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Counter-Strike 2 is Out Now

Counter-Strike is dead, long live Counter-Strike!

Without a press release in sight, Valve has launched Counter-Strike 2 to the world. This free-to-play release is available right now and will replace your current installs of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. True to Valve tradition, today's release is actually a little bit later than initially expected. During its initial announcement in March, Valve said Counter-Strike 2 would be out in summer. It is now fall, but they only missed...

Sony Allegedly Hacked... Again

"All of Sony Systems" was allegedly infiltrated by a new ransomware group.

A new group of baddies claims that they have "successfully compromised all of Sony systems" in a new ransomware attack.

This report comes from Australian cybersecurity site Cyber Security Connect in a new post made on September 25. The report says that Sony was infiltrated by some hackers calling themselves, a group that reportedly began operations in September. Cyber...

RIG 600 PRO HS Headset Review

A solid sounding headset with dual-mode wireless, but what's the catch?

The RIG 600 PRO HS is a wireless gaming headset that offers excellent sound quality, comfort, and features at an affordable price. Though the HS model is geared mainly towards use with the PlayStation platform, it is compatible with Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and PC. The RIG 600 PRO HS features dual-mode wireless connectivity, so you can use it with either the included USB-C dongle for 2.4GHz wireless or Bl...

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Officially Announced... Again

Development has shifted to The Chinese Room.

It lives once again. Paradox Interactive just released a new announcement trailer to re-announce Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. The game and its development is alive and well here in September 2023. What's more is that there is a new trailer out for this fresh announcement and we're told that Bloodlines 2 will be coming in fall 2024.

To catch you up real quick on the saga of Bloodlines 2, we need to go all the way back...

Volition is Shutting Down Effective Immediately

After 30 years, the studio is being shut down.

Volition formed in 1993, with their first game coming in 1995. That game was none other than the widely acclaimed Descent, a first-person spaceship shooter. Volition went on to make several more games in the Descent franchise. Volition also created the PlayStation 2 RPG Summoner. They created Red Faction and several sequels. They also created the Saints Row franchise, up to and including the latest franchise reboot title, aptly named Saints...
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  • Quake was Just Released on PC and Consoles

    Quake was Just Released on PC and Consoles

    Yeah, a new FPS from the people that made DOOM, can you believe it?

    As a celebration of 25 years since the original release of the FPS known as Quake, comes a new and enhanced edition. It's still just called Quake (or Quake Remastered or Quake Enhanced depending on where you look) but it's been enhanced a bit for modern consoles and the PC. It is also available right now for the PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Game Pass, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The PS5 and...
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  • Valheim Sells Over 7M; Biomutant Sells 1M

    Valheim Sells Over 7M; Biomutant Sells 1M

    Both games are proving to be successful.

    Embracer Group sent out some notes from their Q1 2021 financial report today. As part of their reporting, Embracer group reports that Biomutant sales have surpassed one million units since its launch. Valheim has sold over 1.1M units from April to June, bringing total sales of that game up to 7.9M since its release into Early Access.

    Biomutant was reportedly profitable after just its first week of sales. Not too bad for a game that...
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  • Among Us Devs Not Happy About Fortnite's New Imposters Mode

    Among Us Devs Not Happy About Fortnite's New Imposters Mode

    Wouldn't be the first time Epic just outright copied a popular idea.

    Yesterday, a new game mode was introduced to Fortnite that is probably super familiar to a lot of players out there. It's called Fornite Imposters and it seems to take a lot of, let's just say "inspiration," from Among Us. It features near identical gameplay mechanics. The game's setting is almost identical as well As we pointed out in that original article, the developers of Among Us say that were not contacted...
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  • Will Smith is Coming to Fortnite

    Will Smith is Coming to Fortnite

    A data miner has discovered the skin along with a new emote.

    A Will Smith skin has been discovered by a Fortnite data miner. Fortnite data miner Hypex has previously dug up details on then unannounced skins like Lebron James and Ariana Grande. They also found information about the Fortnite Winter Trials and a Daybreak PvE game mode. Now, he and data mining cohort Not0fficer found a Bad Boys Will Smith skin that could be hitting the battle royale game very soon.

    Not only...
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  • Diablo 2: Resurrected Open Beta Begins this Weekend

    Diablo 2: Resurrected Open Beta Begins this Weekend

    The beta will open up to everyone.

    The closed beta period for Diablo 2: Resurrected has already come and gone. However, a new open beta is almost ready to begin. This beta will be available to everyone, regardless if they pre-purchased the game or not.

    This open beta will offer access to five out of seven classes and the first two acts of the game. The five available classes include the Amazon, Barbarian, Sorceress, Druid, and Paladin. Only the Assassin and Necromancer...
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  • Life is Strange: True Colors First Gameplay Trailer

    Life is Strange: True Colors First Gameplay Trailer

    This is your first actual look at the gameplay in True Colors.

    Life is Strange: True Colors is set to be released on September 10, 2021 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and on Google Stadia (Switch is coming later). However, we haven't exactly seen anything in terms of gameplay yet for the game. That is until now.

