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Review: 5-hour Energy Gamer Shot

You ever write a three-page review for an energy supplement?

In early May 2024, 5-hour ENERGY (hereto after shown as 5-hour Energy) released a new Gamer Shot line of energy drink supplements. We got some news about it because this is a video game website that posts video game related news. That is how these things work. These 5-hour Energy Gamer Shots are available in three flavors: Pineapple Charge, Rocket Raspberry, and Apple Bash. Unless things have suddenly changed in the fe...

Band Together in Terror: The Outlast Trials Review

The Outlast Trials proves that survival horror can be more fun with friends.

The Outlast Trials is a four-player PvE game taking place in the Cold War era. The game's opening moments and lore paint a gruesome and wicked scene that will be familiar to series veterans but disquieting to those new to the Outlast universe. Players work their way through a series of experiments, each of which plays out on various large maps like a police station, a courthouse, a carnival, and more. The g...

Microsoft Shutdown Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog Games, and Roundhouse Games

The company valued at over $3 trillion just closed several game studios.

Arkane Austin, the studio behind Redfall and 2017's Prey, has been shutdown by Microsoft. Tango Gameworks, the studio behind The Evil Within series and the multiple award-winning Hi-Fi Rush, has been shutdown by Microsoft. Alpha Dog Games, the studio behind the mobile game Mighty Doom, has been shutdown by Microsoft. Roundhouse Studios will not be shutdown but will instead be absorbed by The Elder Scrolls Online...

TikTok Ban Signed Into Law by President Biden

Owner ByteDance has 270 days to sell off TikTok.

On April 24, President Joe Biden signed a foreign aid package that also included a bill that could ban TikTok in the United States. This ban can only be averted if the China-based company that owns TikTok, ByteDance, sells off the popular social media app before the 270 day time limit is up.

This gives ByteDance until January 19, 2025 to sell TikTok. An additional 90 day extension could be offered by President Biden if...

Ubisoft Pulls Licenses for The Crew, Makes the Game Completely Inaccessible to Buyers

From the same company trying to sell you a $130 version of Star Wars Outlaws.

From announcing a $130 edition of Star Wars Outlaws to pulling game licenses from those that bought The Crew, Ubisoft sure is on a roll this week.

The Crew was Ubisoft's open-world racing game that was pulled from sale back in December 2023. As of March 31, 2024, Ubisoft shut down the online servers for The Crew. This effectively made the game unplayable across all platforms, including: PC,...

Tim Sweeney Called Valve 'Assholes' in Email to Gabe Newell, Valve COO Says 'You Mad Bro?'

Tim Sweeney is always mad.

The antitrust lawsuit against Valve from Wolfire Games got a little spicy this week. To quickly get you up to speed: Wolfire claims that Valve uses its position with Steam to control game prices and muscle out competition. Though the initial lawsuit against Valve was dismissed, Wolfire amended their suit in May 2022 and the legal battle was back on.

It may have taken almost two years, but we are now starting to see some of the documents that...
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  • The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition Launches March 7

    The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition Launches March 7

    It's The Outer Worlds but better.

    On march 7, The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. With this release, the RPG will get some nice next-gen improvements thanks to higher resolution visuals, a dynamic weather system, overhauled lighting and environments, improved performance, faster load times, enhanced character detail, a higher level cap, and more.

    Included in The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition is...
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  • Barotrauma Brings the Underwater Sci-fi Scares on March 13

    Barotrauma Brings the Underwater Sci-fi Scares on March 13

    This sci-fi underwater adventure leaves Early Access in two weeks.

    Are you ready to dive deep under the sea to encounter fears known and unknown? You better be because Barotrauma is leaving Steam Early Access on March 13 with the release of version 1.0. This full release will include even more new features than what the 2.5 million players have already experienced throughout the Early Access period.

    In Barotrauma, players will dive deep into the waters of Europa using...
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  • Sales Figures: A Big Week for Sons of the Forest, Hogwarts Legacy, and Elden Ring

    Big numbers all over the place making lots of executives very happy.

    It was a monumental week for those of you who like hearing about the success of various video game releases. If you like seeing big numbers, this week was probably like a little Christmas for you as we saw sales milestones for games like Sons of the Forest, Hogwarts Legacy, and Elden Ring.

    Let's start with the newest kid on the block, Sons of the Forest. Though it was released only into Steam Early Access...
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  • Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0.0 Changelog

    Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0.0 Changelog

    Season 4 starts on February 28.

    The next season of Battlefield 2042 is just days away. DICE is getting you ready for that new content with the release of the full Update 4.0.0 changelog. We already talked a lot about the new stuff that's coming, so now it's time to see what's getting changed or fixed.

    Season 3 concludes on February 28 at 08:59 (UTC; 3:59AM ET). Update 4.0.0 goes live at 09:00 (UTC; 4AM ET). Seasonal and Battle Pass progression begins a few hours later...
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  • Kerbal Space Program 2 Released Into Early Access

    Kerbal Space Program 2 Released Into Early Access

    How many sites used the word "launched" instead of "released" for their headline on this one?

    After a series of delays and whatnots, Kerbal Space Program 2 is now available for purchase. The game isn't complete or anything, but is instead an Early Access release on the PC. This sequel to the rocket building, space exploration game will get you back just $49.99 (USD) through Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Private Division Store, and other digital storefronts....
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  • Octopath Traveler 2 is Out Now

    Octopath Traveler 2 is Out Now

    Enter into the new world of Solistia.

