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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Delayed

April is starting to look a little packed.

Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase said today that the game will be delayed slightly. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally slated to be released on March 3. Now, it will instead be released on April 10. This comes via a press release sent out Kitase and the development team at Square Enix.

This sad news comes roughly a week after the still unannounced demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was leaked. There are already...

Doom Eternal - Official Trailer 2

It's a new trailer for Doom Eternal. 'Nuff Said.

You want a new trailer for DOOM Eternal? You got it. This trailer offers up a look at the new enemies like the Marauder and Gladiator. You get a look at new glory kills. You get a look at the awesome power of the Crucible weapon.

Doom Eternal will be out on March 20, 2020 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. A Nintendo Switch release will be released "at a later date." ...

New Character Focused Trailer and Screens for Resident Evil 3 Remake

When you smile...

When you think of Resident Evil 3, you probably think of the characters of Jill Valentine and the ever persistent Nemesis. You may even think of Carlos, whom you do spend a bit of time playing as after a certain story beat in the original. However, there are a number of other characters that were in the original that are maybe not as memorable. They are, nonetheless, still vital to the story and will obviously show up in the Resident Evil 3 remake that Capcom is working...

PlayStation is Officially Ditching E3 2020

A surprise move with the PlayStation 5 mere months away from release.

In late 2018, Sony announced that they would not participate in E3 2019. Today, history repeats itself as Sony has once again announced that they will not be participating in E3 2020. For the second year in a row, Sony and their PlayStation lineup will be a no-show at, what used to be, one of the largest industry events of the year.

Sony has been present at every previous E3 up until 2019. They have...

New Nvidia Driver Adds Framerate Limiter, VRSS for VR, and More

The 441.87 driver update is feature filled.

Nvidia released a special "CES" branded driver update today for their video cards. The 441.87 driver includes a number of new features that Nvidia GPU owners across a few different generations will get to make use of. This driver update also includes a very interesting new feature for those who have VR devices. ...
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  • Security Researchers Find '39 Percent' of Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers Used to Spread Malware

    This week, security researchers from Russia's Dr.Web (PDF), filed a report saying that roughly 39% of Counter-Strike 1.6 servers were used to spread malware to users. The report, filed on Monday, found that these malicious servers exploited a remote code execution (RCE) flaw in the game client to spread a new malware variant called Belonard.

    These servers were nothing more than proxy servers set up to display low pings, enticing players to try to connect to them. When players...
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  • Epic Games Launcher Allegedly Scrapes Local Steam Data Prior to Granting Consent, Epic Responds

    Earlier today, Reddit user PhoenixPoint and ResetEra member Madjoki found out that the Epic Games Launcher may be collecting your Steam history at startup. As part of their investigation, they found that at startup, the Epic Games Launcher searches your local computer for a Steam install. If it finds that Steam is installed, it then apparently proceeds to pull a list of files typically stored in your Steam Cloud. This data includes game saves for all users that have logged in to Steam on your computer....
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  • Turtle Rock is Making a New Zombie Filled Co-op FPS Game

    Turtle Rock is Making a New Zombie Filled Co-op FPS Game

    Turtle Rock Studios, the development studio that created Left 4 Dead and who eventually brought us Left 4 Dead 2 and Evolve (but let's not talk about that one) is working on a new co-op FPS. And just like Left 4 Dead, this new title will also include plenty of zombies.

    The game is called Back 4 Blood (I see what they did there) and it will be published by WBIE. It's a bit early to say how this one will turn out since a lot of the old Turtle Rock kind of merged with Valve for...
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  • Bloody Palace Mode Arrives April 1 for Devil May Cry 5

    Bloody Palace Mode Arrives April 1 for Devil May Cry 5

    Capcom announced today that the free Bloody Palace Mode for Devil May Cry 5 will be released on April 1.

    No, this isn't an early April Fools joke. They actually make sure to point this fact out in the press release.

