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The all new server starters!

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  • The all new server starters!

    The basic idea is this:

    We create a team of server starters and if called apon we connect to a server and get the game started.. Simple.

    The advert would kind of go like this:

    Have you ever rented your own server?
    Thought.. This ain't cheap and noone is joining?!
    Waited for hours for the server to finally start, 1 disconnects dropping players below the required start amount and starting the cycle all over again?
    Watched as you see players join but not quite get there?
    See players join, get you excited and then immediately disconnect?

    As you know once a threshold is reached, unless it's quiet on the gaming front, then players join and the momentum gets going but reaching it can be the most frustrating thing on the planet!

    Do you want a team of players to get your server started almost immediately?

    Then contact the server starters and we'll do it for you. Once your server has more than doubled in players, then we leave you to it but you can be safe in the knowledge that anytime you need us we're there.

    We would have to make sure there were alot of players recruited for this so there would be players available all the time that could be tricky or on the other hand if clans subscribe to the server starter scheme then they could help each other out in this and build good relations between each other. We could have a website and forum dedicated to it where players and clan can subscribe.

    Benefits for the server renter:
    A populated server or clan server which would increase their chances of finding new members and advertising what they want.
    Encourage regulars to their server.
    Lose all the hours of unpopulated server time and frustration making it much more cost effective to them.

    Benefits for the server starter team.
    Increasing their friends across the gaming world
    If already a clan member, creates a good relationship with other clans
    Having our own servers populated
    Being popular

    If you're interested then E-mail me at
    Any other suggestions or ideas also I would be happy to hear from you.

    Thank you

    The server starters copywrite MAFiA Greenday 03/11/07