• The Witcher 3 Probably Won't be 1080p on Consoles

    In an interview with CD Projekt RED's Visual Effect Artist, Jose Teixeira, it was revealed that the console versions of The Witcher 3 probably won't hit that coveted 1080p mark.

    Ideally, weíre pushing for 30 frames per second. The resolution, honestly, it depends; weíre working on it, weíre trying to get it as high as possible. If we can make it at 1080P, sure, but I donít know if itís going to make it. To be honest, I really donít know. Probably not. But for sure, we need it to run at a smooth frame rate, so at least 30 FPS.

    Weíre doing optimization right now and I have to say, itís actually running quite well. To be honest, we were expecting a lot worse. When we first started playing on PS4 and XB1, we expected the game not to work at all, because it was so heavy, so we were expeciting it to crash, but itís actually running. Itís not quite there yet, but itís running. So I think that with a little more optimization, I think weíll get it running really well.

    At E3, the studio said that they had the game running at 1080p on the PlayStation 4 and 900p on the Xbox One. Presumably the PS4 isn't capable of running at a stable framerate at that resolution either.
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    1. stilla-killa's Avatar
      stilla-killa -
      Either way I am still excited about playing the game.
    1. CptainCrunch's Avatar
      CptainCrunch -
      What? Why not?

      This is current gen stuff! Lets stop with the excuses and get some 1080p going.
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