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Technology has developed drastically in the recent decade, and nobody can deny that fact, you could say that these newest pieces of tech are driving innovation in the gaming industry, and you can admit that we have come a long way from the snake and ladders days. Snake and Pong were once the prime of video gaming, and almost everyone was familiar with the games structure and the patterns, now fast forward to 2021, the game snakes and ladders seems to be played by absolutely nobody and is non-existent.

There are over 3 billion active gamers around the world and this number continues to grow, because there are so many games available that tailor to so many people, the overall market in terms of revenue is skyrocketing, most of these games are addictive and some are free to play and can be easily accessible by a smart phone, computer, or a games console. The mobile gaming market has surpassed all previous records and is now the fastest growing area of the gaming industry, the global revenue is expected to reach $153.5 billion by 2027 and as previously mentioned, that is because most of them are free and there are roughly a million different free-to-play games to choose from.

Many people that play games are earning money as well, for example, there are millions of people registered onto online gaming casinos where they can play traditional casino games like poker, roulette, blackjack, slots etc remotely by using your smart phone or if you want you can access and play via your computer. If you’re looking for a good resource for sites, our team of passionate gamblers have compiled a list of online casinos that offer fantastic bonuses, promotions as well as a good welcome package.

What has changed in the gaming industry?

In recent years, there has been a significant transition in video games and computing platforms. What began as a basic combination of visuals and commands has evolved into a completely new realm that incorporates artificial intelligence, self-generating graphics, and even fully stacked computing installations.

Video game developers have created a collaborative world for players to grow as society has evolved from a digital lifestyle to spending the majority of the day online. Some games have even taken the extra step and enabled their game to be played by a virtual reality headset, by using this headset, gamers can jump into the created world and use their hands and movement to control their character within the game, this piece of technology has grown so much that even other industries and sectors have started to implement this cutting-edge technology within their business model.