Remnant 2 Sells 1 Million in First Week


  • Remnant 2 Sells 1 Million in First Week

    Proof that it is possible to make a really fun third-person co-op shooter.
    Screenshot showing players taking on a ghostly apparition in a boss fight battle.

    Gearbox Publishing announces that Remnant 2 has sold over one million copies since its launch on July 25, 2023. This sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes once again blends together co-op survival with third-person shooting action.

    Gearbox Publishing also notes that Remnant 2 has "more than doubled the number of concurrent players at launch" compared to the original title. The publisher also released a new accolades trailer which can be seen below.

    The Gunfire Games developed title can be thought of as Dark Souls with a lot of guns. Death in Remnant 2 is also not nearly as punishing as a typical Souls game as you seemingly lose nothing but your time upon death. It has full campaign co-op support, there are tons of environmental puzzles to discover and solve, and parts of the game world are randomly generated meaning there are areas and even bosses you may not encounter. Players can "reroll" completed worlds in order to discover new areas, dungeons, and bosses they may have missed or to farm for materials.

    “To everyone who helped us achieve this amazing milestone, thank you for your unwavering support,” said David Adams of Gunfire Games. “This was a multi-year journey for us and we couldn’t be happier to see fans having such a great time with a game we put our heart and soul into.”

    “REMNANT II exceeded our expectations. As a commercial and critical hit, we’re incredibly proud of the Gunfire team and everyone here at Gearbox Publishing who brought this title to life,” said Yoon Im with Gearbox Publishing. “As excited as we are, we’re incredibly thankful to the Remnant community who supported us and the Gunfire team during development. To the new Remnant fans who joined our community in the past week, we’re thrilled you joined us on this journey.”​
    I've already put over 40 hours into the game between playing through the campaign in co-op and also on my own. I've also already rerolled my campaign worlds and am seeing things I didn't encounter in either of the two other playthroughs. It's a very enjoyable game but does have a couple of small issues.

    Gunfire Games says that they will continue to work on getting some updates out to address those issues. There are also three post-release DLC expansions coming in the months ahead.
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