EA Sports College Football is still a long way away.
EA Sports College Football WIP

EA says that their anticipated release of EA Sports College Football will not be released until Summer 2024 at the earliest. This is the same College Football title that was announced in early 2021.

The lengthy development time is, according to EA VP and general manager Daryl Holt, due to the team building the game from scratch. Holt made this remarks to ESPN in a new interview. Holt says that the Summer 2024 target is "the best date for us to bring the game that we think is going to meet or exceed our player expectations and cover the breadth and scale of what we want in the game." He continues, "We're trying to build a very immersive college football experience."

Holt also says that College Football won't just be a re-skin of their Madden NFL titles.

Does this mean it's going to be a "Madden" clone?
No. These are separate development teams working on the two games. The teams have shared some ideas and concepts and made suggestions to one another, but there's actually competition between the two.

They are very focused about it being a specific college football game instead of Madden -- College Edition.

"We want to make sure that it is distinctly uniquely college football," Holt said. "If someone's worried about it being a clone of 'Madden' or something else, that's not our intent and not the way we're approaching this.‚Äč
Some fan-favorite features will return with College Football. These include Dynasty Mode and the Road to Glory mode. These modes allow you to either lead an entire school's football program or just focus on one particular player respectively. There will be over 120 colleges represented in College Football at release. However, specifics on the included teams were not shared.

There was also no word here as to whether or not the Mascot Mode will be included with this new release. It would be a damn shame if it wasn't, but so far there has been no word one way or another on its inclusion.