Reddit has made the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community aware of a player (or players) that has been going around to servers, spamming chat, and avoiding being kicked.

The user is on some sort of crusade to make Valve aware of cheaters in CS:GO by going about it in one of the most ass-backwards ways possible. All that Valve has done so far is provide a small solution to mitigate the exploit that the user is making use of. In the longer term Valve is "working on a solution" but they do not yet have an ETA on when that full fix will be deployed.

The user has been going around and spamming walls of text in chat through the use of bots, similar to the screenshot shared below by pitatoide on Reddit.


Because nothing gets Valve to do something more than exploiting their game and spamming a poorly written comment with opinions that were pulled out of your ass. You did it, dude!