    The new trailer by Deck Nine Games and Square Enix shows off just a small segment of gameplay. Take a little walk...
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  • Dying Light 2 Gamescom Event Planned

    Dying Light 2 Gamescom Event Planned

    See more about the game and new gameplay at Gamescom.

    Techland will host a new "Dying 2 Know" stream during Gamescom next week. The show will air on August 26 at 11AM (PT) and will give players a new and better look at Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This latest episode of Dying 2 Know will reveal more about the parkour elements and the combat featured in the game. There will also be a new gameplay trailer, and "much more." The event will be hosted by lead game designer...
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  • Black Panther - War for Wakanda Out Now for Marvel's Avengers

    Black Panther - War for Wakanda Out Now for Marvel's Avengers

    A new hero, villains, enemies, and more added.

    Today marks the release of Marvel's Avengers expansion Black Panther - War for Wakanda. This is available as a free update to everyone that owns the base game. It adds in Black Panther, who is now the ninth playable Hero for the game. This expansion also adds in two new villains, a new area to explore, new enemies, the Birnin Zana Outpost, a new Drop Zone, new Threat Sector missions, and more.

    This update is supposedly the...
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  • Sea of Thieves Breaks Player Counts 3 Years After Release

    Sea of Thieves Breaks Player Counts 3 Years After Release

    June was a big month for Sea of Thieves.

    Sea of Thieves has been out now for three years, but it seems to be bigger than ever. Rare announced today that the month of June saw a record number of players in June 2021. Over 4.8 million players set sail during June.

    Joe Neate, executive producer of the studio says that the team has been "bowled over" from the support of the community. Players seems to have turned out in droves for the release of Sea of Thieves: A...
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  • Fortnite Gets Pretty Sus with New Among Us Mode

    Fortnite Gets Pretty Sus with New Among Us Mode

    Sus. Get it? Sus! HA HA HE SAID THE THING!

    There is a new Among Us style game mode that is now available within Fortnite. The new game mode is called Fortnite Imposters and it will see up to ten players trying to find out who the diabolical imposters are amongst them.

    At the start of each round, players are split up into two teams. There will be eight Agents and two Imposters. All of the action goes down on a new map called The Bridge. This place is used by the Imagined...
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  • CD Projekt Red Details First Cyberpunk 2077 DLC and 1.3 Patch Notes

    CD Projekt Red Details First Cyberpunk 2077 DLC and 1.3 Patch Notes

    First DLC is mostly focused on cosmetics.

    CD Projekt Red just shared the details on the changes coming in the 1.3 patch for Cyberpunk 2077. This patch will be released alongside the game's first, free DLC.

    The DLC coming with the 1.3 patch will be nothing but cosmetics so don't go in expecting there to be anything substantial. The DLC will include two new jackets, a new car, and a new outfit for Johnny Silverhand. This DLC and other DLC for Cyberpunk 2077 will be free....
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  • People Can Fly Has No Idea How Well Outriders Sold

    People Can Fly Has No Idea How Well Outriders Sold

    Dev suggests that the game might not have been profitable due to choices made by Square Enix.

    People Can Fly is the developer behind the fairly well received Outriders that came out in early April. The studio has come out to say that they have no idea just how many copies of the game has been sold, they have not earned any royalties from the game, and it may not have been profitable for their publisher, Square Enix.

    The reveal came from People Can Fly's investor websi...
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  • Battlefield 2042 - Irish Gameplay Clip

    Battlefield 2042 - Irish Gameplay Clip

    Get a look at the abilities Irish brings to the battlefield.

    Just a few days back, we learned that Kimble "Irish" Graves was returning to the battlefield in Battlefield 2042. Today, we are given a brief look at Irish in action.

    We know that Irish will assume the role of an Engineer in the game, though his abilities may seem better suited for the Support class. He can put down small fortifications anywhere on the battlefield that will provide protection for himself...
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  • Arrest Made in Murder of Brazilian Voice Actress Know for Voicing Cortana and Mercy

    The murderer's mother even helped trying to hide the body.

    An arrest has been made by the Brazilian police of a man suspected of murdering Christiane Louise, a well-known Brazilian voice actor who provided a voice to Cortana in Halo, Mercy in Overwatch, Sivir in League of Legends, and multiple other voice acting and live-action roles. Louise was 49 years old when the announcement of her death came on August 6 by colleague Mário Tupinambá Filho on Instagram.

    The suspect...
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  • Call of Duty: Vanguard Official Reveal on Thursday

    Call of Duty: Vanguard Official Reveal on Thursday

    Until then, enjoy this short teaser.

    The long rumored, and already kind of leaked, release of Call of Duty for 2021 is almost ready for its official reveal. On Thursday, August 19 at 10:30 AM (PT), Call of Duty: Vanguard will be officially revealed through a trailer. That trailer will make its debut in Call of Duty: Warzone first and foremost.

    The teaser trailer, seen below, seems to confirm that it's a WWII setting for the game. It also seems to fall in line with the...
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