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Happy 10th year anniversary Battlefield 2!

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  • Happy 10th year anniversary Battlefield 2!

    Battlefield 2, the game that not only played an important role in the lives of many of us but also was highly responsible for the soul and essence of the multiplayer shooters that we get today.
    It was undoubtedly an example of a game that we unfortunately don't get nowadays anymore, a game full of innovation, of new ideas and concepts and with no fear to execute them. It was also thanks to this success that the Battlefield series managed to grow exponentially to what it is today, while nowadays having achieved great technical feats, having great graphics, physics, destruction and lovely shooting mechanics it was heavily simplified and casualized for the casual players. I hope EA realized their mistake of releasing a Battlefield every year (BF Hardlin... cough.. cough*...).

    Battlefield 2, you will be always in our hearts as one of the greatest games ever, if not the greatest!

    Heres an oldie screenshot I want to share with you guys to remind you of one of the many little moments that made the Battlefield 2 experience what it was:

    Click image for larger version

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    Share your thoughts and oldie media (if you have any) too!