GTA Online is also getting some new content.
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Rockstar Games confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online will get the next-gen upgrade treatment on March 15. This update, having already been delayed for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, will bring some new graphics modes and features to these games.

The games will now support up to 4K resolutions, up to 60FPS, improved texture quality, improved draw distance, HDR options, and ray tracing. This release will also include some additional upgrades that include much faster loading times, 3D audio, haptic feedback on PlayStation 5, and "much more."

When this releases, those on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One who make the leap to the next-gen release will be offered a "one-time migration" of their story mode progress and GTA Online characters. It's not clear yet if this upgrade will be free or will require a fee.

GTA Online is also getting a standalone release. This release will be free for three months after its launch on the PS5 and Series X|S. How much it will cost after this period if anybody's guess.

GTA Online will also get some new features. Players will soon be able to skip the story prologue before being able to enter Online. A new "Career Builder" feature is also being added. New Online players will get to create one of four businesses (Biker, Executive, Nightclub Owner, or Gunrunner) to start their game with along with some in-game cash to buy properties, vehicles, and weapons.

There will also be Hao's Special Works auto shop added to GTA Online in the next-gen versions. This will let players upgrade 10 vehicles with "elite driving performance that takes full advantage of the upgraded power of new console hardware."

If none of this floats your boat, perhaps you'll be happy to hear that Rockstar confirmed that they are working on Grand Theft Auto 6 today as well.