    Square Enix released Octopath Traveler 2 today for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. Players will venture to the all-new world of Solistia where eight travelers with unique stories must overcome a variety of obstacles, conquer enemies in turn-based battles, and contend with "the perils and promise of a new industrial era."

    Square Enix really pushes forth the fact that this is a new story...
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  • New Resident Evil 4 Gameplay from State of Play

    New Resident Evil 4 Gameplay from State of Play

    New locations, enemies, gameplay, and more were all shown off.

    Capcom revealed a new trailer for Resident Evil 4 during the PlayStation State of Play showcase. Included in this new trailer is the latest look at Leon S. Kennedy. Plus, we get a look at multiple new environments, Jack Krauser, multiple different enemies, and more.

    Interestingly, the trailer shows off how familiar places and faces have been reworked for the remake. There seems to be a much greater emphasis...
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  • Baldur's Gate 3 Out August 31, 2023

    Baldur's Gate 3 Out August 31, 2023

    A new trailer shows off General Ketheric Thorm, played by J.K. Simmons.

    A new trailer for Baldur's Gate 3 shown during PlayStation's State of Play revealed the release date and gave us a taste of J.K. Simmons. Simmons voices General Ketherc Thorm, one of the game's main antagonists.

    General Thorm is "a seemingly invincible necromancer" who is "leading an army of the dead towards the eponymous city of Baldur's Gate." Before getting to today's main trailer,...
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  • Battlefield 2042 Coming to PlayStation Plus in March

    Battlefield 2042 Coming to PlayStation Plus in March

    The game is good now. Trust me.

    Battlefield 2042 is in a place where I would consider the game to be good. Great? Eh, maybe a little bit of a stretch. It's been an absolute blast to play over the past few months thanks to DICE's continued efforts to right the wrong that was the game's initial launch.

    It should then be good news to PlayStation Plus subscribers to learn that Battlefield 2042 can be added to their accounts at no extra cost. This is for both PlayStation 4...
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  • Cammy, Zangief, and Lily Revealed for Street Fighter 6

    Cammy, Zangief, and Lily Revealed for Street Fighter 6

    These are the last three character reveals for launch.

    Today's PlayStation State of Play included a fairly decent chunk of Street Fighter 6 news. Namely, Capcom revealed the final three characters that will make up the 18-character launch roster for the upcoming fighter.

    The three new character reveals today include Cammy, Zangief, and newcomer Lily. They join Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, E. Honda, Blanka, Dhalsim, Juri, Dee Jay, Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, Manon, Marisa, and...
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  • The Traveler Unleashes Its Inner Death Star in Destiny 2: Lightfall Trailer

    The Traveler Unleashes Its Inner Death Star in Destiny 2: Lightfall Trailer

    Dude... what?!

    If you just watched the latest PlayStation State of Play, you were witness to the first public airing of the launch trailer for Destiny 2: Lightfall. If you're a fan of Destiny, you probably thought it was a pretty awesome trailer.

    There was one moment in the trailer that really stood out amongst the rest, and I think you either already know what it is or you will know what it is the moment you see it. Check out the trailer below.

    Destiny 2:...
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  • DICE Building New Team to Assist on New Battlefield Single Player Game

    DICE Building New Team to Assist on New Battlefield Single Player Game

    This new team will support Ridgeline Games for the next Battlefield campaign.

    Slowly but surely, the return of the Battlefield single-player campaign is picking up steam. First, EA created Ridgeline Games to lead development on future Battlefield narrative campaigns. Now, EA is expanding DICE with a new team which will support Ridgeline in developing the franchise's first single-player campaign since 2018's Battlefield V.

    Ridgeline Games is the studio led by Marcus Lehto,...
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  • Forza Horizon 5's Second Expansion is Rally Themed

    Forza Horizon 5's Second Expansion is Rally Themed

    The new expansion arrives on March 29.

    Playground Games announced that the second major expansion for Forza Horizon 5 will focus on a new rally career mode. The reveal of Forza Horizon 5: Rally Adventure comes to us via the Forza YouTube channel courtesy of a new reveal stream showing off some gameplay and new features.

    This expansion will include a full rally career mode for players to engage with. Playground also hints at some of the new customization options coming...
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  • Shinji Mikami Leaving Tango Gameworks

    Shinji Mikami Leaving Tango Gameworks

    From Capcom to Tango, Mikami's name is synonymous with survival horror.

    Founder and CEO of Tango Gameworks, Shinji Mikami, is leaving after having spent 12 years with the studio. The departure was first shared last night when TrueAchievements obtained an internal email sent to employees at Tango and Bethesda. The departure was then confirmed by Bethesda earlier today.

    Mikami's career expands far beyond his 12 years at Tango. While working at Capcom, Mikami is credited...
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  • All Steam Fest and Steam Sale Dates for 2023

    All Steam Fest and Steam Sale Dates for 2023

    Valve shared their 2023 schedule of events with developers.

    The entire schedule of big seasonal sales and themed Steam Fest events was shared yesterday by Valve. Now you'll know months in advance just how badly your bank accounts are going to hurt.

    The list includes four major seasonal sales that include the spring, summer, autumn, and winter sales. In between most of these are small "Fest" events, which also typically have themed sales of their own. There will...
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