I've been playing Killing Floor 2 off and on now over the course of the past week or so. In that time, I managed to put together nine videos of gameplay and commentary for you to enjoy.

That's right. nine videos.

First up, is a 25 minute gameplay video that offers my general impressions and thoughts about the game and gameplay. This one does not contain audio from the game (the other videos do) as I was recording while in TeamSpeak with one of the developers and some things need to be kept undisclosed.

I won't shove all nine videos in your face right at this moment. However, if you're too eager to check out the other videos right this second, you can do so by checking out this handy YouTube playlist for Killing Floor 2. You will see map specific videos for the three maps currently in the beta (Outpost, Burning Paris, and Biotics Lab), a look at the flamethrower weapon (in the Outpost video), a look at each of the game's current classes (Medic, Berserker, Commando, and Support), and a look at character customization.