The stolen files include full builds of Ready or Not for PlayStation and Xbox.
A group of SWAT members preparing to breach a door.

Void Interactive, the studio behind the tactical shooter Ready or Not, has reportedly been hit by a massive hack. According to images and descriptions of files shared to Insider Gaming, millions of files were stolen from the studio. These files reportedly include the source code for Ready or Not, unreleased console builds of the game, and much more.

The Insider Gaming report says that there were over 4TB of data stolen from the studio, amounting to about 2.1 million files. The hack was carried out by an undisclosed ransomware group and took place back in March. Void Interactive has not disclosed this hack or theft to the public yet, nor have they mentioned if there is any sort of security concern regarding Ready or Not.

Insider Gaming was shown the contents of the files under the condition that they were not to be republished by the outlet. Besides the Ready or Not source code and console builds, Insider Gaming shares that they were shown images of the game running on a PlayStation 4 "test kit" using builds that were taken from the theft. Other builds that they saw include ones for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

Based on what was shown to Insider Gaming, there is a small silver lining: The files that were stolen do not appear to include personal information on players or staff of Void Interactive.

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS title similar to the old SWAT franchise. It released out of Early Access on Steam back in December 2023.