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BF2 Won't Start Up

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  • BF2 Won't Start Up

    Hay guise, long time no see.

    I recently installed BF2 on my computer that unfortunately has Windows 7. Whenever I try to start the game via double-clicking the icon, the screen goes black for a moment before returning to the desktop. No error messages (though one time I got one that told me something video related was missing, and didn't do it again when I tried to start it again). I've patched to 1.5 successfully and downloaded a mod, which also doesn't work. I've tried changing the icon's startup directory with no results.

    My computer will run Test Drive Unlimited and Half-Life 2 without any lag issues, better than my old computer that barely ran TDU, so it's not a video card problem. I've updated my drivers as well.

    Wat do?

    EDIT-O: I patched down to 1.41, and now the game starts up. However, there's no sound or video on the menu screen, just a gray background. Clicking Multiplayer or Singleplayer causes a CTD. Now what?