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Discord Distances Itself from Gaming

Discord is now your place to talk.

Discord was built upon the idea of bringing gamers of all types together. It's certainly a big factor that prompted my friends and I to make the move to Discord from TeamSpeak and Ventrilo however long ago it's been now. We were a group of friends that played a lot of games together. We didn't like the quality of the service we were paying monthly for from the alternatives and decided to give Discord a try. We never looked back.


Cyberpunk 2077 New Trailer Revealed - 'The Gig'

A new trailer showcasing new footage, characters, and story.

Today, CD Projekt Red lifted the lid on a whole lot of new media and impressions for Cyberpunk 2077. A number of outlets have shared their first-hand experiences with a vertical slice of the game based on being able to play it for the past week or two now. Lucky SOBs, I'll tell you what. This all came together today in the release of those impressions to the web alongside a brand new official trailer from CD Projekt Red themselves....

Mixer is Shutting Down

Microsoft is pulling the plug on their streaming platform.

On July 22, Microsoft will officially close down their streaming service, Mixer, for good. The plan is to instead move all of its existing partners over to Facebook Gaming. This rather sudden announcement means that Mixer partners and streamers will be moving to Facebook Gaming beginning today.

According to The Verge, Microsoft "has struggled to reach the scale needed to Mixer to compete with Twitch, YouTube,...

Review: Disintegration

A terribly underwhelming take on the sci-fi FPS genre.

Disintegration, the debut title from V1 Interactive, places players in the shoes of Romer Shoal. Shoal was a former celebrity robot turned outlaw that leads a group of other current outlaws to take down the evil Rayonne. This is done through a lot of vehicle focused combat and some great character designs, but a terrible story with some surprisingly shallow gameplay. Though the game aims to become a real genre defining moment for...

Review: Maneater

A fun, albeit shallow, gameplay experience.

Maneater is one of those titles that is just the right amount of dumb fun. It pushes the dumb just far enough that you are not overly concerned with its obvious shortcomings. I suppose that any game that places you in the fins of a growing, angry as hell bull shark that can mutate and grow. These mutations provide your shark with gain special abilities is not a game that would ever take itself too seriously.

Maneater is a game...
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  • Free Pen and Paper RPG for Desperados Released

    Free Pen and Paper RPG for Desperados Released

    Just the right price for many of you out there.

    Following the well-received launch of Desperados III, comes a bit more Desperados news to share. Developer Mimimi Games, THQ Nordic, and Pegasus Games have announced and launched the free Official Desperados Pen & Paper RPG.

    That's right, it's free and out right this second. You can pick it up from If you want a fairly brief overview of the game and some general details on how to play, a video was also...
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  • New Trailer for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

    New Trailer for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

    A new trailer showcasing some epic story modes.

    A new trailer is out today for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions from Bandai Namco. In "Episode: Tsubasa," players will get to experience the legendary story of Tsubasa Ozoro as he seeks to claim glory for Japan on the soccer field.

    I have no idea what the hell I just typed. Sounds whacky, but I'm intrigued.

    In "Episode: New Hero," players will be able to customize their own characters...
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  • The Nether Update for Minecraft is Out June 23

    The Nether Update for Minecraft is Out June 23

    Big additions are coming to Minecraft.

    For the most part, there isn't a whole lot that goes on in the Nether in Minecraft. The last I knew, it had some lava, some unique blocks, maybe a fortress here and there, but that was kind of it. On June 23, there might actually be a good reason to frequently visit the not-quite-hell dimension besides as an expressway to travel great distances.

    June 23rd marks the release date for the big Nether Update for Minecraft. This update...
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  • PAX Online to Replace PAX West and Australia

    PAX Online to Replace PAX West and Australia

    Yes, the entire continent of Australia.

