System Shock and Skatebird Among Over a Dozen Games with New Limited Time Demos

In honor of The Game Awards, about a dozen games released limited time demos on Steam.

Later tonight, The Game Awards will be streamed live. That all kicks off at 8:30PM (ET) and can be watched online at places like Twitch, Steam, Mixer, Twitter, YouTube, consoles, other websites, and even at select movie theaters.

We already knew that.

What we didn't know until just a short time ago is that Geoff Keighley has also organized a special bonus treat for everyone. Today, he announced The Game Festival. The Game Festival, going live right...

MLB The Show is No Longer a PlayStation Exclusive

Soon, MLB The Show will be available on more than just Sony's platforms.

It has just been announced that starting as soon as 2021's release, MLB The Show will no longer be a PlayStation platform exclusive. Though other platforms have not yet been specified, both the official Nintendo and Xbox Twitter accounts were quick to comment on this new development.

For the past dozen or so years, MLB The Show has been developed by San Diego Studio, a subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Sony has also had the exclusive rights to develop and publish...

New 2K Studio Confirmed to be Working on Next BioShock Game

The first project for the new Cloud Chamber is the next entry in the BioShock series.

2K just announced today that they have opened up a new game development studio under their publishing umbrella. The new studio is called Cloud Chamber and will have not one but two different locations for their operations. The team will operate both out of 2K's San Francisco Bay Area HQ in Novato, CA in addition to a new location in Montreal, Quebec. This marks the first Canadian office for 2K.

The other big surprise today is the fact that Cloud Chamber has...

DICE Nerfed the TTK Yet Again in Battlefield V

Almost one year later and DICE is repeating the same exact mistakes.

Back on December 12, 2018, DICE decided to adjust the TTK (Time To Kill) for weapons in Battlefield V. A lot of the changes made weapons a fair bit less effective at actually taking out enemies. DICE said that they found that their "wider player base was dying too fast." That is to say, the shorter TTK wasn't too friendly for new players. To say that the core Battlefield community hated the changes is probably a massive understatement.

So, DICE tried to find a compromise...

Resident Evil 3 Remake Cover Art Leaked

Features a look at Jill, Carlos, and Nemesis.

We seem to have yet another leak on our hands today. This time it's for the still not officially announced remake of Resident Evil 3. It seems as though the cover art for this totally not real game was found on the servers for the PlayStation Store.

A games tracker feature on Gamstat quickly embeded the images from the PlayStation Store and thus made them visible publicly. Since then the images were pulled from being publicly accessible on the PlayStation Store. It's a good thing Gematsu saved the...
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  • XCOM 2 - Ten Minute Gameplay Video

    XCOM 2 - Ten Minute Gameplay Video

    As the headline implies, the following video is ten minutes of gameplay footage for XCOM 2. Enjoy!

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  • Apple Pulls All Games with a Confederate Flag from App Store

    Apple Pulls All Games with a Confederate Flag from App Store

    Apple has pulled all games from the App Store that have the confederate flag in them because they include "images of the Confederate flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways." While there is certainly good reason for places to stop selling that flag and there is certainly a great argument to be made for taking down the flag from government buildings, it seems a bit of a stretch to remove all historically based games from the App Store.

    Andrew from HexWar Games issued a statement to TouchArcade about this. Hi and HexWar Games have released many historical...
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  • NHL 16 Cover Revealed

    NHL 16 Cover Revealed

    The cover art for NHL 16 was revealed tonight by EA Sports. As you can see above, it's interesting.
    Three-time Stanley Cup Champions Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks will both appear on the cover of EA SPORTS NHL 16. This marks the first time in franchise history that the cover has featured two teammates as well as the Stanley Cup trophy. Kane and Toews are also the only athletes to appear on an EA SPORTS NHL cover twice. The duo spotlight embodies the spirit of NHL 16, where you'll play together and win together.
    NHL 16 is ...
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  • Bungie's Luke Smith Apologizes for Being an Asshat

