• Jason Graves and Lustmord Highlight Evolve Soundtrack

    2K and Turtle Rock have announced that BAFTA award winner Jason Graves and "primal music legend" Lustmord will highlight the soundtrack and sound for Evolve. The Evolve blog offers up a detailed Q&A with Jason Graves.

    The character and vibeÖ.when you first listen, it summons the vibe from Aliens and Predator. Was that the original point? Or did it, well, evolve into what it is now?

    Itís great to hear that because a lot of what youíre describing was initially what Turtle Rock was looking for in terms of a musical fingerprint that they wanted.

    No orchestra Ė that was high up on my list. When I start out, I try to figure out what the vibe needs to be and usually Iím thinking about what Iím NOT going to use as opposed to what I will. This game, in particular, is interesting to me because it didnít require an orchestra. Turtle Rock didnít rule it out. Everything was on the table.

    Iím on a non-orchestral kick right now. Iím enjoying synthesizers, odd sounds and running things through guitar amps to see what works. This game was really the perfect opportunity for me to geek out on all those things I got to do a little bit on all these different projects in the last couple years and throw them all into Evolve.

    Youíve got that industrial mash-up of dark percussion and synths and all these abstract weird, screechy elements. All of that, together, wasnít a plan from the very beginning, but we had that direction in mind and it built upon itself along the way. In the past 18 months, the music really has evolved.

    You can always read a lot more with Jason Graves over at the Evolve website. Next week the team will have a Q&A up with Lustmord.
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