Rockstar Now Has Their Own PC Games Launcher

Get GTA: San Andreas for free if you use it.

Rockstar now has their own game launcher on the PC. The development studio quietly released this new launcher a short time ago today. They are attempting to entice users to download and use the installer by giving away a free copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for a limited time.

Interesting enough, the Rockstar Games Launcher includes some features that took other launchers a little bit of time to add after release. This launcher includes cloud save support, a shop, and automatic updates. The prices on the store seem to...

Watch Almost an Hour of Death Stranding Gameplay

A lot of gameplay footage that may finally provide a lot of answers.

The marketing for the Kojima Productions game, Death Stranding, has left consumers with more questions than answers. It's a game from the mind of Hideo Kojima, so of course the marketing was going to be odd. The problem was, there are a lot of people that just have no idea about what the game was even about even after the numerous trailers.

Maybe sitting down and watching 50 minutes of gameplay will help clear up that confusion. If that doesn't work, then maybe a breakdown of the gameplay footage from...

Final Fantasy VII Remake Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer

The trailer is at the bottom after these boring words.

Square Enix showed off an all new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake this week at the Tokyo Game Show. The new trailer offers a fresh look at gameplay, the slums of Midgar, and a peak at the mini-games and summons. Midgar is home to the Shinra Electric Power Company. This kind of totally evil company is in conflict with Avalanche, a resistance group fighting to keep their planet alive. You will also get your first look at some of the Shinra operatives known as The Turks.

Square Enix also included their new artwork...

Cube World is Coming to Steam

Let me take you back to the year 2013...

In 2013, a little game called Cube World came out in an "alpha" release. It was a cute, stylized adventure-RPG that offered a ton of freedom, battles, exploration, and more. A big appeal of the alpha was being able to have all of these adventures with your friends in one world. To its credit, the limited content of the alpha was quite enjoyable but the promise of bigger and better was always just around the corner. The problem came when it was just never updated! Eventually the developer went dark.

We would sometimes...

First Super NES Games Announced for Switch

The initial list of 20 arrives on September 5 and they will be free*.

Starting tomorrow, September 5, Nintendo Switch owners will finally be able to purchase, download, and play some of their favorite Super NES games. Granted, the initial list is limited to just 20 titles, but it's 20 more than you have right now to choose from. These SNES releases will be free to everyone that has a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Nintendo says that all of the titles, seen below, will be playable online using Nintendo Switch Online. This includes multiplayer in some of the titles....
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  • Insurgent Pack DLC Released Today for Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Insurgent Pack DLC Released Today for Killzone: Shadow Fall

    The Insurgent Pack DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall was released today for fans of the multiplayer component of the game. This pack includes a new class, new abilities, new weapons, new game modes, and new trophies.
    The Insurgent
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  • Launch Trailer for The Wolf Among Us Episode 3

    Launch Trailer for The Wolf Among Us Episode 3

    Get ready for the third episode of The Wolf Among Us with this all new trailer.

    Despite this being a "launch trailer" there is still no word yet on when exactly this episode will be released....
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  • Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 Bundle Revealed

    Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 Bundle Revealed

    A new Humble Bundle was revealed today! For the next two weeks you can pay what you want for up to six games, while helping to support charity.

    Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9 features six brilliant games ready to play on four platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Pay what you want to receive the mind-bending puzzle adventure series, Broken Sword 2, the physics-based construction puzzler, Bridge Constructor, the stylistic typographic puzzler, Type:Rider, and the visually stunning action-adventure game, Ravensword: Shadowlands. If you pay more than the average, you'll also get the award-winning
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  • Aaron Nicholls Leaves Valve for Oculus VR

    Aaron Nicholls Leaves Valve for Oculus VR

    Another former Valve developer has left the game studio and has joined up with Oculus VR today. Previously, Michael Abrash had left Valve for Oculus and now it is Aaron Nicholls....
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  • Time of Day, 30 FPS Cap, and HUD Removal Options Coming to Infamous: Second Son

    Sucker Punch has heard the complaints and will soon address some of the most requested features for Infamous: Second Son. The latest update on the PlayStation blog says that the company is going to add options to change the time of day (after beating the game), remove the HUD, and cap the game at 30 FPS if you so desire.
    Change Time-of-DayHUD On/Off
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  • Caffeine Trailer and Indiegogo Campaign

    Caffeine Trailer and Indiegogo Campaign

    Caffeine is an upcoming sci-fi horror title built on Unreal Engine 4. The one man team behind the game is hoping for some help in developing the game and has taken to Indiegogo for that venture.

