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  • New way of gaming?

    I was watching this show on the discovery channel called "Daily Planet". It's about current science and technology news. I'm pretty sure this show is only broadcast in Canada only.

    On today's show, they were featuring some video games, and real world simulators. One that they showed was for the army. They strapped some volunteers with a bunch of wires, a virtual-reality headset, and an M4. They were showing footage of the "game", or "training simulator", and apparently, they were controlling their first-person character by walking around outside. The guns fired by pulling the trigger on the M4, and when they wanted to look up, down, left, or right in-game, they would just do it in real-life, and it would do it in the game, too.

    The developers would take an environment from real life, and make it into the game. That way, they could walk around in the actual area in real life, and be in that same spot in the game (roughly). The one they showed was in a parking lot.

    They use it to practice squad tactics, and other things the army would need to do with a shooter simulator.

    The graphics weren't very good, in case you were wondering. The vehicles, guns, and character models were similar to BF1942, but the textures on the walls and trees were very bland.

    I found it pretty cool.