    Bloody Palace Mode has been a fan favorite and has been included in every Devil May Cry game aside from the first game. It's a bit like a wave-based game mode that has enemies that grow in strength the further along you go.

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  • Four Sniper Elite Projects Announced - Includes a V2 Remaster, VR, and More

    Four Sniper Elite Projects Announced - Includes a V2 Remaster, VR, and More

    Developer Rebellion announced today four separate Sniper Elite projects that are being worked on. These include a full sequel to Sniper Elite 4, which I'm guessing will be called Sniper Elite 5 though the press release doesn't state as such.

    There is also a VR Sniper Elite project that is being worked on, a Switch release of Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition, and Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is a thing. Why V2? Why not the first Sniper Elite game? Man, I don't know!

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  • Battlefield 5 'Firestorm' Battle Royale Reveal Trailer and First Details

    Battlefield 5 'Firestorm' Battle Royale Reveal Trailer and First Details

    The upcoming battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 was finally revealed today thanks to an all-new trailer. The trailer doesn't show actual gameplay, but it does offer an "in-engine" look at some of the antics you and your crew will get up to.

    I suppose I should preface this by saying Firestorm is the name of this new mode. It's slated to be added to Battlefield 5, free of charge to everyone that owns the game, on March 25.

    Firestorm finds 64 players battling...
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  • Rising Storm Devs Announce New Tactical FPS Called '83

    Rising Storm Devs Announce New Tactical FPS Called '83

    Antimatter Games, the development studio behind the Rising Storm series of games just announced their newest game today. Though still in development, the team wants you to know about '83, a new large scale, tactical FPS that is set in an alternate timeline 1983 where conflict erupts between NATO and the members of the Warsaw Pact.

    That's right, it's time for the Cold War! Woo!

    '83 will be an online FPS that builds off some of the core gameplay mechanics that Antimatter...
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  • Counter-Strike Update Reverts AUG Pricing and Changes Round Loss Bonuses; New Prisma Case is Available

    An update was released tonight for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Today's update includes a number of gameplay altering changes. First off, the AUG has been returned to its original price of $3,300. Secondly, Valve has changed the M4A1-S to hold 25 bullets in the magazine with 75 in reserve. Finally, the last "major" change in tonight's update is the fact that Valve has changed the amount given for round loss bonuses.

    The update also includes a number of changes to both...
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  • Daedalic Acquires Publishing Rights to 200 Player Survival Game 'CryoFall'

    Daedalic Acquires Publishing Rights to 200 Player Survival Game 'CryoFall'

    It was revealed today that Daedalic Entertainment has picked up the publishing rights to AtomicTorch Studio's upcoming multiplayer survival RPG CryoFall (volume warning). The game will allow up to 200 players to fight for survival in an open-world environment. Similar to games like Ark players will have to deal with the dangers of the wilderness as they engage in forming economies, crafting goods, providing services, farming with "complex growth simulations," crafting maps, and...
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  • Someday You'll Return Offers Up New Story Focused Trailer

    Someday You'll Return Offers Up New Story Focused Trailer

    Someday You'll Return is a "narrative-driven psychological horror" game that places you in the shoes of Daniel. Daniel's daughter, Stela, is a runaway and you're trying to find her. In the process, you will take Daniel through places that he "swore never to return to."

    One such place is the Moravian forests and apparently some bad stuff went down in Daniel's past in this location. This new trailer, entitled "Remembrance" shows how Daniel will have...
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  • Weedcraft Inc Blazes Trail Towards April 11 Release

    Weedcraft Inc Blazes Trail Towards April 11 Release

    Devolver Digital and Vile Monarch announced the release date for their "cannabis tycoon" game today that is appropriately called Weedcraft Inc. The release date is none other than April... 11th. Alright, I get it. I suppose they wanted the game out ahead of the 20th so that people can get their videos in order ahead of time. It just makes sense!

    As the game's title implies, Weedcraft Inc is about the in's and out's of running a business that specializes in the production and...
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