    The Year is 2097, the Earth is over-populated and is lacking resources. The most consumed drug is caffeine and companies have countless outposts among the stars mining the resources required to quench the endless thirst of Earth's population. Caffeine will primarily be a Sci-Fi Horror game, but at the same time employ a strong focus on both adventure and narrative and will include some smart puzzle game play. There will be no weapons in Caffeine but you will
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  • Tickets for The International 4 on Sale Friday April 4

    Tickets for The International 4 on Sale Friday April 4

    This Friday, April 4, you will be able to begin purchasing your tickets for Valve's The International 4. Yes, The International Dota 2 Championship is fast approaching and this Friday is when you can first get tickets for the July 18 - July 21 event.
    The finals for this year's International will be held July 18th - 21st at the KeyArena in Seattle, WA. Four-day ticket prices are $99 for General Admission, $199 for Floor seating, and $499 for VIP level. The International was first held three years ago in Cologne, Germany during Gamescom with 16 of the best Dota 2 teams in the world competing for a grand prize of $1 million. In 2013 the prize pool was bolstered beyond Valve's contribution by
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  • Microsoft to Launch the Xbox in China

    Microsoft to Launch the Xbox in China

    The Global VP of Microsoft, Zhang Yaqin, said that he expects the Xbox One to launch in China "soon." This comes after a 14-year old ban on gaming consoles was lifted earlier this year in the country.

    Even with that ban in place, the gaming market in China had sales hitting $13.6 billion (USD) in 2013. Estimates are around $17.6 billion in sales for 2014.
    Microsoft seems to have gotten a leg up on other peers such as Sony and Nintendo. The company has already set up a joint venture with China's first listed new media content provider BesTV New Media Co in September 2013 and located the venture in the zone. Foreign ga
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  • Free Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight for April's Games with Gold Titles

    Free Hitman: Absolution and Deadlight for April's Games with Gold Titles

    This month, Xbox Live Gold members on the Xbox 360 will get their hands on two er, decent titles. The first, which will run from April 1 through April 15 is Hitman: Absolution.

    The second game is Deadlight, which will be available from April 16 to the end of the month. You get to keep the games so long as you "buy" or download them when they are available and you have Xbox Live Gold. They're yours to keep even if your Live subscription runs out....
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  • PSA: Target Running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deal Beginning April 6

    PSA: Target Running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deal Beginning April 6

    Just a quick heads up that the Target chain of retailers will be running a buy 2 get 1 free deal on all video games.

    According to Cheapassgamer, the deal will show up in their next weekly ad which kicks off on April 6 and runs until April 12....
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  • Naval Strike Finally Released on PC Plus New Game Update

    Naval Strike Finally Released on PC Plus New Game Update

    Battlefield 4 Naval Strike has finally been released for PC gamers today. That's essentially all that needs to be said here. It may have taken a week for them to fix whatever that last minute issue was but it's finally out for all platforms.

    It's a bit shy of 5GB in size, so you may want to start downloading now if you want to play later this evening.

    In addition, a general update for Battlefield 4 was also released today. This update is about 533MB in size and includes the following changes.

    Changelog for Battlefield 4 PC for March 31

    GENERAL FIXES -General stability improvements -Fix for a crash that could occur when players were customizing vehicles. -Fix for an issue in the Rush game mode where end-of-round screen would always indicate that there were 60 minutes left of the game. -Fix for an issue where the splash damage for IFV shells, Helicopter rockets, and Mortar rounds was unable to destroy deployed equipment. -Fix for an issue that could cause the
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