Review: Journey for Elysium (PC VR)

A short trip to the afterlife.

For the past several months now, we have offered up glimpses of the story-driven VR adventure title Journey for Elysium. We saw a game that had a unique visual style, the promise of a story that would take us all to an afterlife, a world filled with architecture inspired by Greek mythology, and mind-bending puzzles to solve. The unique visual style was certainly eye catching, but I often wondered if the rest of the game would be able to hold up to this aesthetically pleasing presentation.

With the release of Journey...

Desert Bus for Hope 2019 Charity Event Underway

Better late than never.

We're just a few days late in sharing this news with you, but when it comes to charity: Better late than never, right?

The latest annual charity drive (get it?) that is Desert Bus for Hope is well underway. A group of people have already spent three days driving across the desert, in real time, in an effort to raise money for charity. In three days and 6 hours, the crew has already raised over $388,400 for the Child's Play charity. The team is still going strong after all this time.

For those that don't know,...

Google Stadia Launch Games are Lacking

Stadia comes out of the gate already limping.

With the soft launch of Google Stadia rapidly approaching, it seems like we're beyond due for a look at the platform's launch lineup. Hell, we're probably beyond due for a look at the Stadia UI and full featureset, but that is another matter entirely.

Today, Google revealed a list of 12 games that will serve as the launch titles for when Stadia has a soft launch on November 19. For $130, you were able to get in on the ground floor of the launch of Stadia with the Founder's Edition. These kits have...

EA Working on Cross-Save and Progression Sharing Between Steam and Origin

Seems EA is serious about this return to Steam.

With the recent announcement that EA was making a return to Steam, a number of questions remained unanswered. A couple of those questions focused on whether or not there would be support for things like cross-save or even cross-progression between EA's own Origin platform and Steam.

Fortunately, we have a few promising answers today. Most developers don't like to split their communities and EA is no exception. It seems they are working to get Origin to work similar to how Ubisoft's Uplay works with...

Diablo 4 is Always Online and Includes Microtransactions

This is the Diablo you pictured, right?

Yesterday, Blizzard took time away from appeasing China to kick off their two day BlizzCon event for 2019. One of yesterday's big reveals was the announcement that Diablo 4 is coming. What they didn't share in their reveal announcement to the public is the fact that Diablo 4 will require an online connection.

Not only that, but Diablo 4 will include microtransactions. Of course, all of this has a chance to change over the course of development, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Speaking of development,...
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  • Super Meat Boy Coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita, Free for PlayStation Plus Members

    Team Meat, Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, announced today that Super Meat Boy is finally coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game has long been in the works for Sony's platforms and was actually slated to come out for the PS3 originally. As a way of saying "thank you for waiting patiently," the duo are going to release the game for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers when it comes out. When exactly is it coming out? No idea, but it will be at some point in 2015. There were a couple of screens revealed alongside a bizarre announcement ...
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  • NSFW: Uwe Boll Swears off Crowdfunding While Swearing AT His Fans and Hollywood

    Uwe Boll had yet another failed Kickstarter. This latest was to try to get Rampage 3 funded. If you don't know what the Rampage series is, I wouldn't worry too much about it. This marked his third failed crowdfunding campaign in a row. Plus, since he can no longer rely on jumping through dodgy German tax loopholes to get his films funded, it looks like the Postal director is calling it quits.

    He's also calling you a lot of bad names. Behold, Uwe Boll's finest work to date!

    never will do crowdfunding again .... thanks
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  • Vice City Imported to Grand Theft Auto V

    Vice City Imported to Grand Theft Auto V

    There is an ongoing project for Grand Theft Auto V that looks to create a bunch of nifty tools and custom content for online communities to use. These tools and assets will eventually lead to custom multiplayer servers with custom game modes and all kinds of custom goodies. That's the super simplified version of what FiveM is all about. From the looks of things, one of those custom projects is importing old GTA worlds into the Grand Theft Auto V engine. I've already seen bits and pieces of the older games working but none seem to be quite as complete as this Vic...
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  • Resident Evil 0 New Screenshots and Trailer; Plus Capcom's E3 Plans for Street Fighter V and Devil May Cry 4

    In addition to the Mega Man Legacy Collection, a few other games will be shown off at E3 2015 by Capcom. These games include Street Fighter V (PS4, PC), Resident Evil 0 (PS4, PS3, XB1, 360, PC), and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition (PS4, XB1, PC).

