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  • PlayStation Dropping Twitter Integration on November 13

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    PlayStation Dropping Twitter Integration on November 13

    Another tech giant scraps Twitter integration as Musk continues to ruin the site.

    In what can be seen as the continuation of a growing trend, another tech giant has announced that they will no longer support Twitter integration with their product. The latest comes from Sony, whom announced via PlayStation system notification that Twitter integration will no longer function starting on November 13, 2023.

    The message from PlayStation has appeared for those firing up their...
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  • Bungie Reportedly Lays Off Composer Michael Salvatori

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    Bungie Reportedly Lays Off Composer Michael Salvatori

    Plus other new details on the recent layoffs at the Destiny developer.

    The dust from yesterday's layoffs at Bungie has yet to settle as word continues to trickle out on just who all was let go. Following a meeting with CEO Pete Parsons yesterday, employees from several different departments found out that they were no longer employed at the Destiny 2 development studio. Job cuts hit departments like social media / public relations, community management, art, engineering, player support,...
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  • Sony Owned Studio Media Molecule Hit with Layoffs

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    Sony Owned Studio Media Molecule Hit with Layoffs

    An official statement confirms these layoffs.

    Another round of layoffs have hit the gaming industry with word that Media Molecule just laid off several employees. The Sony owned studio known for games like Dreams and LittleBigPlanet, made 20 employees redundant to reduce their employee total from 135 to 115.

    Media Molecule is a Guildford-based studio that was co-founded by Mark Healey, Alex Evans, David Smith, and Kareem Ettouney. All four of these co-founders were former...
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  • Slimmer PlayStation 5 Redesign Announced

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    Slimmer PlayStation 5 Redesign Announced

    A new design accompanied by a price increase for the Digital Edition.

    A new and slimmer PlayStation 5 design is coming just in time for the holiday season. Today, Sony revealed slimmer designs for both the "regular" PlayStation 5 and the Digital Edition PlayStation 5. It's important to note that this redesign is largely just aesthetic. Sony didn't swap out the internals with more powerful upgrades or anything. The one exception to this is the internal SSD, which goes from...
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  • Sony Hacked Yet Again

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    Sony Hacked Yet Again

    This is the second time in four months.

    Coming just a week after a ransomware group called claims to have hacked into Sony, comes word that there was a second security breach. Sony themselves have admitted to there being another security breach that occurred back in May that involved the personal details of almost 6,800 former and current Sony employees.

    The initial reporting on this breach comes from Bleeping Computer. They say that Sony sent out a data breach...
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  • Naughty Dog Lays Off 25 Contract Developers

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    Naughty Dog Lays Off 25 Contract Developers

    At least 25 contract workers were let go without severance. Staff told to keep the news quiet.

    According to a new report by Kotaku whom cites two sources familiar with the situation, The Last of Us developer and Sony owned studio, Naughty Dog, has let go at least 25 contract workers. These lay offs were mostly focused on the quality assurance team with a few layoffs happening to contract workers in the art department and production.

    Kotaku's sources say that at least 25...
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  • PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan to Retire in March 2024

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    PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan to Retire in March 2024

    Hiroki Totoki to take over as interim CEO.

    Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), will step down from his position in March 2024. Ryan has been president and CEO at SIE since 2019.

    Prior to leading SIE, Ryan began at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) in 1994. He then worked his way up through the ranks and held a number of senior positions such as president of SIEE, head of global sales and marketing at SIE, and deputy president...
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  • Sony Allegedly Hacked... Again

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    Sony Allegedly Hacked... Again

    "All of Sony Systems" was allegedly infiltrated by a new ransomware group.

    A new group of baddies claims that they have "successfully compromised all of Sony systems" in a new ransomware attack.

    This report comes from Australian cybersecurity site Cyber Security Connect in a new post made on September 25. The report says that Sony was infiltrated by some hackers calling themselves, a group that reportedly began operations in September. Cyber...
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  • Unity Now Claims Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Will Pay Their Dumb New Fee

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    Unity Now Claims Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Will Pay Their Dumb New Fee

    Also Valve, Epic, Apple, and any other platform that distributes Unity games.

    If you thought Unity lost their damn minds earlier this week, hold onto your butts because it got worse. Unity now says that platform holders such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will be the ones who have to pick up the tab and pay that new runtime fee on behalf of developers.

    This information comes from an updated FAQ that Unity shared on their website. The FAQ says that the Unity runtime fee...
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  • Sony Raising Cost of PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

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    Sony Raising Cost of PlayStation Plus Subscriptions

    This is a global price increase for all 12-month options.

    Sony is set to increase the price of all PlayStation Plus 12-month subscriptions. This price increase will be a global bump and not just limited to specific regions.

    Starting from September 6, Sony will increase the price of all tiers of PlayStation Plus. This includes the very basic Essential tier, the Extra tier, and the top Premium tier. A breakdown of the current prices and the new prices that will go into effect...
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  • New PlayStation 5 Update Lets You Mute the Power On Beep

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    New PlayStation 5 Update Lets You Mute the Power On Beep

    Plus Dolby Atmos support, new accessibility features, and much more.

    A new beta is underway for the PlayStation 5 system software. This update includes some very nice new features, including several new accessibility features, support for Dolby Atmos audio, improvements for ease of use of the PS5 dashboard, support for larger M.2 drives, and much more. However, there is one addition that seems to be getting the most attention from fans and that is the addition of a new option that...
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  • RumorBits: Star Wars Eclipse in 2026, Red Dead Redemption Rated in Korea, and Fortnite FPS Mode

    A quick hit of the latest gaming rumors.

    Let's take a quick look at some of the week's biggest rumors, at least the biggest rumors for the week thus far. This new RumorBits includes word that Star Wars Eclipse won't be out until 2026, some new first-person Fortnite screenshots, and a little something about Red Dead Redemption getting a new rating in Korea. Star Wars Eclipse in 2026A new rumor from Tom Henderson suggests that the Quantic Dream developed Star Wars title may not be rea...
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  • Sony Adding Accessibility Tags to PlayStation Store

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    Sony Adding Accessibility Tags to PlayStation Store

    50 tags across six categories being added.

    Some good news for those that need or want more information about what sort of accessibility options games include. Sony announced that they are adding new Accessibility Tags to the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 5 titles. These tags are rolling out globally this week.

    There will be 50 different tags across six categories for developers to add to their store listings. These tags will appear when pressing the "Triangle"...
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  • Sony's Jim Ryan Reportedly Said His Goal is to 'Block Your Merger' in Closed Door Meeting with Activision

    The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment reportedly had some choice words during a meeting with Activision.

    It has been a ridiculous day for Sony when it comes to new details that have come out about the company's opposition to the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard merger.

    First, a new report from The Verge's Tom Warren shared some key pieces of information from documents (PDF download) that were recently submitted to the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)....
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  • PlayStation 5 Boasts 32 Million Units Shipped

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    PlayStation 5 Boasts 32 Million Units Shipped

    PlayStation 5 had its best quarter ever.

    Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 sold like hotcakes in their Q3 2022 financial results (PDF). Their latest console saw a massive increase in both hardware sales and sales of first-party software, giving the PlayStation 5 its best sales quarter since its launch.

    For the three-month period ending December 21, 2022, Over 7.1 million PlayStation 5 consoles were shipped out. For the entirety of the 2022 financial year, Sony sold...
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