This is assuming the rumors are true...
Destiny 2 keyart

It looks like Destiny 2 will be making some significant changes in the months ahead. According to an early leak, or a rumor, or whatever you want to call it, Destiny 2 is making the move to free-to-play. Engadget apparently put their article up well ahead of schedule this morning that details the coming changes.

The article, since pulled from public sight, was read and given a nice "CliffsNotes version" over on the Destiny subreddit.

In short, Destiny 2 will be going F2P on all platforms. It will be renamed to Destiny 2: New Light. This will happen once the still not officially announced next expansion, Shadowkeep, launches on September 17.

This F2P release of Destiny 2 will include "all year one content, including 'foundational modes, activities and rewards'." That means that the base game, Curse of Osiris, and the Warmind mini-expansions will be free for everyone. They're saying that other content releases, like Forsaken, or the upcoming Shadowkeep release will still have a price associated with them.

Starting with Shadowkeep, there will be no more platform exclusive content. All platforms will get the same access to the same content at the same time.

It also seems as though Destiny 2 will be released on Google Stadia. I'm sure that was also a big part of today's Stadia reveal that is happening at noon today. Not only is it getting a release on Stadia, but Bungie is rolling out cross-save capabilities for the game. This will allow players to swap to and from their platform of choice and keep their characters, content, and progress. However, this cross-save capability is only for the Xbox One, PC, and Stadia releases. Right now, there is no support for the PlayStation 4 version. You can thank Sony for that.

And finally, Destiny 2 is leaving and moving to Steam. All current players on the PC will be able to migrate their characters and purchases over to the Steam version once this transition happens.

Of course, as this isn't officially announced yet, this is all very much a rumor. We will find out for sure what Destiny's destiny is at 1PM (ET), or in a little over an hour from the time of this post going live.