    There will be some new media shown off for Street Fighter V on June 15. Until then, you'll just have to make due with all of these new Resident Evil 0 screenshots and brand new trailer!

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  • Capcom Bringing Six Classic Mega Man Games Together in Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Capcom just announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection a few moments ago via my Inbox. This collection includes "faithful reproductions of the original six Mega Man games" and comes with a couple of new bonus features. Those features include a new Challenge Mode and a Museum, which includes various pieces of art. It's an in-game art gallery basically. The Mega Man Legacy Collection will be released in North America and Europe this Summer on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo 3DS will get a release later on in the Winter. ...
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  • Real GTA from Corridor Digital Brings Los Santos to Life

    Real GTA from Corridor Digital Brings Los Santos to Life

    The team at Corridor Digital just released their latest video. Today, it's a "real" version of Grand Theft Auto V that they simply call "Real GTA." As is usual with their videos, Corridor Digital packs in a lot of nifty visual effects and tricks. First, let's take a look at the actual video....
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  • V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones and BoomPro Microphone - Review

    V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones and BoomPro Microphone - Review

    A solid headset, in more ways than one. I play games and report on those games for a living. Most of my workday is spent sitting in front of a computer. Usually, I have headphones on during that time, watching trailers, playing games, streaming games, or recording gameplay for YouTube videos. Hell, even after I'm done working I still have those headphones on while I listen to Twitch streams, listen to music, play games for fun, or even just for use in Teamspeak. Audio quality is obviously very important to me. However, two things are just slightly...
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  • Desura Parent Company Bad Juju Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    Desura Parent Company Bad Juju Files for Bankruptcy Protection

    According to a report from Gamasutra, Bad Juju has filed for bankruptcy protection. If that name doesn't sound familiar, perhaps you may better know them for Desura and Indie Royale, two companies owned by Bad Juju. Desura has been a fairly major player in selling and distributing Indie titles over these past 6 or so years.
    Lisa Morrison, head of developer relations for Bad Juju issued the following remarks to Gamasutra:
    "I asked Tony [Novak, CEO of Bad Juju] for confirmation and all he could tell me was, 'The lawyers have said I can't say anything
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  • Twitch Announces Their Massive E3 2015 Stream Plans

    Twitch Announces Their Massive E3 2015 Stream Plans

    Today, Twitch revealed their big plans for live streaming the content coming out of E3 2015. Beyond simply broadcasting all of the press conferences, including the exclusive broadcast on the PC Gaming Show, Twitch has a few new tricks to reveal.
    Adding a new twist, Twitch broadcasters will be allowed to co-stream all of the Twitch E3 content on to their own channels. By providing their own commentary on the news, this gives broadcasters the opportunity to create a more personalized, social experience for their communities. As part of
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  • Amazon Working on a New PC Game with Various Known Industry Veterans

    Amazon Working on a New PC Game with Various Known Industry Veterans

    Amazon Game Studios is looking for more developers to help create their first "ambitious" PC game.
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  • Star Wars: Uprising RPG Coming to Mobile Devices

    Star Wars: Uprising RPG Coming to Mobile Devices

    Serving as a prequel to Episode VII, Star Wars: Uprising is coming soon for mobile devices.
    Kabam, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm today announced the development of Star Wars: Uprising, the first mobile game to take place after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and before Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Developed by the industry-leading team at Kabam RPG Studio in San Francisco under the direction of Senior Vice President Aaron Loeb, Star Wars: Uprising will allow players to create their own unique character, go on missions, and
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