    In what should be a surprise to literally nobody, the event organizers for PAX West and PAX Australia have decided to cancel their in-person events for 2020. We're still involved in that little ol' Covid-19 pandemic thing, maybe you've heard of it? Chances are you've heard of it and have either taken all necessary precautions to stay safe, or you're American. Either way, it's bad news bears for a lot of people still and having a convention or...
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  • Skateboarding Sim 'Session' is Out Now on Xbox Game Preview

    Skateboarding Sim 'Session' is Out Now on Xbox Game Preview

    It's as close as you can get to a new Skate game.

    The skateboarding simulation game, Session, is now available through the Xbox Game Preview on Xbox One. The game is said to capture "the golden era of skateboarding" thanks to its "free-flowing creativity, culture, and madness of the sport in its purest form." The game features realistic skate physics and collaborations with "prominent skate legends." Those skate legends will be revealed "soon."...
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  • BloodRayne is Making a Comeback

    BloodRayne is Making a Comeback

    Ziggurat is working with original devs to update the PC release.

    Ziggurat Interactive, recently acquired the publishing rights to a number of classic titles. These include the rights to fan-favorite games like Advent Rising, Raze's Hell, Flip's Twisted World and yes, BloodRayne. These titles join Ziggurat's catalog of over 200 IPs.

    Ziggurat Interactive says that they are already working with the original BloodRayne developer, Terminal Reality, in an effort to bring the...
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  • Fight Crab Coming to Steam on July 30

    Fight Crab Coming to Steam on July 30


    Nussoft and publisher Playism are about to bring you a fighting game unlike anything else out there. Well, it's unlike any game that's currently out there. It's called Fight Crab and you may have seen its inspiration roughly one lifetime ago.

    Fight Crab is a fighting game where crabs do battle against each other. What more is there to say, really? You've got yourself some 1v1 fights, or even 2v2 co-op and versus battles. There are 10 dynamic stages that include...
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  • Madden NFL 21 Announced Plus Cover Athlete Revealed

    Madden NFL 21 Announced Plus Cover Athlete Revealed

    The first details on EA's annual football release are here.

    Earlier today, EA Sports revealed that NFL MVP and Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson will be your cover athlete Madden NFL 21. For the first time, the cover will chronicle the journey of Jackson's NFL career across the cover of the game.

    In addition to this reveal, EA also showed off the first ever look at Madden NFL 21 on current generation platforms. Madden NFL 21 is looking to be released on August...
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  • Steam Game Festival is Live with Hundreds of Demos

    Steam Game Festival is Live with Hundreds of Demos

    Featuring over 900 demos.

    You know what I got a ton of emails about today? Demos. A lot of demos. I mean there are a ton of demos that are now available today. I did not receive emails about all of the near 900 demos that are available as part of the Steam Game Festival, but it kind of feels like it at times.

    The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition runs from today, June 16 through June 22 at 10AM (PT). It will feature over 900 playable demos throughout Steam. These demos...
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  • New Metamorphosis Trailer and Steam Demo

    New Metamorphosis Trailer and Steam Demo

    It's a matter of perspective.

    A demo for the perspective-shifting world of Metamorphosis is out today. Along with this new demo release comes a brand-new trailer. You can find that below along with details on the game.

    The demo gives you a taste of the game and is released as part of the Steam Summer Game Festival. Expect the game to be released later this Summer on the Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. ...
    Play as Gregor, turned into a tiny bug, and set out on an extraordinary journey to unravel the mystery of your transformation. Metamorphosis is a first person adventure set in a surrealist world where your newfound abilities are your last and only hope for redemption.
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  • New Scarlet Nexus Trailer Released

    New Scarlet Nexus Trailer Released

    Fresh from Bandai Namco.

    We have a brand-new trailer for the upcoming action-RPG Scarlet Nexus. This one is in development at present from Bandai Namco Studios.

    Players take on the role of Yuito Sumeragi in a plot that will find you uncovering "the mysteries of a Brain Punk future caught between technology and psychic abilities." Sounds intense.

    Scarlet Nexus is aiming for a cross-gen release on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation...
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