the big news. Final Fantasy 14 will arrive on Xbox Series X|S some time in spring 2024. Square Enix and Microsoft say that Final Fantasy 14 will include 4K support but only for the Series X.

A beta is currently planned to drop for Xbox around the release of patch 6.5 for Final Fantasy 14. This patch is expected to arrive in a few months, perhaps in or around September 2023.

All of this also means that Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox should be out just ahead of the release of the MMO's next expansion, Dawntrail. That expansion is expected to be out in summer 2024. We should have some more details on Dawntrail up here on Total Gaming Network soon™️.