    Bungie's Luke Smith Apologizes for Being an Asshat

    Today's Bungie Weekly Update holds a great deal of good news for fans of Destiny, along with a few not so great things. First up, however, is the good news. Luke Smith apologized for his behavior and attitude towards the community during a recent interview.
    I am Luke Smith, Creative Director on Destiny: The Taken King. Many, many years ago, I wrote to you each week in this spot. We talked about Battle Rifles, we talked about stuff we weren't going to talk about, and at some point I did a horrible hand-drawing of an upcoming map and teased you with it
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  • WB Suspending Sale of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC

    WB Suspending Sale of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC

    Due to the growing number of issues, WB has decided to temporarily suspend the sale of Batman: Arkham Knight for the PC.
    Dear Batman: Arkham Knight PC owners, We want to apologize to those of you who are experiencing performance issues with Batman: Arkham Knight on PC. We take these issues very seriously and have therefore decided to suspend future game sales of the PC version while we work to address these issues to satisfy our quality standards. We greatly value our customers and know that while there are a significant amount of players who are enj
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  • Nvidia Accused of Deceiving Consumers with Artificially Sped Up 60FPS Batman: Arkham Knight Promo Video

    Prior to the game's release, Nvidia cut a couple of GameWorks promotional videos for Batman: Arkham Knight. Interestingly, those videos were presented at 60FPS. Unfortunately, the actual game doesn't run at 60FPS without an INI tweak. Even worse is that the game doesn't reliably run at 60FPS even with the INI tweak.

    A YouTube user, PoweredByFlow, is credited with discovering the following, which was then passed along to a wider audience via Sajius460 on Reddit. The claim is that if you watch the following promo video starting at 24 seconds in,...
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  • Valve Updated the Look of their Steam Android App

    Valve Updated the Look of their Steam Android App

    For the first time in literally years, Valve has updated the look and design of their Steam Android app! The update is starting its roll out today on Google Play. If you don't yet have the update, it should show up for you in the coming days.

    The update brings the app closer to Material design. It's by no means a great Material design but it's sure as hell a lot better than what we had prior. Hopefully this is the first update of many that will bring the Steam Android app completely in line with a modern and Material design. Let's also hope that it...
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  • Michael Jordan Coming to NBA 2K16

    Michael Jordan Coming to NBA 2K16

    2K announced that NBA 2K16 will feature Michael Jordan as the cover athlete on this year's Special Edition release.
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  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Teaser Video

    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Teaser Video

    A new teaser video for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was released today and here it is. Don't forget that this game is coming to both the Xbox One and Windows 10.

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  • Evolve's Second Season Pass Begins with New Hunter Lennox

    Evolve's Second Season Pass Begins with New Hunter Lennox

    Turtle Rock and 2K started off their second batch of DLC today with a new hunter, Lennox. Lennox is a new Assault class Hunter and is included with the second season pass for the game. Yes, there is another season pass for Evolve for some inexplicable reason.
    Evolve Hunting Season 2 is currently available for purchase for $24.99 (MSRP) for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and Windows PC. Those who purchase the new Monster and Hunters as part of Hunting Season 2 will also receive an additional exclusive skin with the launch of each
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  • Red Bull Gives You Exclusive Access to Destiny: The Taken King Content

    Red Bull Gives You Exclusive Access to Destiny: The Taken King Content

    Because Bungie so loves their fans, they decided to team up with Red Bull to give a piece of timed exclusive content to those who purchase specially marked cans of the energy drink. Not only that, but it's only on specially marked Red Bull drinks that you can only get from 7/11 stores. The cans provide two bonuses. The first is an in-game bonus XP consumable that grants a 50% XP bonus for 30 minutes. You can redeem multiple codes for multiple bonus XP consumables. The second is the real kicker. The code also opens up a "multi-stage mission in The Taken Ki...
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