Looks like more Destiny 2 is coming after Season of Opulence.
Destiny 2

On June 4, Bungie will kick off the Season of Opulence for Destiny 2. This was the last piece of confirmed content for the second season pass for Destiny 2, leaving the future of the game and the franchise as a bit of a mystery. What was going to come after the Season of Opulence? Would Bungie keep making content for Destiny 2 or would we see a Destiny 3 instead?

Bungie made that future rather clear today. The studio announced that they would be revealing "the next chapter of Destiny 2" on Thursday, June 6 at 10AM (PT). So while a Destiny 3 may be coming at some point, that point isn't any time soon.

Now the question turns away from: "Will it be Destiny 3?" and moves more towards: "Is Destiny 2 getting a full expansion or another season pass?" I guess we'll find out in just about a week's time. This will also mark Bungie's first new content announcement since they split from Activision and purchased the full ownership rights to Destiny.

The Season of Opulence, which releases Tuesday, June 4, will be Bungie's first major content release since the aforementioned split. Though it was presumably already in development before the split occurred.