• NewBee Advances to the Grand Finals - The International Dota 2 Championship

    NewBee was the team to beat today in the Upper Bracket matches for The International Dota 2 Championships. In round one, NewBee beat ViCi in three games.

    Evil Geniuses, triumphed over Team DK for the second match in round one after just two games. That set the stage for a NewBee vs Evil Geniuses second round where the winner would advanced immediately to the Grand Finals.

    It took just two hard fought battles before NewBee was declared the victor. As a result, they get to rest for the next couple of days while the Lower Bracket battles it out.

    Tomorrow, the first round will see Cloud9 taking on Na`Vi, the winner will then go on to battle against ViCI in the second round. The other first round fight takes place between iG and LGD, with the winner moving on to take on Team DK. Despite the loss today, Evil Geniuses has another chance to secure a spot in the Grand Finals if they can win in the fourth round of Lower Bracket eliminations.

    Just as today, the action kicks off tomorrow at 9AM (PT; Noon ET). You can find more details about tomorrow's event, recaps of today's matches, and plenty of additional information over at
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